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2019 Winnebago Sunstar 27 PE Class A Motorhome • Guaranty.com

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Guaranty RV Super Centers in Junction City, Oregon. My name is Eric Sakshaug, And today, I’m going to be giving you a brief tutorial on this brand new, 2019, Winnebago Sunstar 27 PE. that’s right, the 19’s are here. There’s some small things that have changed for 2019. Come on let’s go in and have a look around… Right, starting in the back of this 2019 Sun star 27 PE. You’ve still got your huge king-size bed. You’ve actually still got storage space on both sides of the bed as well. Good generous cabinet space up above. You’ve also got a TV back here, and as you’ll note, that’s mounted in such a way so that when I’m walking around, I don’t have to worry about bonking my head on the side of it. As we go into the bathroom, as you can see, you’ve still got a very generous amount of space in here. They’ve actually redone this counter, or this sink, So you’ve got a little bit of countertop, a little more, than you had in years past. Got a nice medicine chest up above, and again, the size of this shower. Just as big as it gets. I’m 5’9, I’m about 200 pounds. And, as you can see, I’ve got plenty of room in here, my hands not touching the other side, So a good amount of space back here. As we get out into the rest of the coach, you’re still going to have your good wardrobe space, as you’ve had in years past. Good amount a dresser space down below. Good cabinet space for pantry. What’s big and different this year, big thing, you’ve actually got an inverter on board. This is standard now for 2019. So that’ll allow you to plug in a coffee pot, that’ll allow you to plug in your phone charger, without necessarily having to turn your generator on if you’re out dry camping, so big add for 2019. One other thing I’d like to show while I’m here at the master control panel, if you turn the camera around just so you can see the front cap. There is a drop-down bunk bed clearly available. You notice how quiet that is, all I’m doing is pushing this button here up on the control panel. But you’ve got lighting up above, you got storage up above as well, so the kids can kind of have their own personal space. Getting back to the rest of the coach, you do, of course, have a fully equipped kitchen. New feature for again for 2019, you’ve actually got a proper faucet like you’d have at home, with spray nozzles. So, that’s a big addition for 2019. You’ve also got a recessed cooktop, so that was something that was an option, you were used to having that big metal cover, but that’s now standard. You still have your microwave, you still have the giant drawer down below for pots and pans. Great thinking from Winnebago. As we work our way forward a little bit more, other things that you’ll notice, the colors are different, you got a little bit higher quality material here than you had in years past. So Winnebago took a step up in that direction as well. Big, big dinette, and this is about the same as last year, but it bears repeating, if you just look at how much space I’ve got. And again, I’m 5’9, I’m 200, and you can see that I’m clearly not going to be playing footsies, or knocking knees with someone sitting across from me. So you can have people in here 6’3, 6’4 very comfortably, and still have a nice family dinner. As we work our way up into the cab of the coach, this is going to be of course on an F53 chassis, that’s going to feature a 6.8 liter Triton v10, 320 horsepower Six-speed transmission. You’re also going to have this nice little workspace up front. You are going to have USB, and 12-volt power already there, so you can plug in a laptop, or your iPad, check Facebook, make all your friends jealous of the fun you’re having while you’re in this motorhome. This is also going to be featuring mirroring technology. That enables you to plug your cell phone in, and basically mirror that to this console up front. This is, of course, a touch screen. That’ll make it very easy to use Ways, or Google Maps, whatever you happen to like. Rather than having to update a GPS system year after year. Ladies and gentleman, that’s about all the time I have to talk about the inside of this coach. Let’s go have a look at the wonderful exterior. Right, on the outside of this coach, big edition for 2019: this has got side view cameras. So this is something that was previously reserved for the LX models, or if you really had a good, good relationship with your Winnebago rep, you can get these on a standard Sunstar. But definitely available for 2019, easily done, major safety upgrade. Going around, you’ve got still got your TV on the outside, you’ve still got an awning that goes down most of the length of the coach. That’s about a 20-foot awning, I would say. And as we go around here on the outside, you are of course going to still have the same amount of wonderful storage, and these are metal. That’s not rotocast material. So Winnebago’s electroplating process with that metal, going to keep that rust-free, and looking shiny new for a long, long time. Excellent storage around the side as you would expect with all Winnebago products. Their excellence in engineering is really top of the list. And when we get back here, you still got your rear view camera. You’ve still got your five thousand-pound tow hitch You’ve still got your ladder which is mounted and steel, I can make the whole coach move, and that ladder’s not going anywhere. Just another example of how well Winnebago builds their coaches. More great storage around this side as well. And the last thing I really want to show off about this coach is just the simplicity of this wet bay. I mean talk about user friendly. You’ve got your part cable, your waste pump, your black-and-gray drains are here, your fresh tank valve. I mean everything is in one place, duck-soup simple, you’re ready to go as soon as you drive off the lot. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s about all the time I have to talk about this brand-new 2019 Winnebago to Sunstar 27 PE. There are some other details I haven’t had time to cover. I would love to have a conversation with you, so you and your family can make an informed decision. When you’ve got some time, please feel free to contact me using the information below on the screen, or if you’d like, please feel free to call me direct on my cell phone. That number is 541-513-3171. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day, and please remember, we’re always here to help.

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