2018 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 175 RD Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2018 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 175 RD Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Everybody, Jason Fairchild with Guaranty
RV. Thank you for taking the time to check out our website and specifically this video.
Today we’re going to go over a 2018 Jayco Jay flight 175 RD, let’s start off
on the inside and we’ll finish off on the exterior, follow me. Well, if you like
eating with a lot of people, this is the right trailer for you, come in and check
out this table. You could fit a lot of people back here, so this is just a
cool, cool place to entertain, if you got kids great place to eat with the kids,
this also breaks down into a second sleeping area back here. Lots of storage
above, nice windows all-around, good light, makes it feel a little bigger and more
open in here too, I love this trailer. So here in the kitchen, we’ve got
a two burner stove, sink with hot and cold running water, nice fridge here
below, some cabinets, and your LP furnaces here. So as you can see here in the
bathroom, we’ve got our nice shower/tub combination, a little counter and then
our toilet in there. And then up front, it’s all bed, and there’s plenty of room
actually to get in and out of this bed, a little nightstand here with some storage
above, AC over here in the corner, and you do have a window in this trailer in the
front too, which I really like, it allows you to get more light in and also see
people coming and going, so that about does it in the inside, let’s go
over the exterior features real quick. So this trailer has an electric awning
and it’s got an LED strip built-in at the base of that awning which puts out a
really nice light, it’s also got two speakers, one built into each end of the
awning, which i think is just a cool idea, you’re not having to cut additional
speakers in the wall, you’re placing them in the awning, which just kind of makes
sense. Here we’ve got some storage, actually quite a bit of storage
underneath that bed there in the front. Here’s where that window is, you’re not
going to believe how light this trailer is, it’s under 3,000 pounds dry, fully
loaded it’s 3,750 lbs, unbelievably light
trailer. Here’s the back of your AC, and we’ve got a full-size bumper,
full-size spare tire, here’s your power cord. This trailer does come with two-year
warranty, anybody that purchases an RV from
Guaranty is going to get a full propane tank, this trailer doesn’t have a slide
so you’d get one battery and you get a customer care kit, so basically after
purchasing an RV you’re ready to go camping, there’s no hidden fees here at
Guaranty. Please if you have any questions on this or any of our other
RVs in stock, give me a call Jason Fairchild you reach me directly at 541-228-6057. I hope to hear from you soon,
have a great day.

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