2017 Thor Four Winds 26 B Class C Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2017 Thor Four Winds 26 B Class C Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi folks, my name is Ken Quick. I’m a retired teacher from Idaho and coach. If you have any questions on this coach or any other coach. Please give me a call at (208) 250-8625. This is a 2017 Thor 26B class C motorhome. Let’s go inside take a look around. We needed a short coach with a walk-around bed and That’s what Thor has done here. It’s got a Denver mattress on it. Very nice, very comfortable east-west bed here. A. place for television right here. Put one in there no problem. Right here you get a little bit bigger bathroom so you’ve got a nice shower. You’ve got your toilet here. You got a vanity right up here and a mirror, Medicine cabinet. Got some nice storage right here, hanging all your clothes. Down below you’ve got plenty of drawers. Right here we’ve got a two-door top bottom freezer up above refrigerator down below on this nice coach. Little more storage up here, you get storage just about everywhere. Here’s a nice little pantry for you with some nice sliding drawers. That way you can keep track of what you got. You don’t have to buy corn twice when you already have it. You got nice little kitchen with a double stainless steel sink. You got your convection/microwave three burner top. We’ve got drawers down here. If you wanted an oven, we could put one in. You got nice storage right up here. Notice get the nice spray nozzle that comes down very easy to wash it all your dishes. Big windows. More storage up above. You got a nice dinette here. As we move in, more storage up above here. Drawer below on the dinette. Got a huge TV, that TV swings out here for everybody’s viewing pleasure. You got your bed up here it’s also used as storage if you don’t take anybody with you but if you got your grandkids with you and you want to take the family out. You got plenty of sleep in this it’s because you’ve got a dinette, a couch and an overhead bunk. OK, as we look into the cab everything’s right there. You got you got your cruise on your steering wheel. You’ve got electric windows, backup camera, big mirrors on both sides, cupholders the whole ten yards. As we come down this side you can see we have a nice couch here. More storage up above. And even on the entryway you got a place for your coats right here. A little coat closet to hang your co ats when you’re going in and out. Their showing our rainy Oregon weather that we’ve had lately. That’s pretty much the inside of the coach. Got a nice grab rail here on the inside and on the outside so you have a little trouble getting in and out makes it a lot easier. You can see we have an electric awning on this coach, with LED lights underneath. Plus a outside light. There’s a great big storage bin, put your chairs and you know fishing rods whatever in that one right there. As we walk around the backside of the coach. This coach has 8,000 pound tow capacity. So if you’ve got that boat you want to take with you, hook it up. On this side you’ll notice we have a great big storage area also. You can’t have too much storage. And on a short coach with a walk-around bed this is a dandy. There’s your clean outs, fuel tank. Got electrical right here to hook up. You got your generator right here. Got an Onan in 4,000 gas generator. Easy access to fill your propane. Toppers on the slide. Great little family coach, this class C coach is a peach. That slide out bed with a walk-around bed makes it a lot easier. If you have questions about this coach any other coach please give me a call. Ken Quick Guaranty RV (208) 250-8625 Have a great day. Thanks for spending some time with me.


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