2018 Winnebago Sunstar LX 27 N Class A Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2018 Winnebago Sunstar LX 27 N Class A Motorhome Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Greeting the ladies and gentlemen and
welcome to Guaranty RV Supercenter in Junction City, Oregon. My name is Erik Sakshaug and today I’ve got something extra special for you. This is a brand
new 2018 Winnebago Sunstar LX 27 N. There is a whole lot to see about this coach come on in let’s have a look around. Right, so starting in the back of the 27 N
LX Sunstar you’ve got a queen-size bed as
you would expect but check out the size of that wardrobe. Is that just too good
or what? That is on both sides, you can actually get two or three seasons worth
of clothes in there no worries if you’re a couple you can probably get your whole
wardrobe in this coach, I’ll show you more in a minute. You’ve got 110 power
over here, you’ve got a nice big platform here for a nightstand. We’ve also got
another big platform right over there as a nightstand as well. You’ve got extra
shirt closets up above and on both sides. And then from over here here’s
that extra storage just check this out we got two banks a dresser drawers here
and these are all solid wood designs this is plywood for the side solid wood
for the front these are on full ball bearing slides, great for durability.
Plus this extra space up here which can be used for a multitude of things. You
got a TV up here as well that’s perfectly angled for the bed. You’ve also
got a nice big emergency exit window shouldn’t anything go wrong god forbid
but easy to get out of that not one of those little tiny ones. As we work our
way forward check out the bathroom. There’s a little difference between a
Sun star LX and just a standard Sunstar, you get a huge shower in here and just
check out all the space that I have to move about plus you’ve actually got a
space to sit which can be quite convenient for a lot of folks. You’ve got
lots of space in here, you’ve got storage up above no problems there makes for a
huge medicine cabinet. As we work our way out into the rest of the coach let’s
start talking about the kitchen. Check out these two huge pantries that’s
enough stuff there that you could use this one as a pantry and this one for
like a linen closet or something like that or vice versa
you’ve just got a huge amount of space in here, definite A+ for Winnebagos
engineering team. Standard two door
refrigerator that’s a gas/electric unit. You’ve now got a fully equipped kitchen
you even got a residential style convection/microwave in here. You got a
three burner gas cooktop and the advantage of that is that now you get
two gigantic drawers here for pots and pans. Again big A+ for Winnebago
and their forward thinking on this. You’ve got a nice big overhead up there
for plates also lots of storage for cups, huge amount of workspace here and check out the 110 plug. It’s actually positioned where you don’t have to reach
up above and try and cram your way underneath to try and find it
they actually have got it perfect, you got a nice space back there for the coffee pot
or for the toaster or whatever you happen to be using. You got a nice double
basin stainless steel sink that’s nice and deep you can get your cast-iron pans
in there and all kinds of stuff. And this of course is a fixed island, it’s gonna
stay put and the slide when it comes in is going to cover that go all the way
into that faucet. As we go forward another little difference you’ve got a
huge TV right there you’ve still got storage up above but check this out. In
most of the other entry-level coaches that you see you’re gonna see that post
sticking down or at least you do and most of the standard Sunstars. Now
that’s gone you’ve actually got a real simple mechanism for dropping this down
and again check out how much space I’ve got there. Again I’m 5 foot 9 I’m 200
pounds and there’s just a lot of space in here you don’t have to worry about
banging your knee into a bar or anything like that, makes it for a lot of good
comfort for you and your family. As we swing around into the cab one thing
we’re now on an f53 chassis so this is going to feature a 6.8 liter Triton v10
engine. This is also going to have hydraulic leveling jacks as well, all you
have to do is push that button that says auto and it’s a done deal. This is going
to feature a six-speed transmission and you’re also going to be featuring this
guy here, it’s gonna have mirroring technology in attendence some of us a
little bit different that a lot of folks in the industry are starting to go
towards basically all you have to do instead of you know downloading an
update for a GPS system then plug in your flash drive into this all you got
to do is plug your cell phone into this and this will mirror everything that
your cell phone is doing so everybody Google Maps now and this actually has a
touchscreen so you can use Google Maps on this no worries and Google Maps will
still talk to you. Up front here we’ve got a nice little workstation that is of
course is going to feature a USB power and 12 volt power as well so you can
work on your laptop or you know charge up your cell phone anything like that as
you’re going down the road, make your friends jealous of the wonderful trips
you’re taking all that fun stuff. Plus on a Sunstar LX with these two seats are
rotating around 180 degrees this one actually becomes a very handy recliner
perfect for when you’re going down the road but also perfect for when you’re
wanting to enjoy the big game, right. Ladies and gentlemen that does it for
the inside of this coach let’s go have a look at the wonderful exterior. So now on
the Sunstar LX standard is going to be the side view cameras and those are
built into the mirrors so that’s another wonderful feature. Also as you can see
this is full body paint it’s another standard feature on the LX
models and then from there you also get this little window everybody says that
that’s for the dog but in reality it’s the only one blind spot that you really
can’t see when you’ve got the cameras perched up here so Winnebago’s got
that covered. forward-thinking in terms of the safety. As we work our way around
the side just check out the storage that we’ve got in this coach worth noting you
can park yourself right in there and you can see my hand from the other side and
that does of course go all the way through.
You’ve got probless tanks as you can see in there, make it real easy and great
for longevity and durability. We’ve also got your outdoor entertainment system
here as well that is going to feature the TV got the speaker’s built-in on the
outside as well. As we work our way around one of the crown jewels of this
27 LX is going to be this as you can see this is a huge storage Bay you can get
all kinds of stuff in here lots of golf club you can get surfboards
in here you can get portable rafts you name it just lots and lots of stuff that
you can do. The other thing about this these aren’t just your standard rotocast
containers that’s right these are all sheet metal
bottoms so these going to be very durable over time. We work our way around the back rear view camera as you would expect, you’ve also got a very sturdy
ladder built into this you can get Andre the Giant up that maybe who knows very
sturdy nonetheless as you would expect from Winnebago. One around here this is
the other end of that massive storage cabinet that we just showed you and then
let’s just talk about real quick how simple part of the wet bay is. You got
your tank drainage in there that’s a one question everybody has to ask and you’ll
note that gray and black are color coded perfectly. Ladies and gentlemen that’s
about all the time we have to talk about this beautiful 2018 Sunstar LX 27 N.
Once again my name is Erik Sakshaug, if you have any questions on this coach or
any of the other wonderful coaches we have here, please give me a call the 800
number below on the screen. Or if you want feel free to contact me directly on
my cell phone. My cell number is 541-513-3171. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and please remember we’re always
here to help.

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