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2018 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 175 RD Travel Trailer • Guaranty.com

Hi my name is Ryan DeAngelis and I’m
here at the guaranty RV Supercenter in Junction City, Oregon I’m going to talk
to you a little bit today about one of my favorite lightweight trailers if
you’re not looking for something real heavy you don’t want to toast something
real big or real long this thing here is a 17 footer and it weighs under 3000
pounds it’s a 175 Rd this is a jayco jay flight the Jay Flight Series is the
number one selling travel trailer in the United States every year since 2005
Jayco has been around for over 50 years so a couple things I’ll show you out on
the outside real quick and then we’ll go inside on the outside you have a power
awning you got your speakers in the awning as well so when you pull this
thing out and extend it out here you got a good area here that you can listen to
music and be undercover you’ve got your set up here with your
made the US Goodyear tires most stuff is not putting that great of a tire on it
Jayco decided last year they’re going to put a lot better tighter this is the
most people are they’re using Jayco the good years so on the inside you got your
bed up front you got some overhead storage you got a closet on the side a
nightstand you got your AC unit on the side in this unit which is kind of nice
because it’s not on top this unit is not that tall overall so for a smaller
trailer you got more counter space in this than most of your 20-something foot
trailers that you’re going to look at you got a fridge here two burners on
your range hot and cold water in your sink and good cabinet space underneath
for a garbage can or whatever else you need there if you look here you got your
bathroom in the center it’s not one of those weird bathrooms where you sit on
the toilet and shower at the same time it’s got a separate tub shower and a
toilet and some counter space as well in the back you have a very large u-shaped
dinette so you can sit quite a few people comfortably around this it also
will break down to another bed you’ve got three big windows in the back a lot
of natural light along with the skylight with a little vent up here as well so a
lot of natural light in this thing there’s not if you pull down all the
shades they switch to a black color this year for years everybody’s always used
the tan a lot of like it’s comes through still this will keep it a lot darker in
here to sleep in a little bit more you have
microwave exhaust vent up top heat air-conditioning all LED lights the Jayco brand has a two year warranty that’s twice as long as pretty much
everybody else out there this is one of the best trailers you can buy for the
money that’s why they’re the number one selling travel trailer in the United
States for the price point it’s superior to most of the stuff that’s out there
real wood tongue and groove plywood in the floor
not OSB so that’s a big difference better resale value I’d like to show you
a lot more stuff on here as well give me a call my cell is (541)525-4001 my name is Ryan DeAngelis at the guaranty RV
supercenters talk to you soon you

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  • Rick Miller

    I really do like this little camper. Just wish it had a higher ceiling. My wife and I are under 6', but my son is 6'2". It's my understanding that the interior is only 6'

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