2018  Lexor-TS By Pleasure-Way B At The 2017 Dallas RV Super Sale
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2018 Lexor-TS By Pleasure-Way B At The 2017 Dallas RV Super Sale

alright we will take a look and a player away Class B diesel this is all a beat built on a ram chassis fully self-contained Class B diesel was holding tanks for fresh and wastewater 12v power supply into a power places and this one even has a generator Class B diesel maybe you do some serious serious boom document this or just some weekend family traveled up the seats back here that convert into a bed together we got a two burner propane fired stove for cooking up dead by an egg break this is ashley Lou stainless steel sink for washing your big and you think Class B diesel either they have ample cabinet space to put it all away when you’re done as well over here you got a refrigerated keep them keep things go gotta keep those legs and we’ll beer cold before you did right there two-way power Class B diesel she’s not to worry about plugging in and keep it charged kick back relax watch TV after a day of Fun in the Sun and I check this out no more late-night hacked down to the public funds set up these you have your very own right here too wet called it can take a shower while you’re in the potty plenty for watching the hands of emergencies even got a medicine cabinet with a marathon keep your hair looking right there’s a table so that you can eat in style nice big mirror there an interesting way that whole door assembly setup nice comfortable driving compartment you don’t have to learn how to drive a great big ol rig man this is just like grabbing the family man very cool Class B diesel right at a hundred grand solo voice ram 3500 promaster Class B diesel even a screen door back here that’s cool i dont the rearview cameras even see what’s going on behind now owning for your party old ratty old pleasure and that’s a power-on into by the way Class B diesel


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