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2018 Jayco White Hawk 27 RB Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi everybody, my name is Matt Elliot and
I’m here at Guaranty RV Super Centers Junction City, Oregon. Today I’m going to
show you a brand new floor floor plan from Jayco. This is the White Hawk and
it is a fantastic new design. This is the 27 rear bath, it’s completely different
inside and I’ve got a lot to talk about on this rig so let’s take a look inside
and I’ll show you around, follow me. Now one of the first things to know about a
Jayco, is Jayco has got a legacy. They’ve been around 50 years, more than
50 years and they have a really unique aspect to them. They’re the only company
out there that offers a two-year warranty and I mean everything they
cover the appliances for two years of course then everything that they build
for two years. Nobody really does that in the whole industry, I’m really impressed
with that. Been selling Jayco’s for years, the folks
were quite happy with them. The first thing I want you to see in here is this
is just a beautiful spacious floor plan. It’s got a big full slide with the full
dinette and a sofa, this is a trifold so it makes a very nice bed. And then they
did something really different up here they put in a big 32 inch TV and
entertainment center this is a home theater system so it’ll play your DVDs
and it’ll play music and it’ll even bluetooth to your phone, that’s really
nice. And this has an electric fireplace that’s an option on this rig the
electric fireplace is great because if you have a place where you’re gonna hook
up you can use this to heat your trailer and you could save your propane then you
don’t have to listen to the forced air furnace blowing and stuff like that, it’s
a really nice feature. Now you’re gonna notice a really nice
kitchen in here it has an 8 cubic foot refrigerator most of the trailers you
find out there have a small fridge maybe a 6 cubic foot but this has a full 8. And
I want to show you something I really like this is a Norcold refrigerator
there’s basically only a couple of kinds of fridges out there and they both work
just great but this has a unique feature. It has a nice deep basin here and what’s
great about that is that it’ll hold stuff in so it doesn’t come out when you
open the door one time. One time thawed out 5 pounds of crushed ice in one of these
freezers and it didn’t come out when I open the door so I think that’s a really
great deal. This has got the stainless steel appearance package, the
hood, the microwave and everything has a nice oven here. It’s got a nice big
double sink, nowadays we’re seeing a lot of sinks that don’t have the partition
in the middle so you can’t really use them to wash and rinse and so I really
like this it has a nice tall faucet with the squirter nozzle and everything like
that. It’s got some storage down here and you could see right there a place to put
oh you know a little stuff like your scrubber brush or something. And then
pull drawers that pull out and what you see here are plywood drawers with
metal bearing roller guides. Those are great because they hold the weight and
they don’t break down and stack up on each other the way lesser quality
drawers do. Okay let’s take a look at the bathroom back here, the first thing
you’ll notice is if they put in some shelving in here. There’s quite a bit of
space for pantry items right here on both sides, big deep pantry so
you’re never going to run out of space for food. And then in the bathroom this
is a just a great bathroom it’s got a great big fully fully enclosed shower
big people can get in and out of there, tall people can get in and out of there.
And then you have this other large wardrobe space here this is really big
and it’s got a nice open floor plan as far as as far as having room around the
toilet, has a medicine cabinet, gorgeous rig. One thing they did in a
Jayco that I really like is they put all the push-button stuff up here and put it
away so you’ll notice a lot of rigs when you
come in the slide controls and the various buttons are down here where
little kids can get to them it’s nice to have that secured up here out of the way.
This is a monitor panel and if you look at it closely you can see that it has
both gas and electric hot water, this has a gas and electric hot water heater so
you can heat your water on either source. Up ahead on top here we see that it has
a high capacity exhaust fan this is absolutely a fantastic feature I have
one in my own RV and what it does is it allows us to take all of that extra
moisture out of the trailer it really allows us to ventilate and and not have
it be of condensation in here. Now up here in
the bedroom there’s a really, really cool feature I want you to see. What it is,
first of all this has a full queen walk around bed. This is not a shorty bed like
most trailers have this is a 60 by 80 queen so if you have a special mattress
that you like or you have some special bedding that you like it’ll work in here
just fine. Also look at this this has a walk-in closet, you remember it had that
big wardrobe in the bathroom well we’ve also got one here. Got hanging
storage we’ve got drawers we’ve got places to hang hats and things like that
even a mirror for getting dressed I’ve never seen that in the trailer like this.
Also it’s got more hanging storage and shelving on each side of the bed of
course the bed lifts up and there’s a bunch of storage. And then one thing
you’re noticing in here, this has a front window, it’s literally been years since
we’ve had trailers with windows in the front they went away quite some time ago
and now they’re back and it’s because we have better caps, I’ll show you that
when we go outside. But it makes this a nice light open space instead of being
so crowded and dark inside the way a lot of trailers are, there’s windows and
doors and everything up here so it’s really nice to be in. One last thing I
want you to know about this bedroom is this has a pocket door so I can actually
close the door if I release the snap here
for privacy, It works really good. Okay let’s take a look around the exterior –
because there’s a lot of great things about a Jayco to look at outside.
Now this Jayco has a cool feature on it, it’s got a special kind of door hinge it
doesn’t swing freely it has tension so it won’t slam against the side of the
trailer when you get a stiff wind and people can’t slam the door which is of
course hard on the door. And you don’t have to have that little hook thing here
that always gets broken it seems like people always grab it and break the
little hook. Now this has a fantastic outside kitchen and I’ll just show you
here real quick. This is one of the better outside kitchens because it
actually has a two burner gas stove top you can hook your barbecue up out here
but now you’ve also got a cooktop so you can make things that need to be on a
cooktop. It’s got hot and cold running water this is a plumb to sink it’s not
one that you have to take the bowl out and drain somewhere else. And it’s got
power supply and it’s got a little refrigerator so that’s great you have a
lot of choices there with your space. You see down here this little button this
has power stabilizer jacks and I can control them from here and there’s also
controls in the front which we’re gonna see now. We look at this area we see that
the axles are a little bit farther apart and that gives us it’s called a wide
track axle system and what it does is it gives us a little longer wheelbase so it
smooths out the ride it doesn’t rattle your stuff inside as much and it makes
it tow nice. It helps manage the hitch weight, which I really like. That one other
thing I want to point out a couple of details here this has the glacier
package which is an extra measure of insulation they put in this rig they use
some special materials to make it a little warmer inside or cooler if it’s a
real hot day out also the keys are all alike and I don’t know if you remember
days when you had different keys for every door and this one here that the
entry waves are keyed the same so that’s fantastic. This one here the
sidewalls are aluminum frame and it also has a solar panel
connector so you can use a portable solar. That’s located up here a little
bit farther take a look in here there’s a really big expanse of storage area
lots of room to put your stuff that goes up under the bed. I want to show you
something this door is very heavy and it’s very thick a lot of trailers have
little skinny doors they don’t have gaskets like this does and what it does
is it helps keep the moisture in the dust out of your compartment. Slam latch
doors are easy to closed you don’t have to fool around with your toggle locks.
This has a power tongue jack and it has seven gallon bottles, now a lot of these
trailers that are lower profile today you see have small bottles this has the
full-size bottles. Also look at this front cap this is a full enclosure with
the window and it’s not going to delaminate the way a lot of trailers do
because this is a full enclosure in the front it’s not made out of the same
stuff and it won’t there’s nothing to separate. They also have a really durable
front fascia on here to keep the rock damaged down that works great too. As we walk around here we’re gonna see this slide out and you can look underneath
this uses a special type of slide called a rack-and-pinion it’s the most reliable
type of slide and it’s the one that gives you the most room inside the
trailer it runs under the floor instead of above the floor I really like that.
The other thing you’ll notice as you look around this trailer this has
beautiful windows these are called frameless windows and they’re not only
attractive they’re functional this has the property of since we don’t have all
the aluminum framing around here we don’t have as much heat transfer and
condensation coming in and out of the trailer. You could see back here it’s a
nice detail this has a removable shore cord, that means that I don’t have a
little hole on the side of my trailer for mice to crawl up and get into. And
then if you look at the very bottom here you’re gonna notice this has fully
enclosed gate valves, the water system for draining your waste waters the gates
are up inside the enclosure so these pipes stay empty
so you can use them in freezing weather and you don’t have to worry about your
pipes freezing. Now another thing that this trailer has that’s fantastic is it
has a ladder and you could go up on your roof and you can inspect your seals and
you can maintain your roof also it tells us that this is a fully walkable roof.
Jayco has a remarkable roof structure called a Magnum truss roof I
encourage you to go to their website and take a look at it online.
It’s one of the best roofs out there it’s very strong. I’m quite fond of
Jayco because of the quality and their legacy. I hope you liked this video and I
hope that you’re interested in taking a look at this new 27 RB White Hawk
from Jayco. My name’s Matt Elliott and if you have any questions just give me a
call. My number is 541-954-8495. Thanks a lot, you have a great day


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