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2017 Serenity

Hi, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. Today we’re going to have a look at the 2017 Serenity and wow this is one gorgeous coach i’m going to give you a little teaser glamour package cherrywood white suede exterior let’s have a look at this beautiful 2017 serenity right now as a matter of fact let’s start right here look at this lots of storage area inside the chassis. Look at that, a place for your your drink right there course we got our Rob diesel Phil right here this is important to this carpeted liner you can take this right out clean it and it doesn’t slide around inside the motor home so everything’s right here of course mercedes-benz swivel seats nothing turns like that so simple ultra leather chairs while looks great remember way down of course now let’s look at some of the areas here we got a little storage bin right here this is our 30 appt connector for our Shore power detachable cable which is nice over here we’ve got our 1200 watt inverter so easy access to that i love how these doors lock in place ok here’s our generator area so this one has our 3.6 kilowatt optional propane generator you can also put a 3.2 kilowatt diesel generator so your choice depending on how you r v that’ll be with generator you take over here of course we’ve got our RV house factories they just come out on a tray so do deep cycle 6 volt batteries this is nice to see how they just slide out very very nice and of course look at these doors aluminum full body paint of course but i just love how they feel so handcrafted aluminum doors lock solid in place ok we’re very excited about this on 2017 we’ve got the trauma actual go comfort plus hot water heater what makes this hot water you’re very new compared to everybody else’s instant hot water heater its much smarter it has about a 1-liter reserve tank that stays warm all the time so when you take the switch and move it to comfort this little tank back here stays warm all the time so that when you turn on the hot water you’re ahead of the curve all the other hot water heaters that are instant in the marketplace are behind the curve this one is ahead of the curve so you’re gonna have lots of hot water then it goes into full instant hot water heat it also has two other settings you can have an economy on which would then not heat that hot water or you can have it off so if you leave on the comfort plus it keeps that little take hot all the time which is a great feature to have and that’s why it is such a great heater and that’s standard as we work our way back of course we’ve got our dual wheels on the back so all of our 3500 series choices have dual wheels on the back and you want that when you’re driving down the road you want the stability this is the optional aluminum rims by a cobra and we go with six of them which is very important so we have the Dooleys on the inside aluminum aluminum because aluminum wheels are perfectly mill so you don’t want to have only four and have a steel rim on the inside because then you’d be out of balance another great feature about the aluminum rim is we have the inside and the outside valve extensions right here so you can check your tire pressure very easily here’s our outside service center very convenient everything is right here so we’ve got our water fill right here for city water fill we’ve got our exterior shower for hot and cold running water that’s a great little feature to have you have pets animals you want to clean the apology down at the beach little kids grandkids clean their feet off that way to get sand inside the motorhome propane film is a remote we’ve got an outside lights which we can turn on from the inside we’ve also got our connections for cable and outsides portable satellite dish we also are pre-wired for satellite dish up on the roof this is nice too if you have to go on berries are tunnels you can turn off your propane one little is press the button propane is off now this particular model has are optional master a pump this is pretty cool little feature so if you want to dump into a small dumped at home or into a toilet you can put a connection on this but in the toilet just turn on this and you can actually pump uphill that’s pretty cool and of course we got our valves for grain are black always dump the block first and then the great because that washes the system so this is all connected so this is how easy it is to dump but that in a dump station turn that on pull the valves done okay we’re at the back of the motor home of course all fiberglass of course you can see are built in backup camera LED lights taillights and of course we’ve got our storage area back here so this pops open full water filtration on all the serenity and of course look at this great big storage area here’s our 30 amp Bob short connection power line by lots of storage you cannot put a couple set of Carrie golf club bags in there so you’ve got lots of storage area in the serenity and of course at the back here we’ve got beautiful automotive style taillights and a third brake light okay look way down here we’ve got our 5,000 pound receiver for towing and you can tow up to 5,000 pounds depending on how much weight you’re carrying and of course we got our connector right there so very simple to use for those of you that want to have a tow vehicle and you could tell many different things you put your bicycles back here you can tell a fishing boat you can tokai acts whatever you want to tow up to 5,000 pounds on the serenity have a look here on the passenger’s that we got our RV quick-connect BBQ connection so you can run your BBQ off the main propane 15 gallon tank this ring is a very cool-looking motorhome curved body design because this is all fiberglass these walls are built like a boat or a Corvette car they come out of the mold super strong and I love all the details the contour if you’re looking for are very unique-looking motorhome the serenity is definitely the motorhome for you of course we go with five coats of paint three coats of color two coats of clear we’ve got curved glass windows awning styles they open up which is very important and it’s just a fabulous look in coach it looks absolutely stunning so on this side here you can see we have storage underneath the electric sofa bed and down here I like these logs to the way they lock in place look at this more storage than I sheetmetal nice and deep course you can’t feel this but if you get a chance to see is ready just feel the way these doors open and close this is all aluminum and they just contour up their curved they look great they just locked in place solidly case we work our way down the body line you can see here is a refrigerator vents top and bottom and of course we’ve got our 110 outside plug for running anything electrically outside of course little more storage area look at this once again great little storage area 24 feet nine inch motor home lots of great interior storage and fantastic outside storage was a really cool things of this ready has it no other RV has of course is this door beautiful curved door looks fantastic i love the curvature curve glass once again and then of course this is really cool we got a hidden screen look at that you can have the door open screen clothes no bugs getting lots of fresh air you can see I’ve got this on Camp mode right now so the step stays out i can turn off of camp mode and the step automatically goes up and don’t worry if it’s on camo when you start your motor and overrides in the step comes up so lots of really cool features on this ready plus we’ve got a nice little LED light right here and of course a nice little handle it lights up as well ok as we move forward here look at this little pot light comes on I’ve got my LED lights built right under the awning power on is a box awning over 12 feet wide and seven feet in depth which is really good nice big awning can see how fast it goes out very simple we have a beautiful campground area here so we’re kind of sheltered if it was super windy i would leave the awning in but if it’s a little bit busy little bit of a breeze we can do one of two things so I’ve got a great camp ground so i would just 10 pig this in right now both sides come out gives us ani some additional strength and once again I could just can’t pay get in and look at the size of that on this is a great big living space is fabulous ok a little bit breezy out just a bit breezy and I’m worried about it a little bit i can then lock it into the anchors that are built right into the body here so another great little feature so that’s a great advantage of a box on course we’ve got our integrated running boards and of course i love how we integrate the body into the chassis look at the curvature I mean this is one an outstanding looking motorhome the mirrors we’ll just fold in as we work our way forward and of course we run all the surroundings on the mercedes banz 3500 series cutaway chassis 188 horsepower 325 foot-pounds of torque 5-speed automatic transmission it’s got lots of power we have some great safety features on this motorhome we have front fog lights we have light and rain sensors collision prevention assist Lane Assist High Beam Assist we have a chrome front grille and of course we have the x z on headlight package with the headlamp washing system and of course always the mercedes banz swivel base seats I like this little step area for washing my windshield that is very cool ok here’s the big power motor the 3-liter v6 turbo diesel right here now this is very important this is a clean running diesel so here’s your d EF Phil very important clean running these we want to leave a small footprint where RV and this one does easy access into everything here or oil fill you got our cabin air filter their you think you’re going to love driving lots of power fun-to-drive pin quiet doesn’t make any noise just a fun fun chassis while we had a great look at the beautiful 2017 serenity exterior and if you love that you’re going to love the interior come on and look at this powerstep coming out at all glamour package cherry hello this is gorgeous come on in well here we are at the back of the serenity 24 feet 9 inches and exterior length 8 feet 1 inch wide you can see look how much room we have this has are optional electric sofa bed which is great because I can have seating area up front can have a seating area back and look it’s just comfortable stretch out relax I got a TV to watch at the back here it also swivels and faces for the dual reading lights and I look brighter and of course we’ve got to 110 plugs inverted if you have a sleep back machine you can plug it in at night right off the house batteries which is really cool and talk about some storage areas look at this whoo beautiful curves i love the new locking clasp look at this way that locks in place european hinges over on this side little more storage look at this all curved beautiful this is our glamour package we do it in three different colors with a cherry we do the maple and the expresso got the beautiful white upper cabinets look at this USB plug underneath here and of course we’ve got our TV booster for unten up on the roof and get some RCA plugs in here another inverted plug as well so lots of great electrical features in there and listen to that walk in place and broome press a button and the option electric sofa turns into a bed he has that’s pretty cool well over 80 inches in length that’s Queen length wow this is still got room i’ll even have to move this cushion note who 55 inches wide the standard bed is an actual mattress bad corner cut bed but this is the optional bed which kind of gives you two living areas it’s super comfortable to sleep on it like you can even sleep this way to look how long this. This is a great. i got lots of room for sleeping plus we got another bed up front which i’m going to show you later it’s also got a little foot rest so you don’t have to put the full bed down you can just put the foot rest up makes it kind of like shays language kind of super comfortable just to kick back and relax so the standard serenity has a full-time bed with a residential mattress it’s 55 inches wide x over 80 inches long underneath the bed you have lots of extra storage space the exterior storage goes all the way from under the bed back to the rear storage area is really cool LED lights and of course we’ve got our awning style windows see how they open up for lots of fresh air screens no bugs can get me and of course we’ve got our daytime and our nighttime blinds for privacy and look at the roof area here as you can see we’ve got ducted air-conditioning is a fully insulated roof fiberglass flex room so it expands and contracts up on the roof but fully insulated and we’ve got air-conditioning ducts going all the way to the back area that’s very important to keep this area cool this is part of your living area 15,000 BTU air conditioner with a heat pump and this is our glamour package so you got the beautiful LED rope lighting and of course you can see here to rear speakers in the back it is really cool we have a rear TV but if i want to watch TV that front look at this it just turns and swivels and faces forward hey how cool is this curve sliding bathroom door this is a full three-piece stand up dry bathroom not a wet bathroom when you sit on the toilet to shower this is a stand-up shower 63 interior right look at this nice big stand-up shower you want to go rving I want a nice big stand-up shower and got one right here nice little shower door handle for getting it out of course LED light right here and lots of room you can really shower in this motor home comfortably and of course look at this we’ve got our beautiful little sink here stainless steel corian countertop little storage area back there mirror and look at this wearing the white pants I can still fit up jenny craig is working and look at this other little medicine cat up top and of course we’ve got our beautiful little china toilet here and everything is very convenient and of course inside the bathroom when I close the door I’ve got some shelving behind here let me show you this we have a great big storage area right here look at this and drawer open up full drawer extension glides solid wood I love the smell of wood oh yes that is nice look at that nice big drawers and then of course thanks big hanging closet right up here little dressing mirror and then of course we got our little service center inside right here so we’ve got our control for our optional sofa bad stabilizer jacks we’ve got our control system for our tanks out out we got about thirty nine percent of propane turn on my water pump optional generator control centers right here so you can either have a propane generator or diesel generator whichever one you want to choose and it’s got an hour meter so you know how many hours on it and of course 1200 watt inverter so watch TV at night not run my generator i can just turn that on I can also run a small little coffee maker i can run a seatback machine and enough that my generator running right off the inverter ok as we move forward into the galley area right here is our thermostat just like at home so it can control your 15,000 BTU air conditioner control your furnace it also has the heat pump and you can control the air conditioner fan and of course the fan settings so it’s all controlled right here just like it home ok we’re in the galley area Chef Ramsay would love this galley you might want to have me on his TV show I’m not sure where this ho pots and pans I like that full water filtration all of our units there’s the filter for dr. cutlery drawer look at that have a little soup later like that and once again full glides for extension glides and then look at this reverse curve cherry wood door can also do it in maple and look at this another little beautiful little feature little pull up hot pan drawer once again everything locks really tight up above here we got our brand-new Antarctica corian countertops that comes standard with the glamour package and of course deep stainless steel sink chrome faucet looks fabulous little garbage-can built-in right here can also use it as a cool one of my customers as they fill it with ice keep their drinks nice and cool in there that’s smart and then of course we’ve got our two burner spark ignition still look at that fires right up and of course the built-in splash guard that’s very smart of course stainless steel splash guard on this side we also have our accessory channel right here so you can hang things on it’s very smart let’s have a look up here we’ll look at all the cabinets up about yeah I really like the new hidden latches so underneath right they just release and look at the seal the door comes all the way under all it looks fabulous hey look at this look up way up here look at this we’ve got all of our cutlery in here we’ve got all of our dishes in here we have our own two-level shelves wine glasses will have that a little later i like that everything just locks in place above here we’ve got our fantastic fan this is a rain sensor fantastic fan so if it starts to pour rain out when Israel automatically close that’s really smart and we work we got our air-conditioned of course six-foot-three interior height of that i know that i’m less than 63 because I almost touch the ceiling look at the rope lighting looks fabulous before we do the other side of the galley of course with the electric sofa in the backward full-time bed you can block that off to get a little privacy pleated shades that comes across take that over there now let’s have a look on the other side of the gala here of course little storage down here and then of course you’ve got to have this look at this nice big pull out pantry you can store lots of stuff in there convection microwave very important to have and then of course we’ve got our genetic three-way fridge separate freezer separate fridge so it runs 12 volt it’ll run propane it will also run 110 power nice little feature we have a the medics design is a campaign mode so they don’t have to put my fingernails in there to open it just pulls open just like a residential fridge or in travel mode it locks in place as we move forward of course we’ve got some more storage here this is great for shoe storage when you come into this from the step area put your shoes in there that we don’t fall on your shoes and then of course another hanging closet so hanging closet back here hanging closet upfront smart and another little storage area up top so very very nice course we’ve got our beautiful table here i’m going to show you that a second see how it just moves out of the way and i can just slide in the driver passenger area but first have a look way up here look at this skylight how great is this beautiful sunny day today in Manitoba fresh air all I want who could be some mosquitoes I can fix that or if it’s super hot i can just do this keep the Sun out but still have some fresh air coming in so that’s pretty smart you can go half and half you can see how the air is going to be cooling me off while I’m having dinner you can see we’ve got some more storage i love these hidden latches because these are push button open lots of big storage up top and of course up here this is where we keep our optional safe and nice little storage area of course this is our entertainment center for the house or for the RV so we’ve got a CD player DVD player bluetooth streaming bluetooth so everything is controlled right here and on this side to get a little more storage up top here so lots of storage in a serenity inside and outside this table goes in multiple directions so you can see I can slide it out of the way my two chairs driver passenger seat pull forward i can now have dinner for what one two three four five people perhaps six and you can put the table in different direction great for playing cards at night so it’s kind of a fun table it’s also provides some entertainment if you have nothing else to do on a Saturday night you can spin this table and see how many different directions you can actually put it in plus it then also makes into a sleeping area so there’s two latches here we release the latches then we just get and we push straight down there we go lock the latches back in place and now I’ve got the first part of the base of my bed this board comes across we have our seating diagram for cushions right there and this comes across like this and this creates our baby to bed size actually be 48 x about 79 inches in length so this is a great emergency second better if you need to sleep the grandkids or the kids or unwanted guests like myself well here we go look at this quite comfortable 48 inches wide and little walk it is wow it’s great it’s actually very comfortable this unit sleeps 4 and has for seat belts ok and all of our seating positions of course we use ultra leather synthetic man-made leather French stitching the leather doesn’t get hot it doesn’t get cold it’s easy to clean it doesn’t mold it doesn’t we’ll do this is just a great product that’s great for dogs and pets & Cats doesn’t you know with your hair on it’s easy to wipe off once again easy-to-clean we have three different colors of ultra this is the new sand color we also have the party and the fog ultra leather so you can see with the beautiful cherry wood it looks fan testing so now let’s have a look at the chassis in the cockpit area of course we only used mercedes-benz swivel seats reason being is they’re the best in the industry and look at this that’s how easy they swivel 280 horsepower 23 and 25 foot-pounds of torque with a v6 three liter motor 5-speed automatic transmission you can actually do this up-and-down very simply as it’s all built right into the gear shift which is kinda nice course cruise control with the multifunctional steering wheel we have the instrument cluster with the pixel matrix display we have heated and power adjustable side mirrors we have the windshield with the filter band we have the overhead control center with to reading like this is the control center for Lane Keeping Assist and front collision impact assist up front here better navigation system because we’re going to integrated back up camera in the back and of course this is our monitor system right here so as you can see here i can turn this on put on camera you can see I can see what’s behind me right now if I have a tow vehicle i can watch my tow vehicles I’m going down the road part of the navigation system is this box right here in it this inside here is a chip and it plugs in right here and that gives you your full navigation system climate control system right here for air conditioning and heat and of course we’ve got our locks right here for locking the doors and then we’ve got our lane assist turning this on and off if you didn’t if you want to have the latest when you’re going down the highway i love the cab area that i have i mean it is so much room it’s easy to move in and out coming to the back I don’t bump my head I like that of course lots of storage spaces up here we got a coffee cup holder here coffee cup holder up front on both sides and down below for the big slurpee cops and of course down here we’ve got another 12 volt plug connection right here and we’ve also got a USB connection here and then if you have a ipod and you want to plug in you can plug in right here so it’s gotta plug in as well exclusive for the first two years on all leisure travel van products is a roadside assistance so we’ve got technical support we’ve got towing tire assistance delivery of fuel emergency fluids locksmith lockout service jump-starts RV mobile mechanic a dealer locator so 1-800 number for the first two years and we’ll get you looked after if you’re somewhere far away and need some help we’re going to get you looked after this is one amazing RV the 2017 sony 24 feet 9 inches in length 8 feet 1 inch wide 63 interior height if you’re looking for a small RV that you can drive in the big city or out in the Great Canadian wilderness this is the motorhome fun-to-drive great fuel economy sleeps four drives for so right now you know what I think we’re just going to take it for a little sunset drive takes five minutes to break camping the awning in can you hear the motor no I don’t think you can this is one great motor home you guys are gonna love it let’s go for a little Drive going to your local leisure travel ban dealer and take one of these out for yourself because you are going to love it 2017 a year to get an RV Dean from leisure travel vans


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