2018 Coachmen Freedom Express 204 RD Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2018 Coachmen Freedom Express 204 RD Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

All right people this is a 2018 204 RD
by Freedom Express. One of the best RVs on the market, one of the prettiest
looking RVs on the market as well. First thing I’m going to do is show you this
underbelly so this has magnetic door stops right here, fully lit enclosed
underbelly and it also comes with the outside table, awesome.
Pretty nice sized awning it’s a power awning and you get marine grade speakers
with that one. On a 20-foot trailer you get a double axles on this one,
really nice. Check this out so this is a rear dinette
so you’re gonna have so you’re gonna have the dinette table in the rear right
here also folds into a bed. Plenty of overhead storage on this one, you’re
gonna like it. Very light interior a lot of RVs come
with the dark interior so people are asking for something that’s a lot more
lighter this is really light. So if you come over here one of the things
important to a lot of folks is storage so this one has a full closet for you
can have a hanging closet or put whatever you like inside there. Then you
have a full-size fridge and freezer which is my I love freezers and
refrigerators. Nice cabinet space, one of the things
people always say hey you need more cabinet space our our our space on our
counter space this has plenty of counter space you
guys will love this one. It comes with the nice TV that’s on the bracket
you could pull it out face it around. Bluetooth stereo, another good thing
about this trailer is look at the size of the rest room pretty nice. And I’m a
pretty tall guy so I fit right inside all right. Another good feature walk around bed.
Also has two nightstands with plugins so if you have to use your CPAP machines or
plug in your computers or laptops charge your phone. Comes with two reading lights for his-and-hers and more overhead storage lots of storage in this awesome
unit. Another hanging closet on both ends. Okay, then you also have underbelly
storage so that’s a 32 inch TV that’s in this trailer right here. Like I said the
light interior is awesome, you can also have a nice cutting board that comes
with it solid surface counters. Nice deep sink and more storage, tons and tons of
storage. Also comes with the nice microwave, three burner grill three
burner stove and also a nice oven with more storage under there. Now folks this
is one of the only RVs that comes with their built-in Wi-Fi so you can call me
and ask me for information on that it’s the 4G light Wi-Fi
it’ll get any signal is a pretty good system. Also comes with the handle, two
steps. Then you have stores over here, storage under there. Let’s see what else,
Oh check this out. Outside shower, more storage right here. We also provide the marine grade
batteries, fill up your propane tank. My name is Anthony fuller if you have any
questions feel free to give me a call 541-653-2818 or you can just give me a call at the store. Thank you very much.

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