2017 Thor Miramar 33.5 Class A Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2017 Thor Miramar 33.5 Class A Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi I’m Brad and I get to show you this
new 2017 Miramar by Thor Motor Coach. It’s a 33.5 model beautiful coach you can see
it’s got full paint. Big one-piece windshield, windshield wipers come to
rest down at the bottom. So you don’t have anything can obstructing your view. Rear view mirrors to help these are
adjustable from the driver’s seat. You also have the electric defrost in the
winter time. I want to point out to the the site cameras are mounted right in the fell back mirrors instead of
having a separate camera down below. Mounted in some place an offender now
they’ll put it right here in the mirror gives you really better visibility it’s
a little higher and it’s a little broader. But this is a very very good
piece of equipment and it’s all safety related, so keep that in mind to. the coach is built on the heavier GVW
chassis you’ll notice it has 22 and a half inch tires and wheels. You’ll like the
drivability of that you also have bigger brakes which makes this whole coaches
safer vehicle. We’re going to go inside and take a look
at the inside first and then i’ll show you underneath. Only have a couple steps
that are needed here nice wide stairwell make sure you’re very easy entrance. And
a nice grab handle, going to notice it has the wood floor all the way through,
solid floor. Easy to clean, very durable last a long
time. People really like this style flooring,
cabinetry is just beautiful. Big window by the dinette, so you can have plenty of light coming
in. Also you might notice the tables just a
little bit whiter and that dinettes a little wider. You can actually see four
people comfortably and if and when you make a bed the bed is a little longer
and more people can sleep on that bed comfortably if needed. This also is a pullout hide a bed and
then it has the overhead electric bed so for your family this terrific coach
to travel and i just want to show you quickly, this just a easy to operate. Comes down back up easy. You’ll know it is going to place you can hook up your latter. The netting around the bed. Don’t have to be worried about little ones falling. Or getting up in the middle of the night going the wrong way. And you’ll notice to
this bed this mattress is probably half again wider than any of the other beds
at the other manufacturers are putting in this drop-down location. Thor is doing a lot of good things with
the both of gasoline models and their diesel months. I don’t wait to put that all up you’ll
notice the flat screen television is directly across from this comfortable
sofa. So you don’t have and no more craning
your neck to see the television it’s just a very easy exercise to sit down
and rest or if you’re eating you can see it from the dinette as well. And look at
the counter space this has got, I think more counters than
probably any coach depending or regardless of the size. You got really
nice solid surface all the way across You’ve got window here that opens up for
ventilation. Nice big double sink is available. They offer a full oven as well as your
microwave, big refrigerator. I think there’s a 12 cubic foot
refrigerator, bigger than most of the refrigerators and other coaches of this
size. Underneath you’ve got a lot of room for wastebaskets, even story pots and
pans if needed. You’ve got a lot of drawers here they’re all deep drawers.
And also one of the dinette boost has a slider that pulls out so you’ve got
storage under this one got it right the first time. This bed lays down very easy to if you
need to make a bed there’s just a lock here you pull over this just simply lays
down. It works quickly and easily and then you
can lock it back so it will be good. Something that all the chef’s neither is
a good pantry you’ve got some pull out drawers here as well as some fixed
drawers. Nice big shower with some overhead skylight to give you some additional
space for the tall people in the family. And then the private bathroom which is
so handy to have. You’ll notice you’ve got good space and
it’s got an electric fan overhead. This compartment is plumbed for a
washer/dryer. If you’d like to have one we can sure install one for you. Lots of closets here, adjustable shelves
and both of these closets, windows. Especially you like these windows that
they’re the top hinge so they they will move out this way the whole window does
have a lot more airflow in ventilation if it’s raining you can open them up why
you get lots of air. These do have the day and night shades as
well. This is an escape window but also a nice
big window wedding in a lot of light. Then you’ve got windows on both sides of
this nice big king-size bed as well as deep cabinets overhead. Stereo speakers
reading lights are there underneath and all accessible to turn on and off right
there while you’re in bed. And you do have some storage under the bed as well
when lifts up. Course you have two air conditioners ducted air-conditioning all
the way through the coach. Very nice insulated vinyl ceiling these
are easy to wipe down and clean which is keep them looking really nice. Rather
than a fabric or carpet they seem to take on the stains and the smells wear
this – just doesn’t you can wipe it down. And you also have just a beautiful
driving area cockpit area. These chairs do swivel you also have a
pullout tray here in front of the passengers seat. Can you that while you’re traveling. Bigger color screen for your rear monitor which is also
including your side cameras. Here you have the leveller controls your electric
mirror controls very easy viewing of the speedometer and tachometer. All the
controls are easily accessible to the driver. There’s also a spot for a pedestal table
that can be set up here if you do have both chair swivel. People here part of
the conversation probably and then you can have a little coffee table. Just a
beautiful coach and don’t be shy about calling and asking questions we go
through these pretty quickly and if you’ve got some specific questions just
call and ask me I’ll be happy to check them out for you an answer you. We’re going to take a look underneath
now. Again these grab handles are just terrific. This coach has the outside television that so many now have
a really nice. And this patio awning has the internal frame so it does it come
straight out or not straight but it doesn’t have the arms they come down the
side of your coat. So nice thing they operate very easily simply a push button.
But you don’t have this framework to walk into accidentally that many of us
have done and split our forehead. You don’t have to worry about that
there’s nothing that gets in the way. Nice big bay doors side hinged to make
them very accessible. This comes with a barbecue which can be
set up over by your kitchen outdoors which we are going to show you in a
minute. And notice the big storage underneath in
this coach. You don’t see this open basement storage
in the majority of gasoline powered coaches they’ve done a terrific job here. They’ve also they use very pliable thick
bulb seals around these compartments so when you close them they’re sealed up
tight if you’re traveling in a rainstorm you don’t have to worry about your
valuables getting wet. This is just pretty much access to your
fresh water tank, got a plane here. Your duels do have the valve extender
here for your inside duel as well as easy access for the outside tire. Too
many people just don’t check their art their tire pressure you need to
especially if you’re traveling. Check it at least every other day and check it in
the morning it it makes a lot of difference how your coach will handle.
Which is a safety factor as well. And then you’ve got the terrific outdoor
kitchen got a refrigerator here at stink You’ve got counter space overhead light. That’s some strage area here with these
drawers and then for convenient you’ve got the propane connection you can plug
in your barbecue here so you’ve got it all here and best of
all if it’s raining you’ve got a roof you can be out here cooking. They thought of everything. This back bay
is access to your propane tank and moving around to the back got a heavy
duty ladder to get up on top. Course that’s important you should check all your roof seals
every year going into the fall and I understand a lot of people don’t want to
crawl up on their coach I don’t like to do it anymore either. Bring it in let us check it over for you
but you need to have the seals check they dry out over time. And if you’ll check them recalk them as
needed you just won’t have water problems. This was a terrific idea they put the
fuel fill in the back that way you can pull in on either side of the pumps to
get fuel . When ones sides full you can pull up. Nice here to have your generator
exhausting opposite side of your patio. 5500 generator will power both air
conditioner. Got your power cord Coach operates with the 50 amp power
cord and more storage here and they push this back to where you’ve got a lot of
depth in this storage compartment. And then moving in front of the drive wheel here’s your water and sewer Bay. You can
run your sewer you don’t see it here it’s in the back kind of but you can run
your sewer hose right down through this article your water hose down through here. So
you can be hooked up to power and water and close your bay doors and be all secure.
You’ve got hot and cold running water for cleaning up. Filter for the water coming
on board. Sewer tank flush so you can flush out
that tank keep it free flowing things don’t get in there and and plug up. And
also your water pump it’s nice to have a water pump there where it’s easy to get
to. it’s a eventually that will need to be
changed. It’s a lot easier to get into these bays
before you put your slides out. However at least with the side here is
bay doors you can get up to them. And again i just
want to point out all this basement storage you just don’t see this in the
majority of the gasoline coaches. Here’s the inverter that’s bounded for
this coach and inverter gives you a lot more electrical capacity with your
battery’s. capacity is not the right word gives you more electrical capability. I
think would be better way to say that. This isn’t a story today you’ve got your
house batteries. This is the hydraulics for your levelers
and for your slide outs. This is the Ford v10 chassie and the
six-speed transmission now. Beautiful front end you do have
accessibility in the front to check your oil and your transmission levels. Can get
in and fill up your windshield wiper fluid but not but we’ve gone through
this inside and outside pretty quick. Again if you’ve got questions call me
and ask me to be happy to check them out and answer any questions you have.

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