2018 Jayco Greyhawk 26 Y Class C Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2018 Jayco Greyhawk 26 Y Class C Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Welcome to Guaranty RV super centers in
beautiful Junction City, Oregon. My name is Randy Wallette, I’m here to show you the beautiful 2018 Gray Hawk 26 Y. Absolutely a beautiful coach I love this
coach I’m excited about it. Because he’s small enough that you can take it any
State Park or any national park. It has some really neat benefits about it as
you can see on the front it’s a one-piece molded front cap so there’s
not any seams there were it can leak. This has a full body paint job to it,
absolutely gorgeous coach. This has your side vision cameras in the mirrors here
so when you turn on the right turn signal it shows down on the full side of
the coach so we cannot sideswipe anybody, very nice benefit. This coach has your
J ride system, something that is very very important and I like that
tremendously because with the J ride suspension it has a hellwig
helper springs on the back to reduce the tip and the role and the play to give you
much better ride. It has the isolated bumper stops toward the rear tires to
reduce the noise, the vibration to give you a better ride. Also they install
Bilstein shocks all the way around. There a gas shock that last two to three times
longer than a regular tube shock so it gives you a better ride. On top of that, they go ahead
and balance the driveline to make sure that you get a very secure quiet drive
to it then they put steering stabilizers on the front to reduce the tip in the
rolling sway to give you the maximum performance and ride in a motorhome. On
the outside here you don’t have a whole lot of storage
just because of the size of the coach. This has a 56 gallon propane tank, slam latch doors, you drop it they automatically close by
themselves. Then in the back you have nice storage here. This also that has
a gas support system for outside barbecues if you want to do some outside
barbecuing. This has your automatic awning and then as we go to the back you
have a seventy-five hundred pound hitch with a 750 pound hitch rate to it. Seven prong plug to it. This also has your egress windows,
very, very nice. It doesn’t have the molding, it doesn’t look gaudy all your
high-end coaches are coming out with that. You have a ladder to access
the roof, the roof is a one-piece fiberglass roof so you can get up there
and wash it off or if you want to take lawn chairs up there watch the fireworks
at night you can do that. This has your black/grey tanks right here. Your fuel
capacity here, this is your fresh water fill and then down here you have your 30
amp service. This also comes with a 4000 KW micro
quiet generator, it’s an Onan generator and it’s the quiet generator. Now we’ll
go to the inside of the coach and I’ll show you some of the things we have to
offer inside. On the top which I failed to tell you it has a 15,000 kW air
conditioner with heat pumps in it also. This has your all linoleum floor very
easy to clean, nice solid surface countertops. It has your 3 burner stove with the oven down below. Microwave, it’s equipped with a nice frigerator freezer, 8 cubic feet. Then you have storage, lots of doors and
drawers The’re also full extension drawer guides. So you have lots of drawer space
to put your clothing whatever you might have plus your shirt closet with a walk
around bed in the back. This has a 24 inch LCD TV in the bedroom and it also
has a 32 inch TV and the overhead bunk. This actually has four sleeping areas
overhead sleeping, couch that makes into a bed, dinette makes into a bed. with a walk around bed. It’s just an extremely nice
coach, has your LED lighting all the way throughout. It’s cooler, it doesn’t draw
as much electricity. You have a nice skylight here that you could shut
or open. Nice deep cabinets to store your goods and this is just a very nice coach.
What I’m excited about is the fact that I’m an outdoorsman I like to hunt and
fish and camp but small enough you can take it to any RV park or any State Park
and not have a problem camping. Has all the amenities that you need in the home
there’s something that you’re very much like and if you have any questions on
this my name is Randy Wallete. I’ll be glad to answer any questions that you
might have. Thank you for your time.

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