2019 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 264 BHW Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com
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2019 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 264 BHW Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Hi folks, thank you for
spending some time with me today on this video presentation of this new 2019 Jayco 264 and it is a bunkhouse model without a slide-out, it’s one of the most common,
most popular, non slides in that twenty six foot size that gives you a separate
sitting area, a separate dining area, two nice big beds in the back, good-sized
bathroom area, and of course, a full walk around bed up front. We’ll start on the
inside and we’ll finish up on the outside. On the new 19’s here for Jayco,
they’re just kind of rolling in, so we’re getting better ideas on kind of
how they’re making some changes but essentially a little bit of color
differences inside, some of the little different fabrics, one of the big ones i
do like on the counters now, kind of really, really nice look to it, more like
a granite type style and it’s, you know, it doesn’t have any seams on that
edge of it here too, which I like really well. So I liked what they’ve done there
with the counters. This model, again, being a bunkhouse model with a walk around bed, having a separate sitting and dining area, both that can be made into optional
beds as well and you do have the back area here, showing you, of course, both
bunk areas with these nice padded, nice comfortable sleeping mattresses here.
You’ve got an emergency escape window up there and some additional lighting up
there with some curtains that swing across here that will give you some
privacy for those those that are sleeping and going to bed earlier. If we
look in the bathroom, you’ll see that we have a nice tub shower in there, a big
light, you’ve got a foot pedal flush toilet, and, you know, plenty of room
inside the bathroom and lots of natural light, you’re seeing that on the kind of
cloudy day. Also, the sink right here, of course, when you come out, you’ll have
your medicine cabinet and your sink there to wash up. So if anybody wanted to
be brushing their teeth while somebody was showering, using the toilet, it gives
you that versatility versus sometimes where you have a bathroom where they’re
all contained in one, this makes it a little more versatile that way. This also
has a larger refrigerator with the Jayco on the rocky mountain addition that this
particular trailer I believe has, is going to give you a larger 8 cubic foot, which is
also really nice too for having more storage area in there, which we really
like to have, can’t get enough right? So that’s nice there. You do have your three
burner stove top and your oven, microwave over here and again, this is a split 50-50 sink but it does have a nice depth to it and you have your pulldown faucet
that we have with a single lever, which is really nice as well too. A little
storage overhead here, that you got, and then you also end up having it over on
this side, additional storage too. They do have nice cabinet, so it’s still kind of
have that rich look to them, kind of more of a darker color expresso, really nice
mortise-and-tenon cabinet joins on those. Your TV here that you’re gonna be able
to work with that entertainment center so you can put a DVD in there, watch a
movie, as you see fit or listen to some music through that as well too.
Let me go over into, from the main living area over into the front master
bedroom. You do have, for the most part, it’s private, does have a more open feel
by having more of a half wall here, so you get into a kind of more open area
there if you need to, you have nightstands on both sides of the bed and
you have some soft storage area that you can put some things up here, does have
little LED lights for map lights there, for reading lights, and you do end up
having your hanging closets on both sides here, as well as dark shades for in
the bed area and, I believe, living now to also still has that that area for
privacy, so it’s nice to have that. There’ll be a little storage underneath
the bed here, I believe, that lifts up to, so you have that, give you storage all
the way through the pass-through, as well as access from inside here, so it’s
real nice storage. So we’ll go ahead and head on the outside and show you a few
of those features too as well. Jayco has been around for a long time, probably
about 52 years, and about as long as Guaranty has and they have started to
go along with the Goodyear Tire brand, which is nice for national warranty when
you’re traveling and stuff, so that’s something that they kind of have more
recently. This option right here is the Baja Edition and the Baja Edition is
going to have the bigger, larger tires and wheels and again Goodyear. You’re
also going to end up having a larger freshwater tank and you do have a
larger propane tanks up front as well, we’ll show you some of those things. This
is an outside storage area that’s underneath that lower bed, you see
how deep that is ,so it gives you lots of storage there. You do end up having, while we’re on this patio side here, if you kind of can look
and see, we do have a nice power awning that also ends up having the speakers,
which I believe, hold on a second here, and I believe they might be incorporated
this year in the awnings, so just to further investigate on that I
will but course the number at the end of this video, you can call me, I can confirm
that information for you if you want, but I believe it does have speakers built in.
So you’ve got your grab assist handle, we pointed out as well too by the
main door. As you come along towards the back end here, you are gonna have a nice
ladder which, surprisingly, some companies don’t do that, it’s nice to have that
ladder for access up at the top if you need to. At Guaranty here, we do free
roof inspections twice a year for our customers if needed, so that’s nice to
know. You also have the spare tire on this
particular floor plan and model, you do have easy access to your black and gray
outlet right here, it’s really easy to get to, it’s nice to have, outside showers,
it does have a black tank flush, which is nice to have for helping to
flush that sewer tank out. You do have your power supply here and your city
water connection. We do have a pass-through, we showed part of that, you kind of get an idea there how open that is all the way through,
nice tall opening doors and easy access to get inside there. When you come along
to the front, I mentioned to you, you have larger propane tanks, again, this
particular floor plan does come with a more standard tires and wheels and the
five gallon tanks on there instead of the sevens, so you do end up having some differences there, we can discuss if you want to give me a call at that phone
number you see at the end of the video. Again, my name’s Tom Peterson, I’ll be
able to answer those questions for you and just write them down and give me a
call, I would love to help. You have diamond plate that does run along this
lower portion and then the rest of that more traditional front end on these lend
a little more headroom inside that bed area instead of some of the real sharp
curved coaches and trailers do end up having a little bit of restriction
sometimes for headroom inside that area. You do have a power tongue jack option
on here which is nice to have, that lighted with an LED light and in
general, again, this 264 BHW model is a great floorplan, it does have Jayco’s two year warranty and that’s something that is an awesome
thing that they do to make sure that you take care of their
customers. make sure that you’re happy with your product that you do purchase,
and you know, if there’s any more questions you have at the end of this
video, please give me a call. Again, it’s Tom Peterson been here about 28 years,
would love to help and we’ll talk to you next time and remember at Guaranty it’s
an RV show every day.

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