2017 Thor Aria 3901 Class A Diesel Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2017 Thor Aria 3901 Class A Diesel Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Good afternoon, my name is Lindsay Hargett, and welcome to Guaranty RV. Today I’m very excited to debut a new coach in the Guarantee lineup. This is the 2017 Thor Aria. I got to spend some time back at the factory and I was really impressed with this coach, how it is all coming together. It starts with a great foundation. This coach features the Atlas Foundation that Thor has developed with MORryde. Terrific ride, very quiet coach. Come on inside, let me show you the floor plan. I really love this floor plan. This particular product has incredible floor plans. This is the 3901. One of the things i want you to notice right away is the woodwork. This wood work rivals any of your top, highline manufacturers. You’ve got glaze cabinets that are mitered and they are built by a company that employs Mennonite and Amish workers that do just a tremendous job. The company is called Chase Manufacturing and they build this for Thor and other fine manufacturers. This particular coach is a bath and a half, so we have a sofa that makes into a bed here, with a huge TV opposite of what I think is one of the cool features that should be offered by everyone, is this theater seating. It’s a lot more comfortable. These are two built-in recliners and as soon as I know where the power buttons… because each one of them is different… I could relay or raise this up and recline it and relax. But cool floor plan! I love the colors. The tile work is beautiful in this coach. This is what I call a man-sized booth. Not only is it a large booth, but it is also one that will break down into a bed. And then of course we’ve got frameless windows that are dual pane. And the benefit to the dual pane, frameless windows is it it allows you in a wet climate or during a rainstorm to leave the windows open for ventilation, but doesn’t let rain back in generally. You’ve got a fireplace. You’ve got another TV here. This is an all-electric coach with an induction cooktop. The benefit to this is of course, from what I understand, I have not used one personally yet, but more even cooking. You could put your hands on the burner. It requires a magnetic pan to heat up, but it’s amazing, the end result. And the nice thing about the true induction brand is that this will run as little as 30 amps, so if you’re in a park that has smaller voltage than you’d normally want… some brands their induction cooktops require 50 amp. This does not. We’ve got a 30-inch convection microwave. Of course this expands here to give you a huge kitchen. So if you’re a full timer, this would really benefit you. And of course we have a residential fridge and it’s a Whirlpool that looks like about a 15 cubic foot fridge. This is a bath and a half floor plan so you’ve got a huge half bath, and then as you go towards the back you’ve got a full bath in the rear. Yet we’re only 40 feet. Look at the size of these closets. That can either be for folding garments or hanging garments. King-sized bed. That’s on the electric platform. The benefit to that of course is it gives you more room and you can stow the bed away. And yet when you fold it all the way down, it makes it easier to make up the bed as well. These electric platforms are amazing. Stepping into the bath area look at the size of the walk-in shower. If you’re a big guy, this will give you lots of room to turn around in. And then of course we have a stack washer/dryer and it’s a whirlpool. You’ve got a sliding cabinet here in the bedroom, two of them as a matter of fact. Whoops, I needed that door just slightly open wider. Then a couple of drawers. Very well designed product. Lots of quality to it. They drive really nice. This is powered by a 360 Cummings. This is an XR chassis. It has 800 pounds of torque. You’ve got side cameras, backup cameras. You have the ability to have GPS. And this is really cool, this coach has really been designed for family, so if you’re a family you can see the number of beds, and in addition look at this nice hidden away bunk for either grandchildren or children. I mentioned the Atlas Foundation, now let’s go to the outside. You have dual fill-fill’s. Great outside storage. When I talk Atlas Foundation, you can look at the structural steel that’s been added to this XCR chassis. What that does is it strengthens the chassis frame to accommodate these whole wall slides. It improves the ride by about twenty percent. It’s got an outside television. Great paint job. This is painted with Sikkens paint, which is what they use on BMW and Mercedes-Benz. What’s cool about this paint is that they say it never cures. It strictly kind of flexes with heat and cold. A pretty neat feature. But look … a lot of outside storage. Built in slide tray. The cool thing about this coach, there’s very few options. It comes fully loaded. There’s your chassis battery. Your 2000 watt Pure Sine inverter. We’ve got a 5,000 pound hitch. You have four house batteries because of the residential fridge and electric cooktop. And then you have 50 amp service. There’s your def tank and I like how they’ve raised up the slide here so that you’re not bending over when you go to dump your tanks. Built in whole house water filtration system. They’ve just done a wonderful job with this product. I can’t wait for you to come and check it out. Propane tank is there. There’s your extra fuel fill. Look at the size of the wipers. They even use what I call a semi-truck style wiper blade. Hey, if you’ve got more questions on this 2017 Thor Aria, contact Lindsay at (541) 915-2768 and I look forward to talking to you.


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