2018 Pleasure-Way Lexor TS Class B Camper Van Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2018 Pleasure-Way Lexor TS Class B Camper Van Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Howdy, Gary Christance. Welcome to the world-famous here in shiny Junction City, Oregon. What
a great day and what a great time to see a new product. 2018 Pleasure-Way Lexor.
Lexor on a dodge program chassis 6-cylinder front-wheel drive. Great
turning radius, visibility is astonishing. We’ll see you on the inside. Nice big side
entry door, gives you plenty of room to get in and out. It’s got a new screen
that does zip down it gives you protection from the bugs. If you kind of take a look
right over here it’s got a it’s got a brand new screen, nice big screen and
we’ll just turn the lights on that turns all the lights on in here you can change
the screens to different levels but let’s go back and see what that looks
like in the back. Nice queen size bed ultra foam memory leather is such a nice
comfortable sleep you won’t believe it. Come on over here, so right in here I
switch this screen for the vent controls for the fan, has the speed, has the awning
retract and extend. And here is for the bed so now I’m going to change it from a
twin bed into a sofa in the back with shoulder restraints on both sides and
just with a touch of a button you can move things back and forth and set it
from a bed into a seating area. Your solar panel controls right down here, I
want you to look at that. Next to that it’s electrical outlet. Winegard controls for your antenna, all
the power and stuff for your TV set, your DVD player. All LED lights throughout.
Great storage up above and of course I keep hitting my head I’m not supposed to
be standing up in the bedroom. Nice storage all the way across the back,
upgraded hinges, all your latches are positive. This shows better this way, huh?
Look at this, look at that storage all down there. Now don’t tell me you’re
missing outside storage because they put it on the inside and I unlike all
the other chassis so Mercedes and Dodge program they don’t like you cutting up
the body on the outside and make a little cubby holes and stuff so they
just put it all inside. Let’s switch from the entertainment
center to the cooking center. Now this one does have a lower mounted microwave/convection oven, plenty of room in here to do your baking
and stovetop up here. Corion countertop, recessed sink. Okay it’s a small unit
it’s got small sink, that’s how they work, how we’re rolling on okay? Electrical
outlet here got nice laid out drawers. All right
before you say anything it’s got a little hole in here right well you got
to take care of the plumbing so they rerouted all this to go around the
plumbing and still have a drawer. Glass is half full grasshopper. So we’re moving from the kitchen and you
saw the control panel on the end. One nice thing this unit has is a gargantuan
refrigerator for a small unit. You have a freezer up on top and that’s a good size
depth freezer. Tray panels you can raise up and down you can mix match take them out make stuff, it’s all up to you. So we’re gonna switch spots here really
quick I need to lead. All right bathroom, LED lights in the bathroom, yep this is
how you use it. Come in here, sit down you can take
your shower with your wand, you have a medicine cabinet right up here. There’s a
curtain, I know you’re looking at it. Here’s a curtain, you pull this all the
way around it goes down here on velcro, this drops down for privacy gets rid of
all the water getting to this but look you’re not going to stick that up there
and turn it on you’re gonna hold it in your hand so there’s not going to be a
lot of water floating around because this is for a quick shower. Nice storage
down below. Now let me show you this gargantuan closet, I say that
tongue-in-cheek because they made the door the same size proportional so your
closet space is right in here you got the board’s to make that into a monster
bed in the back, got a table in here to set up. It’s got your owners packet, table
leg and then down below you’ve got these drawers. Okay, so here’s the New Deal if you want this chair to turn around and be usable
we have an option that you can get from us. We can delete this closet area and
bring this back either leave the drawers or get rid of the drawers so there’s
enough room for this driver’s seat to turn around and yes then you tall people
can now fit in here and reclaim the seat back and have enough leg room. Because
this driving area is so nice this is still this interior up front is still
upgraded interior some manufacturers are downgrading their interiors. This
is still the upgraded interior, nice seats a lot of other Bluetooth and all
that other stuff all comes with. USB ports it’s got all the stuff in and it’s
a very nice unit. We covered the awning is controlled in
the back so it’s electric I think what we wanna do is turn off the disconnect
which kills the batteries and I’ll even show you the battery on the way. It’s easier to grab ahold of this slide
the door. Dodge ProRam is real sensitive if you really don’t close these it won’t
let you lock the unit so you got to make sure you with force you lock them. LED
light up above for your porch light, full-length awning which comes out a few
inches or eight feet. Water fill here you have your 110 outlet here if you’re
plugged in. It’s got a hitch here in the back. Backup cameras right up here and
this door goes all the way around so you can really open it up, don’t think I’m
going to get by that bike rack. So here’s your battery, this
is a lithium battery they put their unit inside so it’s not affected by the
weather and I know you’re gonna have a question on that and I’ll explain it to
you at the end I’ll give you my phone number and you can give me a call. Push
the button and down it comes but you do have storage here across the back. You do have a screen that comes down and zips in here and it tucks up right above
which makes it very nice. This is a gas unit. It’s got a gasoline 2800 watt Onan
generator, remote start switch inside. This is the vent for your lithium
battery. Nice big tires, furnace intake and exhaust. Tankless water heater vent
in service and vent for your refrigerator. Utility center,
quite simply 110 cord, city water, cable TV and this turns your propane on and
off for the inside of the unit. Outdoor shower we know what that is. Right down
in here this is gravity fed dump tank great black and then there’s your sewer
hose holder right there, very easy to get too. This runs on regular gasoline
but wait there’s more so the Dodge ProRam chassis is very unique in the
fact all the mirrors are controlled from the inside so you have your top mirror
and your bottom mirror all controls for both sides and you can hit another
switch and fold all your mirrors in so if you’re in a tight spot away they
go you don’t have to worry about somebody banging them. Yeah I know I’ve
went through a lot but just give the van guy a call. Call me direct at 541-554-9581 I’d be glad to talk to you.
Appreciate your time, have a good day.

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