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2018 Jayco Jay Feather 23 RBM Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi folks, John Richardson here
at Guaranty on a sunny bright day. Going to show you a 2018 and it is a 23 RBM Jay
eather made by Jayco. Now this is an all aluminum frame as you can see, smooth sides. I’m going to take you inside show you all the amenities on it. This is a
rear bath with a Murphy bed. Jayco’s been around since the 60s. One of the very few
manufacturers that puts a two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on it. Of
course from the outside you can see we’ve got alloy wheels on it, that keeps
mr. rain from making rust. We’ve got an electric awning we have outside speakers
as well as inside speakers. But if you’re looking for something with a lot of room
in a small trailer that’s lightweight this is something you should definitely
consider. I’m gonna sit on the couch just to give you an idea so you can get in a
a frame of mind to how wide open this is for a little 23 foot. What people tried
to accomplish with these small trailers is give you all the amenities of a big
trailer such as a couch and a booth. Consequently due to size restrictions
most of the time you can get both of them in a small trailer. As you can see
here we got a couch for the daytime use you notice I’ve got a bed right behind
me I don’t need the bed taking up six seven feet of room during the daytime
the only time I need a bed is when I go to bed at night. So in order to put a
Murphy bed down, let’s say it’s the end of the day you’ve watched TV and all the
stuff and that it’s now time to go to bed. All you have to do is lay your couch
down which is a matter of sleeper sofa flip it down. Grab your bed, I’ve
unlocked it and you will notice that we have a full size full-size, I shut that off and it still
came on, full-size 60 by 80 queen bed. You’ll notice we got a strap here so you
don’t even have to worry about if you make your bed up with blankets and stuff
on it of it coming unraveled when you put your bed up. So at the end of the
night in the morning we put the bed up, we put the couch down, you’ll notice on
the side of the couch here or beside the bed we have two hanging closets one on
each side of the bed you’ve got a couple of drawers right underneath the hanging
closet, those are full extension drawers. Got one on each side you also all point
out have electrical outlets on each side of your bed or on these side of your
couch in case you’d need to CPAP machines something like that. Again this
is all aluminum frame very good open floor plan. Very big u-shaped booth here
with storage underneath it. We’ve got a table little flop down that’ll become
your platform for the support for your bed at night. Of course that’s sitting in
our slide-out. Underneath the TV we’ve got another cabinet here for pantry
stuff. Then next to it of course you got cabinets underneath the sink. You’ve got
very good counter space and a small travel trailer, You’ve got cabinets up
above the sink you’ll also notice that we have a galley faucet here with a
double sink. Very, very nice kit equipped kitchen microwave, three burner stove
with an oven on it. Another pantry space right here next to the refrigerator,
cereal boxes that type of thing. And then of course we got the good old Norcold
refrigerator with a recessed freezer good storage in the bottom of it and
positive latches so you don’t have to use two hands to open it up.
Along with a five-way cold settings so you can adjust the temperature on it.
Of course it’s going to have the air-conditioning, thermostat everything’s
located right here. Next to that is a full-size bathroom complete as you’ll
notice with a sink, medicine cabinet, storage underneath the sink, skylight, fan
all the things that you’ve become accustomed too. Along with that we have a freestanding table here should you be in the campsite where there’s no picnic
table you just brought your own. And then next to that we have another couple
cabinets this can be a hanging closet if you wanted it to be I don’t know too
many people out camping that need a hanging closet but if you did you got it.
All you do is take the adjustable shelves out. Another little area you’re
right underneath it. This comes with four stabilizer jacks, a complete walkthrough
from a dealership that’s been in business 50 years. Please if you got any
questions call that number right down there I go by JR. Been here 27 years
now feel free to call me I’ll answer any questions you may have.
Look forward to speaking with you, thank you.


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