2018 Thor A.C.E. 30.3 Class A Motorhome • Guaranty.com
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2018 Thor A.C.E. 30.3 Class A Motorhome • Guaranty.com

Good Afternoon, welcome back to Guaranty RV Supercenter here in Junction City, Oregon. Today I’m going to be showing you the 2018 Thor A.C.E, this is a 30.3 model. Let’s go check it out inside, see how it
looks. We’re going to start back here in the bedroom, first thing I want to point
out is the big window in the back. A lot of RVs are going away from having that
window back there. You’ve got nice bed stands on both sides of the bed, walk
around queen bed. You’ve got access to your radio here on your right, speakers
above your bed, as well as reading lights, good storage on top. Now this has your
slide-out is your bed, and then you’ve got the full wardrobe over here on the
right. So, here, here, and then great drawer space, nice and deep. You’ve got a
television over here, more counter space here, a lot of my customers like to set
up their computer there and do work from home. So, it’s a great place to do that
because you’ve got your charging station right here, USB ports, there’s four of
them and you have your regular outlets, great, great area. Another drawer
underneath, they’re very deep. This is the rest room area, you’ve got the lavatory
on your right, storage, sink and your facilities there and then on the left
you have your shower area. Here in the kitchen, I love this kitchen,
you’ve got a great booth dinette. This one has really deep seating, I like to be
able to sit down and actually have room between me and the table in front of me,
this one I can fit behind really nicely, I really like it. You’ve got a two
refrigerator, freezer on top, fridge on the bottom, really nice size,
your microwave oven up here, three burner high-efficiency gas stove here, and then
your oven down below. Really good storage in this kitchen. So, these are very nice
and deep cabinets, I’m short I can’t reach all the stuff that I might be able
to fit back there, I’ll need a stool. TV is here on the elevator, comes up, goes
down when you don’t need it. But, look at all the counter space you have in front
of it, so you can prep your meals, wash your dishes, great big basin sink here,
tons of space. You’ve got a couch here, this turns into a jackknife sofa, nice
and easy, I can actually do it with one hand, just lift it up and out. More
storage on top here. Over here, you’ve got your cabover bunk, so this will slide out
for extra sleeping, it’s wonderful. These captains chairs turn around. You’ve got
automatic levelers on this, touch button radio, and backup cameras. This
unit also comes equipped with side view cameras and heated mirrors, it’s a
wonderful, wonderful thing to have on those cold nights and being able to see
on either side when you want to change lanes. That’s pretty much it for the
interior, it’s a wonderful color, wonderful layout, I really like this one.
Let’s go check out all the stuff this has on the outside. So the first thing
that I’ll draw your attention to, are going to be your frameless windows.
Wonderful thing to have are the frameless windows. This has a large awning which
has lights in it, so you’ve got a nice little hangout area. This is your outdoor
television and entertainment area, so you can hook your phone up through bluetooth on this system here, you’ve got storage bays underneath. Alright, this unit also
comes equipped with an outdoor kitchen, you’ve got a refrigerator, you’ve got a
sink, you’ve got plenty of drawer space for all those little things that
you want to do outside. The perfect unit for tailgating, put your awning out, get
the lights out, get your cold beer in the fridge, you’re set, you’re ready to go.
Come around back. Here, you’ve got your tow hitch, it’s ready to tow your vehicle.
Just let us know what you want to be towing and we’ll get it ready for you. Nice big deep storage here, here you’ve
got your 50 amp or 120 volts service there, all of your plumbing here, again
we’ve got more frameless windows going here, and this is with the Ford v10. Thank
you guys very much for joining me today, it’s been a pleasure. If you have any
questions on this unit or any of the other units that we’ve got here at
Guaranty RV Supercenter please give me a call. My name is Brandy Morgan I would
love to talk to you, thanks.

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