2017 Thor A.C.E. 27.2 Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2017 Thor A.C.E. 27.2 Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hey folks, Mark Nored with Guaranty RV in Junction City. Today we’re going to tour the 27.2 Thor Ace. It’s a great coach a lot of space measures just under 29 feet, super easy to drive. Let’s go take a look at the inside, follow me. Folks the 27.2 Ace offers you a ton for it’s space and its size. Come up front here you can take a look how nice the front area is. It’s got a workstation in it for that travel working on your laptop, or your surface. It’s got Auto levelers, great screen, great wood effect. Really nice seat. You can see here also we have a drop down bed. We take a look over you’ve got an oversized slide, which I really like. We’ve got a sofa oh we got a dinette system here. This is real cool feature here too in the Thor Ace. We got a great coat closet it’s pretty unique for the size of the coach. You got double areas for jackets got your hangers a little bit of storage, real nice too. All your units are right here really easy to take care of check your levels, take your slides in and out. Also real unique if you take a look down there it’s got a shoe box and put your shoes in there and store them why inside the coach. We’ve got a great kitchen, great woodwork, lots of detail. Thor actually calls this the Brazilian cherry style that they work with. You see a nice countertops. We’ve got a three burner stovetop, oven, microwave. As you can see here an oversized sink. This is real cool feature I saw here. People look at this, how many you have an actual full size garbage can for your under the sink area. Pleanty of storage, which is great. Another unique part of this in the kitchen area has an oversized pantry. You got a couple of slide areas, a couple fix countertops there as well for your storage. Nice fridge, even overhead storage here folks, lots of storage for unit that is under 29 feet. Plenty of travel area whether you’re going short term or long term. Really nice cabinets, hanging clothes. Even has an extra table that goes up front between the tables if you got guests between the seats up front. The unique factor I like with this is you can see the bathroom is a corner bathroom. Right out over there out of the area. You’ve got a nice shower, a pedestal sink, a little bit of cabinetry there and you look underneath the shower, this units very pet friendly as you notice there’s no carpet really is he maintained flooring. Easy to sweep clean if you’re out in the woods, over at your favorite lake. Another part once we get to the master you have a nice framed in flat panel TV up and out of the way, so if you’re relaxing on your vacation or your weekend it’s a great opportunity to relax. You’ve got a nice slide here in the master with a king-size bed yeah I king-size bed and a rig under 29 feet that’s great aspect there. Nice windows cross ventilation, It’s a great unit. You got a privacy door right here going to close that off, it’s a great coach. Now if you take a look you’ll see how open this is for a 27.2. It’s great floor plan with a lot of space. Folks, let’s take a look at the outside real quick over a few of the features. This unit has frameless windows which are real nice. You got backup camera, you got side cameras which is nice. Outside entertainment, nice sized TV, speakers. Lots of storage here This actually here is your battery unit, your hydraulics for your leveling kit. Nice storage with lighting, it’s a nice little feature there. That is a robocass unit. There’s a nice little space here this actually gets into that shoe area so it’s got to put them on outside or the dirty put them in here and then climb in the unit. Again additional storage. This has a real nice finished real simple to maintain, nice graphics on it as well. If you come to the back you got a ladder. Easy to check the top of that coach. Again you got your framless windows. Come over to the other side here you’ll see you got your oversized slides lots of additional storage clean out is real easy to get to here. dump your tanks all that good stuff real handy, all right there above ground. Got your propane, generator. I thought that’s kind of cool, you got a city water connection right here. There’s no climbing underneath to look up for your fresh water. So today we’ve toured the 27.2 Ace by Thor. It’s a great little coach we got lots of options for you. I’m mark Nored at guaranty RV. Give me a text, drop me an email, give me a call what can we to see if we can help you. Thank you and make it a great day.


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