2019 Axis® RUV™ From Thor Motor Coach – RVs with the Best of a Class A Motorhome & an SUV
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2019 Axis® RUV™ From Thor Motor Coach – RVs with the Best of a Class A Motorhome & an SUV

Remember your favorite place? When did it turn into everyone’s “go to
“spot? Set out to find a new favorite in the 2019
Axis from Thor Motor Coach. There’s no telling where you’ll end up
in an RUV… Which is why Thor Motor Coach equipped the
AXIS with everything you need for great adventures. You feel it when you get behind the wheel…. And ease on the gas…. Nice isn’t it… that’s the Triton V-10…
with 305 HP…420 pound feet of Torque. Tied to an 8 thousand pound hitch… and it
all rides on a custom MoreRyde foundation… No boring drives here… with a touchscreen
infotainment center with Bluetooth connectivity… and navigation… a flip down workstation
with 110 and 12 volt outlets…. These seats are more than a great place to
sit as you find new destinations… they spin around and deliver space to unwind so you
can plan out what to explore first. Setting up camp is as easy as using your smartphone
or tablet. The multiplex wiring system is at your command…
for power, checking your tank levels, HVAC controls, setting the auto gen start for your
gas generator and keeping it all on the level with the optional stabilizing jacks… you’ll
also find labeled, easy to read remote switches… and while we’re talking tech.. The Axis is solar ready… All you need to do is add your panels. The Axis offers floorplans that offer a dinette….and
a pedestal table. Both are minutes away from being made into
comfortable places to rest up for your next adventure….. Or catch up on sleep in the overhead bunk…
standard on every Axis. Fuel up in the kitchen… with a great setup…
a Single Burner Gas Cooktop teams up with this Single Burner Induction Cooktop. You also have a double door fridge… convection
microwave…. And a Flip up counter top extension. Keep whatever you need close at hand in the
large euro style cabinets Some nights you feel like staying in… so
you’ll find a TV with blue ray player… in the living area and a TV in the bedroom. While we’re in the Bedroom… you’ll love
these options…some floorplans features this flip up queen mattress… or choose this twin
to king conversion… All bedrooms come standard with a 12V Outlet
for a CPAP Machine… In the bathroom… your Shower with skylight
and stainless steel sink… and the siphon 360 means your powder room is always fresh On the exterior… yes its looks that kill…
but you’’ll also find a Power patio with LED lighting… a television on swivel with
Bluetooth enabled sound bar… You can’t miss the large pass through storage
bays….they’ll hold everything you need to take with you the next time you visit…
your new favorite spot. Find the Axis floor plan made to fit you at
Thor motor coach. Com


  • Scott N

    You want to do yourself a favor try making an entegra under 35 ft. I am down to a tiffin, entegra or newmar, but want something in the 35ft range . I love the design of entegras but you don't seem to realize people who want smaller doesn't mean they cant afford "luxury" rvs.

  • Noiz

    You boast about 305hp and 420 torque like it’s a lot we’ll it isn’t…these things are super heavy. You might as well use the 3.5 echoboost that comes on the Raptor with 450/hp and 500 torque.

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