2016 Jayco Seneca 37HJ Class C Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2016 Jayco Seneca 37HJ Class C Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi Folks. My name is Ken Quick. I’m very excited
today to show you this Seneca, 2016, 37′, HJ. If you have any questions about this coach
or any other coaches please give me a call. Let’s go inside and take a look. Back here you can see we’ve got all kinds
of closet space. Nice double rack on both sides. Huge bed, lots of storage over here
in this area. Plumbed for a washer and dryer if you want it, otherwise, you can keep the
drawers and have lots of room for more hanging clothes. As we move into the bathroom you can see it
has a large shower, plenty of room. As we move over here, you’ve got your nice vanity.
Sink’s out here with easy access, and the commode is in its own little room with storage
up above. As we move out into the living area. You have
the kitchen. You have the four door Norcold refrigerator right here. Icemaker is built
into the refrigerator. Microwave convection oven, with an induction cooktop. Great way
to heat up your meals. You can see this nice accent light along here with big storage cabinets
underneath. Moving across the top we have more storage. More lighting underneath here.
Double sinks, a large one and a smaller one. Solid surface countertops. As we move over on the other side a nice little
dinette over here with storage underneath. This can be made into a bed you can see how
this goes up and down here. Locks in. A little more storage over here. This is going to fold
out to a bed.It gives you an extra sleeping area. As you move forward in the coach yre going
to see an eye level tv with an electric fireplace. Two cabinets here with all your information,
all your electronics, read your levels, got your jacks right here. As we move into the cab you’ll notice it’s
loaded up here. We’ve got a back up camera, easy to read dials, very nice looking cab
area, not much of a step down. Easy access to this cab, right into here, just like that.
Very nice setup you. Most of the people that are pulling this are going to be pulling something
either a tow car or snowmobiles or four wheelers or whatever behind this coach. It’s a great
coach for that. It’s a great family coach. Lots of sleeping. Let’s go outside and take
a look around. Of course this coach has an electric awning
with a push button. It’s got a push button start generator. It’s got a big outside tv
entertainment area here. With a ton of storage. This coach is equipped with J ride. Great
ride as you are going down the road. Big storage areas. You have frameless windows. There’s
your propane. Easy access to the propane. More storage here. More storage there. We’ve
got storage everywhere. What we have here is our set up. You’re going
to find that this coach has a 10,000lbs tow capacity. So it can pull just about whatever
you want like I talked about: snowmobiles, and four wheelers and whatever else you want
to pull behind this. You’re fancy car or whatever it happens to be. Got and 8k Onan generator, plenty of power.
Here is our sewer area, outdoor shower, fresh water inlet, even a place for paper towels
here. Pretty well thought out. As we move forward there is your electric
on a reel which is nice, instead of dragging that heavy cord around. I’m going to duck
underneath for more storage here. Storage all the way down the line. Batteries on a
slide tray, that makes it nice and easy to get access to them. You’ve got side cameras
on the coach as well as back up cameras. There’s your fuel fill. with the nice steps to get
in and out of your cab so out don’t have to go in and out of the coach all the time you
can get in and out through here. I’m going to open this baby up you need to
see this big ‘ol Cummings desiel. Plenty of power. These are very popular coaches. They
have a definite purpose. You know if you’ve got family members, you’re taking other people
with you, or your kids. pulling those toys behind you. This is the way to go. Seneca’s
are very popular. It’s got a 2 year warranty. Jayco is the only company that has a two year
warranty that I know of. If you have any questions about this you can call Coach, I go by coach,
I was a teacher and coach in Idaho for 35 years. Give me a call my name is Ken Quick
and I’m proud to work for Guaranty RV. Give me a call and we’ll talk about this coach
or any others. Thanks a lot.


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