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2018 Thor Four Winds 31 Y Class C Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi guys Jeff Wilson with Guaranty RV
Super Centers and I’d like to present to you the Thor motor coach and the Four
Winds 31 Y. This is a 2018 model. Let’s take a look inside. Built-in a nice
overhead bed so if you’re bringing guests with the ladder hookup so easy up
and on and then that gets right back out of your way. And I like in the coach
here the way they’ve gone with the limited use of carpet. Lots of vinyl so
it’s gonna be easy to keep clean sweep it out instead of the vacuum cleaner. Good countertop space. They’ve done
really good on your double basin sink and the OneTouch easy to use faucet. Nice
solid surface countertops. Nice decorative backsplash they’ve added here
and done to the induction cooktop with the two burner cooktop as well so kind
of a new style that they’re adding giving you a little the best of both
worlds there. And then overhead to the convection microwave. So that’s a nice
large capacity convection. And then frigerator freezer to bring all the
goodies you’re going to need. And then back down here. So in your lounge area
you’ve got here the magic table so that’s easy up and down. And that’s gonna
make .. so move the cushions out of the way just put pressure on the table down. Real
easy to make your bed up get that back in and that’ll lock right back into
place. And then when you’re using this you know as the dinette area here it’s
easier to get in and out so you’re not banging your knees on any posts that are
down underneath. MCD roller blackout shade and then over
my back of my head here we got the TV and that’s got good viewing from here on
the sofa, so you can kick back. Comfortable watching TV or from the booth dinette as
well. All the windows even without the
nighttime privacy shade down or a dark tinted window so nobody can really look
in on see what you’re doing from the outside in. And then you’re ducted with
your air conditioner through the roof line and these are adjustable ducts so
that you can have more ductwork open towards the back of a coach or towards
the front of the coach wherever you want to keep it cooler just right. And then I
like the walk around queen back in the back so both of you have a way to get
around the bed and on and off. Good storage in the bedroom too. Nice for
hanging space here. With a couple little built-ins full extension drawers and then more overhead cabinetry. Up
above overhead we’ve got the fan vent. And then more storage over here to the
left side of the bed. So here in the potty area a nice big shower
nice big rectangular shower if you take a look in here. And then kind of a raised
base potty and that’s good that gives you a good room on both sides of the
potty. Plus the vanity and with the sink in the
bathroom area. A little bit of storage in here too some cabinetry for some
toiletries and maybe some room for some linens in here as well.
And then here if we look at the control panel one thing about this Class C
motorhome it’s kind of not you don’t see a lot of class Cs with it is the level
up system. So it’s got the automatic feature with the hydraulic level up and
easy to use. Push button start generator and then your thermostat controlled
air-conditioning and furnace. So easy to use everything right there. Little step
down to this coach from the bedroom area down. And then your cockpit area so
cockpit areas your HDMI cable connector USB charger and then full backup camera. Power windows of course power door locks. Tilt steering column and easy cruise
control plus they’ve done a really nice finish on the passenger chair and the
captain’s chair both. On the way out notice very sturdy entry assist handles
and then your on/off battery disconnect so as that we’re not coming back to the
coach with the dead battery. Let’s just take a step back and take a peek here. The side of the coach full body paint so
it has a really really nice look and with the flush mount privacy windows
really stands out as classy. Back to the back here we’ve got an outside TV so if
you want to use it for a little bit of tailgating you’re good right there. With
nice speakers for watching the TV. And then for storage a great big storage
area access from three sides with an outside table that you can take out and
use in camp outside. So full-on power awning easy to use with an LED light
strip at the side of the coach and that’s going to be great if you have a
couple of camp chairs you want to set up and good good coverage on that big
length awning. Take around the other side. The slide-out here covered with the
slide-out topper so when you get done at camp you don’t have to sweep that off
bring that slide in and the debris is just going to roll right off and that
will give you a little bit more protection from the water as well. So
outside shower and they’ve gone to a tankless hot water system. So easy to use
and plenty of plenty of water supply never-ending hot water. And that is just a very very
good-looking coach. Nice full front cap full body paint. Again this is a 2018 Four
Winds and a 31 Y. Got a lot of the other coaches available similar to this one
right here. If you’re interested please give us a call here at Guaranty RV Super
Centers. I’d be happy to help you out myself. Just give me a call at the number

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