2018 Pleasure-Way Ascent Class B Diesel Camper Van Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2018 Pleasure-Way Ascent Class B Diesel Camper Van Video Tour • Guaranty.com

welcome to the world famous guaranty RV
supercenters. I’m Gary Christiance, known as “The Van Guy” and what luck do we have for you! Don I got this done, it’s in the can,
you’re gonna get it this is the scent you’ve been waiting for for three months.
It finally came in! Come on inside. Nice opening door. Plenty of room to get in and out. Come on sneak inside.I’m going to reach over and close the door. Let’s come back here in the back. You
can step around the corner. I’m going to show you we’ve got two different panels here.
One’s in the rear, where you can access everything. This is for your sofa,
this will bring the couch out in the back and run it back up. This is for your Awning, so if you have your awning out and oh my gosh it’s starting to wind gust, you can
walk right over here and hit it. You’ve got your vent to open and close it, and the speed controls here. Go back into the light system. Real easy to operate, and
you’ve got two different spots to access that. Here’s all your holding tanks;
propane is really low that’s because it just came in and we haven’t filled it up.
And then you have all your other tanks. Water pump switch. Start your generator….so it’s
all right in here easy to access. Solar panel, DVD player, Winegard Power
Antenna up on top. Big flatscreen releases and comes over in the aisle space with this little
button right here. Swings right around the corner, locks back in place.
And then it has the…. (*while laughing* yeah almost fell on my nose) ….it’s got the rear screen in the
back that rolls down, which we’ll see that when we go back outside.
It’s got MCD shades that pull down right here, and then you have
velcro down here to attach it to, so if you want it to stop it, stick it to the
casing, that way it’ll hold out all the light and give you more privacy. Counter
extension Corian countertop. Solid surface countertop. Recessed sink
makes cleaning easy to go into. Raised faucet. And of course is RV antifreeze. Recessed two burner stove. Lighters right in front with your sparker here.
Got storage underneath. Positive latches. Electrical outlet Two more storage areas down below. And
before we slide forward we’re gonna pick up microwave (not quite enough room to
put a convection in). Two fingers up on top. Got a freezer up on top. A nice
little refrigerator. I know it’s a small refrigerator, but at least they put it up
high enough that you don’t have to get all the way down there on the floor to operate it.
Fantastic fan. Controls are over there for remote operation. You can sneak
around the corner, perfect. You got a rack up here for storage. It does have
a vented window with a shade to pull down. All these little velcros here are for
the curtain that goes over to shelter all this when you’re using the shower,
which runs off of here. And of course, when a wet bath, you’re gonna get wet.
Sit down, get your water here, turn it off, rinse yourself, turn it off, scrub up, turn
it on, again rinse off and you’re done. It’ll be a small amount to pick up.
Catch this right here please – you got three hooks for your towels,
heavy duty hinges. Pleasure-Way quality carries a
five-year warranty on the conversion, so if anything they build in here (holding
tanks, all the woodwork): five years parts and labor. Appliances are the standard
one year. If you glance upfront, this is a new Ascent. It has the driver seat that
turns around, so you can sit up here somewhat, along with the passenger. It’s
got the Mercedes nav system, so it’s got collision control, side impact, lane
change, all those are right from Mercedes-Benz. It’s got the Mercedes nav
system, so somebody riding shotgun can actually reach over and put a phone
number in and hit go. Of course it’s Bluetooth compatible. Power
windows and locks. Tilt cruise. There is a table that goes back here.
The table leg I put back in here. This is your privacy curtain right here, and I put the table leg
back there. When you get under 20 feet there are compromises. Want something
small? Now this has – hold your breath – this has a four cylinder, 7-speed transmission.
The big boys with five speeds, six cylinders, get about 22. This should run
around 25 to 26, and that’s pretty darn good for economy for an RV rolling down
the road. Catch these storage areas up on top. We have a screen that I will show
you a little bit more when we open the door. This rolls down (since its raining) this rolls down, and it attaches to a magnet so
the screen opens up, you walk out, and then it folds back in place. That’s a
very nice, very nice system. Here’s the main control panel as you walk in, with
all your different screens as I said, they’re in the back. And you can just
scroll through them. Light package, and then home base. And that’s what I showed you
back there too. So we’re done inside. Let’s hit the
disconnect, and we’ll pop out. So we were talking about the screen package, rolling
that down, it’s zipped into this, and this is how you get in and out there easily,
and it goes right back in place. We talked about the electrical awning, which
is operated from both control panels. Under 20 feet long.
Come on over here. So here’s your lithium battery.
This is a 200 lithium battery. It’s equal to six AGMs. Advantages: this
is rechargeable thousands of times, it’s much less in weight, and since
Pleasure-Way puts it inside, they don’t have to be concerned about really cold
weather kicking its butt. So this is going to work for you even on a cold day.
You have a release here to get out the door – if you’re inside that’s your
emergency exit. There’s a little storage up on top where this screen rolls down.
Trailer hitch. Wiring. Towing Rate: who’s got a guess? The guy in the back! 5 thousand
pounds – that’s correct! The same as a six cylinder…..go figure. Tankless
water heater, furnace, utility center, 110 cord, cable, city water, propane on and off.
Outdoor shower. And then this of course that little white thing there’s a tube for your hose, and there’s your dump with
your gray and your black handle. Easy to get to. Behind this door, is this door.
Your fuel is behind this door. Nobody’s going to get to it without unlocking this.
It’s safe. I know it was quick and sweet.
If you’ve got a question call the van guy. Local Phone Number: 541-554-9581 Appreciate it – Happy Holidays you


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