2018 Unity Corner Bed
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2018 Unity Corner Bed

Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. Today we’re gonna have a look at the brand-new 2018 Unity Corner Bed. You were going to love this floorplan if you want lots of exterior storage, lots of interior storage,
expandability, sleeping for up to four people with four seatbelts; this is the
motorhome for you. 25 feet 1″ long under 10’6″ in height and only 7’10”
wide. Look how much room we have in it right now. We can walk from front to back.
I can get to the refrigerator, bathroom, bedroom. Now have a look at this. With the
push of a button, boom. Out goes the slide-out. Dinette slide-out. This is the
optional U-Lounge. We also have a standard booth dinette area which has
two seatbelts in it. Look how much room you have. Wow. How great is this? So this
Unity Corner Bed is featured with the optional U-Lounge and you can see how
much room I have here. Probably dinner for three or four people. We have one
seat belt back here. This has the brand new Coal Ultraleather. We have three
different colors of Ultraleather; Pebble, Fog and of course the brand-new Coal.
Looks great with the beautiful maple wood and of course we have the optional
Fenix White Upper cabinets. They look great. We actually have a new option for
2018 where we do the dark Fenix upper cabinets. It looks great as well.
Standard on all the Unitys for a 2018, we’ve got rope lighting up above in the
cabinets and of course we’ve got LED lights right here. Also, the U-Lounge
will make into a bed area as well in case you have a guest that you want to
sleep overnight. Let me show you how easy that is. Table drops down, lock in the
table and then we just move our cushions across make him to a bed area. How’s that
for a bed? I’m well over 6 feet with my shoes on, you can see I can fit in here on this
outside part. You can also sleep kiddy corner. I like that as well.
In case you need to sleep a third person. Interior storage is very important, as
you can see we’ve got a nice new handle system on our cabinets. It’s kind of a
full handle lock system. Easy to open and close. We’ve got soft close on them and
of course, look how deep these cabinets are. Well over 12 inches deep. You can see
how they just lock in place. Of course European hinges. Looks fantastic. New for 2018, we’ve got a brand new valence here. It’s kind of nice,
we’ve got our daytime shade you can see here. We’ve got a shade holder built
right in to the window, which is great. So that’ll hold it in place that way you
can have your windows open and the blinds aren’t going to blow out
of the way. We also have the daytime shade once, again you can lock it right
in place and of course we’ve got our awning-style window. So they open up. That means that you can have the windows open, you can have lots of
ventilation. You don’t have to worry if it’s raining outside. You can still get lots of
fresh air. We’ve got USB plug connections here and 110 outlet plugs over here for
plugging in all of your electronics. I love how the two chairs turn and swivel
in to the living room area. You can also get an optional table here if you want a
little coffee table that comes up and down. Above here, we’ve got the
beautiful maple wood. We do maple, we do the Cherry stain and also the Espresso
stain. Of course, we have our Glamor packages. So I love these doors. They pop open. Look at this. Lots more storage here, here, and here. An optional safe goes up
here. The European hidden hinges look fantastic. I love how they all lock in
place. So right now, we’re kind of dry camping. We have no electrical power,
so we’re running a 1000 watt inverter but you can see we’ve got our solar panels
are bringing in that beautiful California Sun. We have two solar panel
options; we can have 200 watts or 400 watts. So if you’re a serious dry camper, you might want to have the 400 watt option on the solar panels. Another great
option for 2018 is we have a Wi-Fi booster with 4G capability, which is a great
little option to have. So for 2018, this is the new standard cabinet on the Unity
Corner Bed. Of course, we’ve got our beautiful hanging closet. I love that.
This is very smart; shoe storage, right? If you put your shoes here, you’re gonna
fall and trip. Put your shoes in here. Look at that. Out of the way. We’ve got
our beautiful TV and we’ve added a swivel to it, now so you can watch the TV
and a couple different angles. I love that. Up above, we’ve got our TV switcher.
So you can watch a movie up here, TV back there, movie back, there TV up here, and of
course we have a beautiful satellite option brand-new the t4 Winegard
Satellite Dish, which does Dish, DirectTV, and Bell. You can order that right from
the factory. We have our built in screen door, so I can have lots of fresh
air coming in the motorhome. And this too – a couple little coat hangers
when you come in to hang your jackets. And look at this. Lots of deep storage
back behind the TV area. That is smart. We also have our entertainment system;
so this does AM/FM, CD player, DVD player, watch your favorite movie on both TVs
front and back, and of course we’ve got Bluetooth streaming Bluetooth. It also
has a USB and an auxiliary. Plus, Jensen also has an app, so you can run it off of
your mobile device. So let’s have a look way up on the roof here. Of course we’ve
got two speakers up front and we’ve added two more speakers at the back on
the Unity Corner Bed. And of course, we’ve got ducted air conditioning through the
entire roof. And we duct air conditioning from front to back. 15,000 BTU air conditioner with a heat pump I might add. Our opening skylight. Woah, there
it is. The beautiful California Sun. Where we come from, we have a few mosquitoes and flies. That prevents that. I can still have lots of fresh air, and if it’s super
hot, we can have air coming in and we can have no sunlight which is kind of nice.
Or, have or if you’re a little finicky, you can go half and half. LED lights
throughout and of course they’re on a dimmer switch so that’s a great little
feature. Plus, look at this 6’5″ interior height. Not too many 25 ft
motorhomes have that interior height. and of course, that is one solid roof.
That’s a full fiberglass flex roof. It expands and contracts with heat and cold. We have almost 5″ thick of insulation in here, and of course it’s
super strong. It’s a vacuum bonded roof. And it’s a one-piece roof front to back.
So as you come into the motorhome, fire extinguisher for safety which is great.
Brand new Ultraleather handle wrap. That looks great. When you’re coming in and
out. This is your breaker box for your motorhome; all your breaker switches and
of course, we got all our our light switches here. These are outside storage lights, when
the red lights on, that means my outside storage lights are on. And of course, we
have a new feature. Look way up there. We’ve got built-in LED lights in the
cabinet. That’s standard for 2018. Our switch for our step and our
outside light switch. Hey, let’s have a look at the galley area. Of course, all
those chefs on the Chef’s Table would be envious of a galley like this, in a 25
ft motorhome! Look at this beautiful, solid Corian countertop. This is our our
White countertop and we also have our Lava Rock grey countertop. Every galley
needs a little storage. Look at this. Beautiful pot and pan storage drawer,
pullout drawers, and of course all done with solid wood. And they’re full drawer
extension glides with a 10-pound lock on the back. So when you’re driving down the
road, they’re not going to fall open. Nice little place here for your rags.
Beautiful curved door, and of course we’ve got our Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater. Easy access to that. And easy access to our water pump
right underneath here. You’re gonna like this – beautiful. Two burner stove with a
built in splash guard here that fires right up. Super hot. Never have the stove
on with the cover down, because you’ll shatter the glass. Lots of counter space!
And of course, we’ve got our sink cover which can serve as more counter space.
Take it out look at this. Beautiful, big deep stainless steel sink. A little
bigger for 2018. Of course we’ve got our chrome faucets. I love the beautiful big
picture window looking out. And of course awning-style windows. We have our
daytime and our nighttime shade, so it’ll hold the shade down and you can have the
window open. Nice, beautiful stainless steel backsplash. Inverted 110 plug here.
And of course, we’ve got our accessory channel. Then we look way up here, we’ve got our beautiful upper cabinets. We go double stacking on this side. And look how deep they are. This is very important. Take the microwave plate, which is way
bigger than a dinner plate, and look at this. Fits flush! Soft close doors. Also, you can take the plate and you can fit it in other cabinets and it fits solid.
We’ve gone to a very clean look. You can’t see any of the hardware, you can’t
see any of the handles. Of course, European hinges. This has got the
optional Glamour Package in the White or you can also do the grey Fenix uppers.
And of course, solid wood cabinets. Over here, we’ve got our
residential style thermostat for your air conditioner, your heat pump, your fans
in your air conditioner. And of course on your furnace. And just like a house
thermostat, set the temperature and you will have it. Storage area up above here.
And of course look at this. A Leisure Travel Van pull out pantry. Great to have a nice big pantry right there. Over on the other side, of course we’ve
a convection microwave and we’ve also got our three-way fridge. So this is very
important. Our stove runs propane, our refrigerator will run three ways, so
it’ll run propane, it’ll run 110 power off the batteries, or off the alternator
when you’re driving down the road. It also runs on 110 power so we’re not
limited to one source of power. It’s important to have multiple sources of
power running different things in a motor home. So as we work our way back, of course we got a second hanging closet. Nice big deep hanging closet, and of
course some more storage drawers. Look at that. Full extension glides, solid wood. Oh, I love how they lock in place. And look at this! More storage down here. And now, this is a bathroom. This is a dry bath. 3-piece bathroom. Look at this, a nice
big stand-up shower. Nice little shower door. And of course, for 2018 we’ve built in all the accessories into the wall so I
have my shower head, I’ve got my soap and another nice little feature we’ve done
for 2018, we put an on/off switch on the showerhead. So you can wet yourself down, lather up, turn off the water and then rinse off. Beautiful big skylight and
once again, I’m 6’2″ for sure with my shoes on and look at this. I can barely
touch the top! So probably 6’5″ to the top here. And of course built-in
dental floss dispenser… well not exactly. But you can hang your wet towels or your
bathing suits on here let them drip dry while you’re driving down the road.
Nice little safety feature. We’ve got a nice big handle here for getting in and out.
LED light. This is a great bathroom. Look at this beautiful. Little sink over
here, chrome faucet. Corian countertop. And of course, full
water filtration back in here. Lots of storage area. Medicine cabinet up above
here. And of course, a place to hang your towels. We have a nice little dressing
mirror here and you can see that Jenny Craig still needs a little more work. We do have a Leisure Travel Vans store you can buy LTV clothing.
A great little vanity area here. Also, we’ve got a water pump switch, so if you forget
to turn on your main water at night, you can turn the water switch on right here.
That’s a smart little feature. That’s new for 2018. 110 plug right here. And of
course, we have our beautiful China toilet. And of course we have our water for the toilet. LED lights in the ceiling Of course we have our fantastic fans. We have a great option, we can do Fantastic Fans with rain sensors, so
that will automatically close if it starts to rain. That’s a nice little
feature to have. Look at this. Big, beautiful bed back here. Of course 76″ long and just around 53″ wide. And look at this storage. If you
have extra bedding. Easy access into our water tank, which is below the bed. I love
that. And look how beautiful these are all made in our factory. All of our bed
spreads. These are all surge stitched together but anybody who knows anything about stitching. The reason we surge stich is they’ll never fray apart. And look at
this nice beautiful Ultraleather headboard. Look at much room you have.
Super comfortable foam mattress. I mean, once again, I’m a pretty tall guy. I’m
well over 6’1″ without the shoes. Look at this; I can fit right here there’s still
room. Look at this. I can still move back. Put my pillow. Lots of room for two
people of course, our beautiful cabinets. Look at these upper cabinets.
Wow. European hinges. Look at this. Soft close and of course we have our awning-style window. Emergency escape on this side. Of course our built in shades
with the locks built-in so nighttime and of course daytime. We also have a TV which is standard in the bedroom area. My favorite show; Planet Earth II
is on. And that’s standard for 2018. Speakers, LED lights, of course we have
dimmer switches on the lights. Very nice. I also like this little area. I’ve got a
little built-in shelf in here for putting my phone or wallet. Anything
you want to keep right there. Or our sleep apnea machine, because I’ve got an
inverted 110 plug that I can plug into. It also has a USB plug for charging your
phones. There’s two of them here. And of course we’ve got our built-in LED lights
in the cabinets; they look fantastic for mood lighting. mm-hmm! I love how the
driver and passenger seats turn and swivel and face into the motorhome. They
become part of the living space, which is very important in a 25′
motorhome. It creates more seating area. Easy to watch T, and it’s just
comfortable to sit in and relax, reading. Optional table goes up front. Of course
beautiful Ultraleather. That’s a synthetic man-made leather. French
stitching throughout. It’s super comfortable. Another really important
feature that we order on all of our Leisure Travel Vans built on the Mercedes-Benz chassis is the Mercedes-Benz swivel bases. They’ve been crash tested.
The part part that we love about them is look how easy they are to swivel. Hello! You’ll never find an easier swivel in
your life. Okay, we’re in the front cockpit area on the Mercedes-Benz 3500
series cutaway chassis. We’ve got a tilt steering wheel, and telescopic
steering wheel, and of course cruise control. We have the multifunctional
steering wheel, we have the instrument cluster with the pixel matrix display, we
have heated and power adjustable side mirrors, we have the windshield with the
filter band, we have the overhead control center with two reading lights. This is
our control center for our front collision impact Assist Lane Assist. We
run a curtain that comes all the way around for privacy at nighttime that’s a
great little feature to have. We also have optional Cab Privacy Blinds. Easy to
move from the cab area back into the house area. Great little storage areas.
We’ve got a five speed automatic transmission and you can move this
transmission up and down when you’re driving if you’re climbing the hill you
can drop it a gear you can drop it down two gears drop it down three gears so
that you can pick up some speed we’re going down the road so lots of power can
tow up to 5,000 pounds of course we’ve got our Bluetooth for our telephone
which is important. We’ve got streaming Bluetooth. We’ve got the Mercedes-Benz
navigation system with the Becker system that’s all built in. We turn it on, turn
it over to the camera area, and if I have a towed vehicle when I’m driving
down the road, I can see exactly what’s behind me. So nice little safety feature
there. All the Mercedes-Benz chassis have the climate control system right here
for air conditioning, and a little place here to hold papers or maps
in place. All of our LTV units come with a an Exclusive Roadside Assistance
Program for technical support, roadside assistance, towing, tire assistance,
delivery of fuel, emergency fluids, locksmith, lockout service, jump-starts, RV
mobile mechanic, a dealer locator, assistance and a concierge service as
well. That comes free for the first 2 years. It’s a 1-800 number for anytime
you have any problems at all with your Leisure motorhome. We’ve got some premium Mercedes-Benz upgrades that we put in all of our Mercedes-Benz chassis; we have
front fog lights, we have light and rain sensors, collision prevention assist,
Lane Assist, high beam assists, we have a chrome front
grille, and of course we have the Bi-Xeon headlight package with the headlamp
washing system, and of course always the Mercedes-Benz swivel base. This is one
great motorhome. If you need to store lots of exterior storage, lots of
interior storage, you may have to sleep two people, three people, or with a
standard booth up to four people ,with seat belts on the Unity Corner Bed. Of
course, you have this great big garage-style storage area. Man, I think I could fit myself in there when I’m a bad boy! This would be the doghouse as well. So
when you order the optional U-Lounge on a Unity Corner Bed, you get additional
exterior storage. So great for lawn chairs or anything that you need to
store right here. Easy access. We’ve got a built in strut on it so the door holds up.
If you’re looking for a small motorhome, 25 ft long, the Unity Corner Bed
is for you. Beautiful. Distinct exterior styling. Nothing else looks like a Unity. Private bathroom, stand-up shower, beautiful bed area, you can sleep up to
4 people. 4 people will seat belts. (depending on how you option the model).
Great exterior storage, lots of interior storage, big galley. So you have to go and
see one of from your nearest Leisure Travel Vans dealer because you are absolutely going
to love it! Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. I’m going RVing.


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