2018 Mini Lite ROCKWOOD 2109S Couple’s RV Front Queen Colorado Trailer Dealer
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2018 Mini Lite ROCKWOOD 2109S Couple’s RV Front Queen Colorado Trailer Dealer

hello folks and welcome to the great
outdoors RV company my name is Tom and today we’re going to be talking about
the brand-new 2018 2109 the 2109 has been an awesome floor plan
for us here at the Great Outdoors it’s one of our popular and it’s just getting
better folks that the brand new 2018 s in the later models they’re actually
gonna come with a Wi-Fi booster on them they’re gonna come with this new
polished front cap with the automotive grade front windshield and it’s also
going to present the new graphite colors in the interior along with the Maplewood
and it’s also going to come with a lighter color of the wood look floor
super cool floorplan I like the colors that they’ve come out with this year and
I can’t wait to show this one to you the question I get asked all the time is Tom
Wyatt rock wood and you know it’s really such a simple question to answer because
if you are looking for quality the rock wood is definitely the coach that you
want to go with and the reason for that is because it’s got an all aluminum
substructure it’s vacuum bonded on all four side walls including the roof and
it’s got a ten year axial warranty so quality in the rock wood is what you’re
gonna be getting they don’t skimp anywhere in this
particular coach and that’s why you want to buy the rock wood another popular
question I get asked all the time is Tom can my vehicle tow this vehicle well all
of these are gonna come stamp with a dry weight and on this particular coach the
dry weight is 4,237 lbs and the fully loaded
weight and that’s what’s your water all of your food clothing and everything on
board you’re gonna top out at 5,726 lbs
so definitely SUV towable definitely have ton towable as well but you’ll
definitely want to check your vehicle specs and make sure it’s you can tow
this guy so we’re gonna start on the passenger side of the coach on the back
side and this coach there’s so many features on this particular coach I
always like to start with the awning in particular and the reason that I like to
do that is because this particular awning is is obviously it’s old it’s
electric but it comes with these adjustable elbows and these adjustable
elbows allow you to slope the the canvas on here so that if it starts to rain or
it starts to snow or something like that you can definitely shoe it off in one
way one direction or the other it’s also great so if you’re sitting out here and
the sun’s coming down you can pitch this guy as well to block
that Sun from you so having these adjustable arms on here I think are a
huge hit with this particular coach so the 2109 it’s got a large grab
handle it’s got a two step up into the coach one of the benefits and features
on this coach that I like to point out too is that this is a friction door
hinge okay and what that means to you is that you can kind of position this door
any way that you want to it’s rated up to about twenty miles an hour so it’s
it’s very hard to slam latch closed okay and that’s part of the benefit of this
friction door hinge on this coach also what you’re going to see is the
frameless windows these are cut directly and Match specifically to the coach
they’re better insulated they’re not going to wear over time as you’ll see
some coaches with the rubber garments on the outside we’ve talked about several
we’ve talked about these all the time in my videos that I do you’re gonna get two
marine-grade outside speakers and one of the things I want to point out too is
the torsion flex suspension system so each tire is basically independent of
itself it’s gonna give you a smoother ride it’s not gonna knock things around
in your camper like a leaf spring coach would it comes from the factory with
nitrogen filled tires nitrogen will help maintain the PSI a little bit better for
you and will also reduce a lot less wear on the tires as we’re coming down here
there’s a lot of cool features coming up here and center of the coach number one
is you can bring the TV now you’re gonna get a TV with this coach but you can
bring the TV from the inside out to the out here and put it on this little
bracket and you’re also gonna get like a little prep station here for cooking so
if you like to fish or a game or whatever you can go ahead and prep your
meals and then you can go ahead and cook it on your on your grill out here but
you’ll have a a 110 power outlet a coaxial cable so you can have your great
barbecue going you can watch some TV or you can listen to some music all out
here on your front patio area here so this particular coach now comes with a
Wi-Fi booster I mentioned that in my intro and what this little guy is gonna
do for you is say for instance you’re at for example koa or another campsite that
offers Wi-Fi but you are you happen to get like the farthest campsite away from
lady like a bathhouse or the office or something like that
and they offer Wi-Fi but you’re not gonna get a strong signal on your on
your phone so you can turn your little Wi-Fi booster on that’ll bring the
signal into your coach and that’s gonna give you a stronger signal it comes with
a password and everything else it’s a kind of a cool little thing especially
if you work from home or you can work in on your travels or just browsing the
internet whatever is gonna work for you me personally I don’t know I think we’ll
the phone’s gonna go in the in the cabinet and I’m not gonna worry about it
but this is a great benefit to have on this coach if you’re looking for storage
the 21:09 has plenty of it folks if you look up underneath here under the
pass-through storage you can see the the amount of space that you have in here
and this is some of the aluminum construction that rock was gonna offer
you you notice it’s going to be double welded on each side of these brackets
there’s absolutely no wood in here that’s gonna Sbisa
it’s gonna support you on here it’s all on them and even on the roof is gonna be
aluminum too it’s a fully walkable roof so that’s why you definitely want to buy
a rock Wood and I want to talk to you about a little bit about the vacuum
bonding process and as far as how that works because to the consumer just
looking at a fiberglass unit it may look all the same but it relatively is not so
75% of campers that are built with fiberglass is basically a standard pinch
roll and what that means to you is they’re just gluing the fiberglass on to
the inside of luan and they’re pushing it through a pinch press and they’re
hoping that that glue stays adhered to that inner and outer wall vacuum bonding
takes it a step further it’s very expensive to do at the factories and
I’ve been there I’ve been able to watch these rock woods being built it’s a
fascinating process but basically what they do is they put this guy on a vacuum
press that vacuum air bag press it eliminates those air pockets between the
inner and outer wall causing a tighter bond so this guy is 10 times less likely
for it to delaminate over time than a standard pin troll fiberglass unit would
one of the cool features at Rockwoods also likes to add to their coaches is a
solar ready plug now this is a plug-and-play adapter I do sell the
panel’s in my store and I like this particular system just for the fact that
you can plug it in you can move it away from your coach you can get maximum
exposure from the Sun because as we all know when we go out
and we like to go camping the big thing is that we like to find is a big shade
tree to park underneath well if your solar panels are on your shade trees or
under your shade trees you may not beginning the maximum use out of that
system putting this right here and being able to move it away from the coach and
directing it it’s probably gonna be a little bit more beneficial to you so I
like having that solar on the plug on the side of course but of course it’s a
personal opinion as we go around here the front cap you’ll notice this is a
brand new style from rock wood on the mini light folks okay this is a brand
new front cap that they’re introducing again this is on the new or 2018 you’ll
get the diamond plate down here to help with Rock chips you’ll get a power
tongue jack here with the legs a little docking light so if you have to unhook
or hook up at night you have that little light to assist you along with a little
side light over here and then this particular coach is gonna come with 230
LP bottles onboard so this is definitely going to you know thirty LP bottles you
normally the standard is twenty to twenty pounders but here on the 30
pounders definitely give you more life on your propane for sure
back here you have your this is where your batteries are gonna sit and then
back here as well you’re also gonna get a battery disconnect which is right back
here I don’t know if you can get that octavio or not but the battery
disconnect is a great little feature to have on your coach you turn that little
guy off and you can make sure that all of your power and the coach is gonna be
turned off because believe it or not your LP sensor is gonna be running
regardless of whether your lights are on or not one of the things that rock was
doing under mini likes to on some of their models is they’re gonna be going
with these magnetic holders right here so when you open up the door that magnet
is gonna hold it open for you no more plastic clip ease that you have to worry
about on this little guy that’ll can weather and break off and then right
above the storage you’re gonna have your city water connection your potable water
which is basically your canteen and your ante antifreeze Inlet to winterize your
camper right over here on the right of the door you’re gonna have your six
gallon direct spark ignition both gas and electric options on this little guy
so all you have to do is go in and flip the switch there’s nothing that you have
to come out here in light or anything like that takes care of it all for you
internally and then this is going to be another access door and this is gonna be
right behind your couch in this particular coach now
here I do have the the dinette table that’s behind here and I’ll show you how
to set that up but you’re gonna have some nice storage up underneath this
area as well and then back here you’re going to get an outside shower we’ll
have hot and cold water features you’re gonna get a black tank flush your cable
and your satellite hookups are right here and your 30 amp service is gonna be
located back here as well if your dump valves are gonna be located back here
and of course when we get to the back side you’re gonna notice that you’re
gonna have an a a ladder to get onto your roof now you can go up there and do
all of your own maintenance this is a fully walkable roof that’s why they
provide that ladder for you you can go up there check all your all your
sealants up there make sure everything’s looking good and of course you’re gonna
have a pre wire for a backup camera on this particular coach as well it’s a
plug-and-play they put that on all the rock woods for the most part so if you
want to buy the camera you can just hook it up and you’re good to go and then
you’ll get also get a spare tire with a cover on here as well alright let’s go
inside and I’ll show you some features in there all right well welcome inside the 21:09
as you can see this is a pretty spacious open floor plan that we have here I’m
just gonna start on the back side of the coach just because I think it’s going to
be a little bit more user friendly as far as starting back here and kind of
showing you the camper in its entirety but one of the things I wanted to point
out that I like about this coach is this pantry area now what’s great about this
is you can actually remove these shelves and what this is going to allow you to
do is if you don’t want if you don’t have to put all your pantry items in
here it’s also going to give you an extra hanging space for clothes and you
know shirts and pants or whatever so having these removable shelves in here
are awesome I also option this Dometic refrigerator
with the panels the wood-look panels on here this is a gas and electric six
cubic foot refrigerator very spacious on the inside down here is your gonna be
your converter and this is gonna be your LP detector so if you have a gas leak in
here or something like that that will always continue to run folks unless you
disconnect the battery or like I mentioned on the outside turn that
battery disconnect off we’re gonna come into the bathroom and as you notice
you’re gonna have the radius shower with the glass doors of course I got plenty
of room to maneuver around in here you got the Dometic flush toilet you have
overhead a mirror with with cabinets you have the sink down here place for your
soap toothbrushes you have a GFI breaker in here too so people with electric
shavers or curling irons or blow dryers you’ve got some cabinet space up
underneath here and then let’s not forget the big linen closet that you’re
gonna get behind the toilet as well now you’re also gonna have a max air fan
that’s in here as well now this will give you a nice breeze to the coach you
open up the windows it’ll help eliminate having to use the air conditioner all
the time especially if you’re down the mountains if you want a nice breeze
coming through hidden in here you turn this little guy on open up the windows
and they’ll draw a nice breeze coming through here one of the things I get
asked all the time is Tom there’s a big gap
up in here between the door folks this is design this way so that the airflow
can come in and out of that bathroom as it’s supposed to so you don’t want to
you don’t want to change this door out you want to leave it just as it is now
here’s the couch area now this is on the slide-out folks okay it’s not about two
and a half three foot slide out and you as you can see the cabinets in here are
just these are beautiful cabinets folks this is the maple look wood in here I do
they do it also comes in a driftwood color too which is a it’s a little bit
of a darker color but real cabinets residential grade type style and then
behind the couch you’re gonna get this you’re gonna get a little table here and
what I like about this table if I can get this velcro down on it here we go is
you can take this take it outside if you don’t if you want to you can set it up and then you can sit right back here now
your TV’s gonna be over here so you can have a dinner watching TV if you’d like
but having this maneuverable table is really cool in my opinion what’s also
nice is that this couch will also lay flat so if you do have
somebody that’s gonna be staying the night for you you know they can they can
go ahead and lay on this couch now I’m a bigger guy but you know probably some
kids or something can lay on here for a night or two and be comfortable move this table away and then the bed
area here obviously you’re gonna get some cabinets on each side now you have
a wardrobe space on each cabinet you’re gonna have some overhead cabinet space
up here as well this mattress is heated you got to be plugged in to 110 power to
operate that feature but you plug it in right at the head of the bed turn that
on the dial one through six to adjust your temperature but on each side of the
bed as well it’s best well on this side anyway you’re gonna have a 110 power
outlet and you’re going to have some 12-volt power outlets as well so if you
want to plug in your cell phone you can definitely do that over there and over
on this side you’re gonna have an additional drawer okay so great bedroom
space and then of course obviously since if you do have some guests on the couch
what’s great about this little guys you can give yourself some privacy and you
can close this curtain off here and then this is velcro’s in like this
so you can get yourself some privacy you have some guests that are going to stay
with you so a lot of people like this feature in this coach one of the
features that I truly think is a huge thing and a lot of people don’t realize
it is actually on this particular coach if you’re gonna have a double ducted or
like some people call a racetrack type vents for your air conditioning unit a
lot of my competition you’re only gonna have one vent that’s going a little
vertical down the coach here you’re it’s double ducted okay so you’re gonna be
able to get some vents all the way through the roof and that’s gonna
maximize your air efficiency keeping you cool in here now we talked about vacuum
bonded right so there’s not too many coaches that you can go around on it and
just kind of do the ceiling and not put a hole in okay so that’s one of the
benefits that you’re going to get from a rock would with that vacuum bonded
substructure okay this is gonna be your HD television antenna so there’s no
Moors or any hand cranking or anything like that to do all you have to do is
turn this little guy for local TV depending on where you’re at if they
provide local TV to get your reception on your TV speaking of TV’s this is a
fury on TV okay and this is designed actually for RB so that they you know
when you’re pulling this little guy down the road it can rattle it’s not going to
break or anything like that this is gonna be your i RV technologies DVD CD
player radio capabilities you’ve got your three zones of speakers zone three
will be outside one and two are gonna be in here and then here is your switch for
your Wi-Fi booster you just turn this little guy on and it’ll go to your phone
and then you just type in the password and that will bring that that range back
into your coach you’re also going to have an extended countertop on here as
well now this is a beautiful kitchen guys for Coach this size notice that
you’re gonna have a little knife holder back here too so you can put your
cutlery back in here and then you’re gonna have a suburban
cooktop now they do come with a glass partition on here and this is important
for you because this is gonna give you that extra counter space so if you want
to make sandwiches on here you can but then when you go to use the three burner
you just raise this up this access your backsplash through you’re not getting it
back here on your blinds and this is super easy to clean off as well and then
it’s gonna come with the nice gas oven plenty of drawers in this guy so you can
put all your silverware in here look at all the cabinets that you have up in
here you can load this little guy up got plenty of space microwave is located
right here it’s a magic chef’s microwave and then of course you’re gonna get the
two bowl sink hot and cold water features as well you can use this as a
cutting board if you’d like you have another drawer here too big pullout
drawers here so as you can see there’s a lot of cabinet space in here it’s
beautifully done you’ve got the nice Hardware on here all residents will type
material folks they do not skin anywhere on the rock woods and then of course
back here is gonna be your instrument panel now your instrument panel is
basically gonna be one of the things I want to mention is your tank heaters so
your tank heaters are basically on all tanks now this particular coach is ready
to -11° you turn this little guy on and it’ll help from your tanks freezing up
if you’re out there in the winter your gas and electric switches are right here
for your water heater your water pump and then all of your lights are gonna be
located right here as well your awning slide out and your your slide out for
the couch they’re gonna be located right here as well and then of course on here
it’s gonna give you a little monitoring panel as part of your battery power your
fresh black and your gray it’s gonna tell you all when you need to dump those
those tanks so awesome coach folks you really need to come and check this one
out alright folks thank you so much for joining me on the 2109 2018 can’t wait
to show this one to you please give me a call with any questions at 970.313.4337
or if you want to shout me out an email [email protected] see here soon


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