2018 Thor Vegas 25.2 Class A Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2018 Thor Vegas 25.2 Class A Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com

I’m Roger with Guaranty, today we’re in
Grand Ron’s here at Mountain Casino doing in RV show and today we’re gonna
be looking at the 25.2 Vegas. This is about 25 feet long, it’s a 2018 model,
a really nice floor plan, I like this floorplan, let’s take a look at the
outside. We’ve got the Velvac mirrors with the side cameras built in, so when
you turn on your turn signal it’s going to show you everything down the side of
the coach. A lot of great storage, love this feature, the outside TV, great
for making memories with the grandchildren or getting out of the
house to watch the game, we’ve got the armless electric awning on top, so you’re
not going to be walking into the arms. Another great storage area, it’s got a
tunnel that goes all the way through here, there’s some more of that storage, we’ve
got one slide out that goes out the back, so it drives like a 25, it lives like a
30. We’ve got our tow hitch in the back here, this one’s rated for 8,000 pounds
but you do have to do the math to find out exactly how much you can tow with
this vehicle, the way you load it. Turn the back, we’ve got our Onan 4000
watt micro quiet generator, access to our holding tanks for our
wastewater, tankless water heater, very quick
recovery, our outside shower, our two freshwater
connections. Well that’s our propane tank, you’ll have
to trust me on that one, another compartment with our electrical
connections, let’s go inside and take a look at this.
This coach is only 94 inches wide so it’s narrower that a lot of coaches,
makes it easy to park it, drive it, use it, get in and out of the RV parks. Short
coach but it sleeps a lot, in the front we’ve got a drop-down bedm works
electronically, our Ford dash system, this is gonna have the the six-speed
transmission with the tow haul option, so if you are hauling something heavy it’ll
do it quite nicely. Sinners are our camera system and our cabinetry is all
the laminate cabinets, really nice European design, love these door holds,
they just work really well. So it’s kind of a lot of storage for a short coach,
nice counter space, one big round sink, our stovetop,
we’ve got our convection microwave, nice and low, easy to get to, you’re not trying
to take something out overhead. A lot of storage throughout, big fridge for a
little coach, and our bathroom. And this is gonna have a sliding privacy door and
it latches open and closed. On this side, we’ve got a pretty decent sized closet and in back, we’ve got our bedroom. You know, we all carry cellphones now that use USB charging and the Thor corporation has
put in a four-point USB charging system and am/fm radio with alarm clock,
queen-size bed and we’ve got our heat and cooling controls here, right
underneath our bedroom TV. It’s a really quick overview of the 25.2 Vegas by Thor
Corporation. I’m Roger with Guaranty here in beautiful Spirit Mountain Casino,
thank you, have a nice day.

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