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2018 Lance 650 Truck Camper • Guaranty.com

Folks, today I’m going to be showing you
a brand new 2018 Lance 650. This is a great little camper
for short-bed half-ton truck, well actually is the only camper that’ll go
on a 5 foot plus short bed Nissan, or with the Toyota, in the Tundra, that
size of a pickup, or Chevy, or Ford, or Dodge and the half-ton short box. Let’s
take a look inside. Of course, it does have electric jacks that are ran by a
remote. Small and compact, but does a very, very good job. It’s got the two burner
stove, sink here, this particular one it’s equipped with a microwave. Now it has the am/fm DVD with this
flat-screen TV. Your fridge is right up here, easy and
convenient to get to. It’s got air conditioning.
These are European style windows, which are really, really kind of cool. You’ve
got either a pulldown screen or a pull up shade, and the windows offer great
ventilation when you open them up, they open and stay open. Well now, let’s see, there we go and then,
of course, you can just pull the screen down so the bugs aren’t coming in, great, they
work great. It’s got some storage up here above the
booth, cabinets right here, over here fantastic fan. We’ve got an electric
awning, your heater controls here, full wet bath. Now let’s go outside, just to
take a look at some of the features outside. It’s got the large grab handle. As I pointed out, it does have the electric
awning, of course, all LED lights, remote control outward jacks, a side awning, outdoor speakers. Folks, this is a great, lightweight, little
camper, fits really nicely on a short bed half-ton truck. Come see us to
Guaranty, we’ve got lots of campers in stock, for any size of the truck. My name
is Rich White you can reach me at 541-521-8914. Thank you for your time.

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