2018 ROCKWOOD 8311WS Bunkhouse Travel Trailer RV Colorado Camper Dealer

hello folks and welcome to the great
outdoors RV company my name is Tom and today we’re going to going over the
Rockwood 83 11 WS so the 83 11 is actually going to be in
the signature ultralight family and what that signature means to you as far as
the you know the writing on the camper and what its gonna allow you to have on
this coach is well first of all we’re gonna notice the metal wrap that goes
around your awning so when you look fully and close that awning you’re gonna
have that metal wrap it’s gonna go around on top of that’s gonna protect it
from all the weathering and stuff that your cultural experience wouldn’t
sitting out in the open the other thing is you’re gonna notice the Jay wrap too
is gonna meet the underbelly so the Jay wrap is gonna come around and
give you a pretty much a flat surface underneath the underbelly here and then
of course you’re gonna have the day and night shades that we’re upgraded in the
Sigma shirt as well so the 83 11 is a bunkhouse model it’s got some cool
features that I’m going to point out to you just some of those features that
maybe you weren’t aware about that rock was offering and folks if you guys are
in the RV market I would really really recommend you guys checking out a rock
wood I truly believe that are the best built coaches in the RV business and I
think you would be doing yourself a disservice if you guys are looking for
an RV and you don’t go and check out an RV just to show the differences okay so
definitely do yourself a favor and check out rockwell before making that final
decision this is a t3 11 is gonna come with an outside kitchen you’ll notice it
will also come up with a 110 refrigerator you have the built-in
plumbed sink you’ll have a two burner stove out here this is this all this guy
does is slide back in and out of the tray so it’s an easy setup you’ll notice
that on on on the hinges as well they’re all magnetized on here so there’s no you
know plastic metal that’s our plastic piece on here it’s gonna wear out over
time one of the other things you’re also going to notice on the Rockwoods now is
they have these fold up steps and this is a to entry part this one actually
goes into the bathroom for the ingress egress but this little guy just folds
right on up and it locks into place and the way this
thing looks when the door is closed you get a nice cleaner look you don’t
have these steps up underneath here that will get all that road grime in that
rust that could occur on those steps so this is a much easier way to doing it
it’s a much cleaner look and it’s much sturdier going in and out of the coach
as well and you’ll have that on both entries you’ll have a double awning on
this coach of course it’s got the adjustable elbows and all my videos I
tell the folks why this is so important you can adjust the slopes on these
canvas so you can either block the Sun or shoo away the rain either way you
still comes with the outside grille you’ll still have a prep table now a lot
of the comments I was getting to is was you know the TV being above the outside
grille and I guess they move this one over just a little bit to avoid that so
that was an upgrade that they’ve done you’re gonna get a 6 gallon direct spark
ignition water heater both gas and electric you’re still gonna have a big
pull handle still gonna get the frameless windows on the Rockwood this
is really important because way more energy efficient than say a rubber
comment window like on this coach right here coming to the front of the coach
I’m being very careful to walk so because it’s icy here you’ll notice the
slam latch doors the coach is also going to come
pre-wired with solar panels I actually like having the solar panels on the side
just because you know you can you can hook it up here bring your solar panels
out in the Sun move those around throughout the course of the day to
where you’re getting maximum exposure not that there’s anything wrong with
solar panels on the roof but a lot of times when we go camping everybody wants
to find a shade tree okay and that’s where they want to park their campers
well you just don’t get the maximum exposure from the Sun by doing it that
way now on this signature 83 11 you’re also gonna get upgraded smart jack now
this is new to their series this year and basically what this thing does is
man there’s a lot of cool things that goes on with this jack but it’s a smart
jack all for nothing and it features Auto hot hich memory function auto
retract we turn easy-to-use backlight battery indicator alert so this thing
has been severely upgraded from last year’s model and it’s just going to give
you a little bit more easier of a function on this particular hitch okay
your freshwater tank is gonna be 43 gallons and both your gray and your
black are gonna be 45 gallons the dry weight on this coach is gonna be 80 to
60 and your GVWR and that’s with all of your gear onboard including your water
is gonna be nine thousand nine hundred and nine pounds one of the cool things
that I like about this 83 11 bunk house is the way that they have this outside
shower setup it’s located between the two slide outs and what’s really neat is
that you can actually put a shower curtain up here if you want to and kind
of get a small shower curtain and close yourself in here be able to take a
shower you’re also going to have your your wastewater holding tank and your
sewer outlet connection are also going to be located here as well
the rock hoods gonna provide you pretty wired for a backup camera so if you
wanted to utilize that feature that’s a great feature to have on the coach it’s
also provides you an access ladder so that you can get up onto your roof and
do all of your own maintenance all right come on inside we’ll show you some
features in here okay we’re in the kitchen of the 83 11
and you’ll notice how open and spacious this is now one of the things I like to
point out in this particular coach is that this has got a removable countertop
in this location set up at right now for additional space if you need it but then
it usually just comes right off once I adjust this leg here easily
removable and then you can store it anywhere that you like corian
countertops is what you’ll get in this signature you’ll also get the two bowl
stainless steel sink stainless steel faucet three burner stove with an oven
microwave and of course you’re also gonna get the wood paneling on the
refrigerator which provides you an 8 cubic foot refrigerator for you this
coach is also 100% LED equipped to include your outside lights so they’re
not gonna wear as much on your battery and they’re not gonna burn as hot either
so when you have your air conditioning unit on it’s not gonna fight with that
temperature you’ll have the u-shaped dinette you’ll also have a couch right
over here and both of these options will also turn into a bed for you too so if
you need additional sleeping area that will definitely take care of you and
your needs this coach has come equipped with three televisions you’ll have one
here one in the master bedroom and then one in the bunkhouse and I’ll show you
those here in a second but you’re also going to have your eye RV technologies
radio DVD CD player all located right here you have tons of cabinet space and
if you want to walk with me into the bedroom I’ll show you some features in
here your wardrobe is actually going to be on a slide out for you so you got a
lot of space to hang shirts and pants you’ll have cabinets above the bed and
of course the bed will raise and you have storage up underneath here as well
you’ll notice in the signatures as well you’re gonna actually have the day and
night shades that Rockwood is using this year it’s a nice touch
it’ll definitely help you control some of that sunlight this coach has a great
bathroom in here as well it’s got a separate door as we talked about for
ingress egress you can use it as a mudroom it’s got the enclosed shower Dometic foot flush toilet Formica
countertop sink and a medicine cabinet before I show you the bunk house I’m
gonna show you this pantry area here it’s got removable shelves and this
bunkhouse is also going to have a pocket door and then your notice you’ll get the
third TV to sleep with separate areas over here you’ll have a bunk situation
here and then this couch also will pull out into a double bed as well remember
with all rock woods to include the signatures and even my ultra lights
you’re gonna get a vacuum bonded all aluminum substructure so all four sides
of this coach is vacuum bonded to include the roof underneath you’re gonna
have 12-volt heat strips and then closed underbelly underbelly so it’s set up for
definitely that cold weather if you have any question on this particular coach
give me a call my number is 970.313.4337 or if an email works better for you my email is [email protected] hopefully i’ll be seeing you on my lot very soon

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