2019 Wonder Murphy Bed
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2019 Wonder Murphy Bed

Hey, Dean from Leisure Travel Vans Today we are in beautiful Grand Beach Manitoba and we’re doing a little RV in the brand-new 2019 Wonder MB – who needs a toaster when you’ve got an open fire? don’t tell Jenny Craig about this If you’ve been kind of looking for a small Class B Motorhome and you thought it was just too small, You want to have a look at the 2019 Wonder MB queen-size bed residential style bathroom with a stand-up shower pop-up TV tons of interior storage and tons of exterior storage but let’s go have a look at the brand new 2019 Wonder MB. under 25 feet 24 feet 9 inches in length 7 feet 10 inches wide and under 10 feet in height so nice and small but gives you all the luxury of a bigger motor home let’s talk about the awning as you can see I’ve got the awning out it’s just over 12 feet in length and 7 feet wide it’s got legs built right into it so in this situation we have a beautiful campground here I can actually tent peg the awning down into the ground if it’s a little bit of a windy day I can lock it into the Motorhome if it’s a super windy day you always want to
bring your awning up because we don’t want to damage the awning or the motorhome so very simple when I want to bring it back up also very simple legs slide in and then the autumn will just power back up I also love the built-in LED lights you can turn them off and on and this is called a box awning and it’s all enclosed in aluminum so no damage can ever happen to your tarp when you’re driving down the road that’s very smart so storage is very very important in a small motorhome look at this this has got some stuff how’s this for storage? that is spectacular big huge storage area anything outdoorsy is gonna fit in this huge compartment in the back okay underneath this storage compartment we’ve got our three point six kilowatt optional propane generator so 3.6 kilowatts lots of power you can dry camp anywhere and you’ve got all the power that you need we also have a great little RV BBQ Quick Connect so I can carry a little barbecue with me plug it in run it off the main propane tank you can see this is a vacuum bonded wall you can see the curve of the wall so we vacuum press that between seven and twenty-one pounds per square inch of pressure that’s how we create the curve all boxed aluminum studs insulated with two-pound density polystyrene insulation the exterior is fiberglass and we have new for 2019 seven exterior paint colors on the Wonder this is the white suede we’ve got silver graphite, denim, Bordeaux, Euro Sport and brand new Champagne each color is painted three times and then two coats are clearer so there’s no decaling on the motorhome let’s have a look down here you can see our fiberglass fender skirt we actually spray foam it all underneath here so when you’re driving down the road you’re not hearing all these stones banging against the underneath that’s just great we also spray foam all the tanks underneath so they don’t get damaged when we order all of our Ford Transit chassis we order the aluminum rims they go with four aluminum rims and we have dual wheels on the back which is very important so you’re very stable when you’re going down the road I love these compartment doors they’re all fiberglass and see how they’re curved? and they go wrap underneath the motorhome? here we have our deep cycle 12-volt batteries we also have our 1,000 watt pure sine wave inverter so that all of our electronics that we have now we’re not going to damage them at all when we run it on invert once again more storage built in struts are not gonna fall down
and hit me on the back of the head there’s nothing worse than that these are all galvanized sheet metal compartments they’re all lined and once again spray foamed underneath so no damage can happen so have a look up here of course we go with frameless glass very sexy-looking and it’s also awning style so we’ve had a little bit of rain last night I can have my windows open no water going inside the Motorhome cross ventilation I really like that Nice little option we have on the Ford it works off the Ford key fob is that you can actually lock the door off the key fob double click it locks the main entrance door double click it again unlocks the door course we have our power step that comes out we can actually lock it in camping mode and it stays down so the steps not going in and out very smart and we also have a nice three-way switch here on the lights as you can see I’ve got a exterior light LED and I also have one built into the handle very smart plus we have our LED lights that are built into the awning so lots of outside lights at night our screen doors built right into the main door locks in place and I like we’ve got some backing here for strength so that if you have pets they’re not going to come through the screen door I really love how our design team has integrated the RV house into the chassis it’s very streamlined it’s very contoured you can see how all the lines match up
with the chassis it all flows together it’s got a very unique van style look we’ve got fiberglass running boards for getting in and out of the motor home plus we have our courtesy lights here at nighttime nice for getting your key in and having a look make sure you can get into the motorhome nice and easy of course our mirrors they fold right in so once again we are 7 feet 10 inches wide if you’re in a tight area you can just fold the mirrors in of course they’re power mirrors they’re also heated from the inside we’ve got our aluminum rims up front they look fabulous so now let’s have a look at the Ford Transit chassis and of course this is on a ten thousand three hundred and sixty pound GVWR chassis it has 185 horsepower 350 foot-pounds of torque six-speed Automatic transmission great fuel economy rocket ship going down the road all the power you can want you can tow up to 3,000 pounds on the back end of it we order it with a hundred and seventy eight inch wheelbase you can see how streamline the motorhome is our fiberglass front mask LED lights at the front everything works together we order a couple great safety features on our Ford Transit Chassis Lane Assist and Driver Alert so the Lane Assist will let you know when you’re outside your Lane and the driver alert will let you know if you’re getting a little tired it’s gonna say ‘hey pull over have a little nap’ another nice little features you’ve got to step here for cleaning your windshield on the Ford Transit chassis they’re built in Kansas Missouri we toured the factory it is one unbelievable chassis to drive if you haven’t had a chance to drive the Ford Transit chassis go and see your local Leisure Travel Van dealer take one out for a test drive you’re absolutely gonna love it another great benefit on the Ford Transit chassis is they have many service centers all across North America As we work our way down the driver’s side we have our courtesy light want to show you this little feature this is very nice so this is your diesel fill and this is your DEF fill these are clean running diesel engines and you can close the door fill up your diesel fill up your DEF you don’t get any of the diesel smell into the Motorhome very smart little feature the other great benefit is that nobody can tamper with your diesel fuel this is some more storage on the driver’s side look how big this compartment is all lined it looks beautiful over here we’ve got our sewer hose for dumping your tanks and as we work our way down we’ve got our propane fill 13 gallons of propane we’ve got our 30 amp cord connection you
can see how easy it is you can quickly disconnect it too so it’s very simple no cords that you have to pull out hang around just a simple lock right back in place here we’ve got our landscape window above our Murphy bed so ‘once again awning style so some nice natural light going in the motorhome nice big window over the galley area here at the back we’ve got our 16,000 BTU furnace also a brand new feature on all the Wonders for 2019 we’re very excited we have the Truman aqua go comfort plus hot water heater This is the best hot water heater there is in the industry and it’s simple for one reason it it has a 1 liter tank that stays nice and hot when you’re on comfort plus we have separate lines that go to each faucet your sink your bathroom and your shower head so when you turn on your hot water you have instant hot water as that tank goes down the heat exchangers get hot and you’ve got continuous hot water it’s the Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater standard on all 2019 Wonders here’s our outside service center everything is right here we’ve got an exterior shower hot and cold running water so very smart we’ve also got a pickup hose for RV antifreeze if you’re winterizing or if you’re dry camping you need to put water into the freshwater tank you can put that in there and suck it up through the tank which is great we’ve got our winterizing bypass valve we have our intake water here so you bring the water hose up through here connect it in you also have a valve here so that you can have shore water or fill up your freshwater tank and don’t worry for over filling the freshwater tank we’ve got an overflow on it so it’ll start to drip onto the ground then you know your tank is completely full we also have a monitor inside the motorhome as well you can see we’ve got our black water flush for dumping our tanks so very important when you’re going to use the black water
flush you want to make sure that you have your three inch hose connection in the sewer area open up the black valve and then clean the tank we also have an optional macerator pump everything is all connected it dumps out of a one inch line it can actually pump uphill nice little option if you want to go that route over here we’ve got our cable connection a lot of campgrounds have cable now you can plug in to and we also have a satellite connection if you want to have a portable little satellite dish we also have an optional satellite we’re
pre-wired for that you can order on your motorhome the Winegard t4 it does Bell, it does Dish and Direct so over here we have a outside water pump switch that’s very important because if you forget to turn on your water pump on the inside you can turn it on out here for our dumping our tanks we have our gray and our black valves make sure you always dump the black first and the gray that kind of washes it all out everything’s at your fingertips we’re now at the back of the motorhome just want to point out full fiberglass rear mask all integrated I mean it looks fabulous so all the fiberglass parts are done in our factory we’re vertically integrated so we make everything that we can in-house integrated backup camera LED lights as we pre back the fiberglass rear mast if you want to add an optional ladder as well LED lights in the tail lights we’ve also got our receiver hitch here you can tow a small fishing boat or a little utility trailer everything is quickly connected here with our seven pin connector then of course you can watch your tow vehicle off the backup camera
when you’re going down the road fiberglass flex roof you can see we’ve got our brand new for 2019 15,000 BTU air conditioner with a heat pump we also have the brand new 2.0 Winegard Wi-Fi booster with 4G capability if you love the exterior with all that storage no slide out you can go anywhere that you want in North America but if you love the outside you’re gonna absolutely love the inside first of all I like this little feature I can actually remove my shoes and slide them underneath here so a nice little shoe storage area and I don’t have to worry about stepping on my shoes come on in you’re gonna absolutely love this motorhome absolutely Wow look how much room we have in this size of Motorhome if you were looking at a small Class B Motorhome you didn’t have enough room not enough storage didn’t like the wet bath this has got some space for 2019 very excited brand-new wood color Natural Rift looks fantastic has a nice little grain to it we use notch wood construction on all of our cabinets so that they’re super strong also for 2019 you can have the white uppers or we offer the gray uppers in the Fenex products which is quite exciting you want to watch TV? absolutely not a problem look at that all Smart TVs now and my favorite channel Animal Planet and of course Blu-ray player so everything’s right here look at this I still have another room it’s called the bathroom quite exciting sliding door but look at the size of this bathroom this is a residential bathroom which means separate toilet separate shower separate sink vanity look at the size of this vanity towels shampoos soaps everything you need right up in here I love this little feature we use this it’s kind of a little area to use it as a shelf or a in the morning for getting ready you can use it put your towels on there kind of hides the toilet that’s smart little design speaking of the toilet this is a China toilet that’s new for 2019 we have the built in washer spray washer for the toilet also new for 2019 solid Corian countertops are standard stainless steel sink more area here for towels and love how we’ve designed all this and of course a big dressing mirror you can see we’ve got the Leisure shirt. Go to our Leisure website into our LTV Store and you can actually purchase LTV clothing I also love the accessory channel with the cups already built in we’ve also got our GFI plug so that’s important if you ever pop the power always reset the GFI plug in the bathroom nice big dressing mirror LED lights up above we’ve got the fantastic fan we have a nice little option there with the rain sensor fan which would
automatically close if it starts to rain we have a built-in water pump switch if you forget to turn on your water pump when you’re dry camping you can turn on the water pump here and then I’ve got water you won’t wake everybody up in the middle of the night how about this for a shower? now this is a stand-up shower I’m a pretty big guy I’m well over six foot one I don’t have my shoes on but look at this nice little towel holder for getting in and out we have our own shower sliding door I love how everything is built into the shower if you love to have long hot showers with lots of room the Wonder MB is definitely the floorplan for you I love the skylight look at this I can see all mother nature all around us all the beautiful trees here in Grand Beach, Manitoba and you can see the height lots of room if you’re a tall guy like myself it feels comfortable to have a nice shower inside your Motorhome I love the safety feature of the grab handle for getting in and out and of course we’ve got a nice little LED light right here another nice feature on the Wonder MB is this beautiful pocket door locks into place so private bathroom and private area for getting dressed in the morning I love the redesigned galley area on the 2019 Wonder MB look how much room we have they should have a contest with the Iron Chef or Master Chef and see if those people can cook on this because now this is an area that you can cook on okay let’s look down below first little storage area here I love this built-in garbage can easy access to our Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater but look at the size of this pot and pan drawer it’s huge all done in wood beautiful there’s our frying pan we’re gonna cook a little later we’re RVing right now and look at this utility area here lots of storage space solid Corian countertops throughout solid Corian look at the size of this deep stainless steel sink chrome faucet two burner stove built-in backsplash be careful make sure that the stove is off before you put the backsplash down but I love how much room we have of course look at this beautiful awning style windows right? I can have the windows open without any rain coming in look the picture, look at the size of it that all the natural light looks fantastic underneath we’ve got built-in LED rope lighting in the cabinets and then look above here look at this full-size drawer very important if a plate doesn’t fit there’s no sense in having the cabinet look at this. plate fits completely inside the cabinet love the sound of that I love on the galley window we’ve got our privacy shade at night so we can lock it down you can see we have the built in locks in place so I can leave my windows open have a little bit of fresh air and the blind stays in place love that over here we’ve got our stainless steel backsplash very nice we’ve got an inverted 110 electrical plug here and of course our accessory channel right here for hanging up little utensils or cloths or whatever you want to hang up on this side we’ve got our convection microwave so standard microwave also does baking as well and we have our 3-way Dometic 6.7 cubic foot fridge so runs on propane power it runs on 110 power and on 12
volt power another great feature in the galley we have our pantry built into the door very smart and look at the size of this hanging closet big hanging closet lots of room for storing all of your clothes and shoes and all the stuff that you want to take with you when you go our
RVing so outside lots of exterior storage inside lots of interior storage also inside the Wardrobe we’ve got our controller for our solar panels so once again optional 200 watt or 400 watt so control panels right there so we look up at the ceiling here we’ve got our brand new for 2019 15,000 BTU air conditioner with a heat pump standard on all the 2019 Wonder MBs we have our second fantastic fan one in the bathroom optional with the rain sensor which is a nice little feature to have some storage area here we’ve got our LED lights going through the roof and of course our rope lighting up here we also have rope lighting accent lighting down below over here we’ve got our thermostat so very simple to run the thermostat just like a residential home you can see the snowflake comes on that’s my air conditioner the furnace comes on I can turn it over to the heat pump I can turn the fans on always leave it on automatic set the temperature and it’ll automatically come on another great picture window looking into my campground area we have our privacy shade at night locks into place awning-style windows we have lots of ventilation coming in up above we’ve got our big cabinet storage area up here we’ve got our European hidden hinges we also have soft close on all the cabinet doors just touch them into place This is the white upper cabinets we also have the new option for 2019 of the gray Fenix uppers looking here of course we talked about this a little bit earlier but here is our TV area pops up in place we also have the brand new LED TVs for 2019 on all the Wonder models Blu-ray player and a sound bar you’re also gonna love this feature the sound bar has streaming Bluetooth as well underneath look at this storage area storage and even more storage so down below in this cabinet we have the on/off switch for your standard Wi-Fi booster that’s the 2.0 Winegard Wi-Fi booster which does Wi-Fi booster, it also has 4G capability, it also does the TV antenna and the radio antenna and you turn that on right here so the Wi-Fi booster and you also turn on the TV antenna and that’s a digital TV antenna we also have a USB plug right here two of them right there and if you want to add anything extra we’ve got three
different coax cable connections and we also have an inverted plug as well I love the little cubby hole storage for putting your glasses or your phone
anything right in there so lots of little storage area I love the LED track lighting right here and then up above here we’ve got our
opening skylight I mean how beautiful is this get the natural air in we’re in a national park here in Manitoba so we’re gonna have that so the bugs don’t come and join us but if you’re down in Arizona you want to have some fresh air and it’s super hot you can still have fresh air and keep the Sun out of the motorhome so or you can go half in half so I love that feature I absolutely love the versatility of the Wonder MB the living room area is fantastic as you can see I can sit back have a cup of coffee watch TV listen to my soundbar stream off my sound bar off my phone Blu-ray player everything is right here we have an optional ottoman if you want which is very nice to put your feet up and relax if I want to have dinner or play cards face to face I can remove this and now I’ve got a nice backrest and I can have dinner play cards work on my computer I mean it’s very very versatile plus little storage areas are just unbelievable look at this some hidden storage underneath there you can also use this as a bit of a backrest if I didn’t want to use the main backrest I can this is a backrest as well so just the ingenuity that went
into this design is incredible I can’t wait to show you how simple this is to
convert this into a residential queen bed yes you heard me correctly 60 by 80 residential queen bed in a 24 foot 9 inch motorhome so from a great dinner or breakfast area or lunch area now we want to make it into a bed this is how simple it is it is really fantastic there we go residential queen bed and I’m well over six foot one look at this lots of room here let’s do it this way so you can actually really see it yes hard to believe 60 by 80 residential queen bed mattress residential queen bed sheets comforter pillows everything fits beautifully on the bed and it’s super comfortable another great feature with the backrest is I can sit up watch TV work on my iPad computer everything is right here very versatile and my little cubbies here for storing things that I want and down on this side we have USB plugs and an inverted plug as well if you have a sleep apnea machine you can store it in here plug it in there and run it off the inverter the other great features this is a full walk around bed so at the night time if I want to go to the washroom I can I can walk right around the bed so it’s an island bed so simply walk right around it and this is an non-slide motorhome look at the size of the bed and how much room you have you can see we’ve left all of our bedding on there you just have to be careful make sure you get it tucked in correctly and look at this it locks back up into place that’s how simple it is and look last night’s dinner plates are still there I can use them for breakfast this morning two for one this is the lock system for it so make sure that you’ve got it closed up tight and then these lock in place like this and that locks the bed so it’s never gonna come down and hurt anyone landscape window above the bed so I can have natural light with the bed up or down it also has the privacy shade built in and awning style windows so once again lots of cross ventilation through the Motorhome standard cloth on the seats or you can have your choice of
three ultra leather colors Coal, 2 exclusive ultra leather colors Earth and Mountain so three different colors plus I love the brand new natural rift wood looks beautiful soft and inviting a great convenience for 2019 the Wi-Fi booster I can watch Netflix or we have an optional satellite system Auto acquisition Winegard T4 it does Dish, Direct, and Bell so all on one satellite dish so all controlled right over there love the screen door gives me
lots of ventilation into the motorhome some natural light and no mosquitoes we also have a little shade on it too which is kind of nice up above here we’ve got our service center so everything is right here so we can check our battery can check our freshwater you can check our gray our black and our propane water pump turn it off and on right there the optional propane generator is right here you always prime it first you’ll see a little light come on and then you start it we’ve also got an hour meter on it which is very important because that’s
how you know when it’s time to do your oil change on your generator over here we’ve got our inverter a 1000 watt pure wave inverter so if I’m dry camping I would turn this on and I can watch TV I can run anything under a thousand watts of power small coffee maker here we’ve got our Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater control system so I can turn it on and off here I can also put it on to cleanse and winterize as well so all the controls you don’t have
to go outside it’s all right there so you got a new controller for your lights right here the dimmer switches are built right into the light switch which is very cool this red light that means that I left my compartment lights on so that means that my compartment lights in the back the big vertical storage bin on lights on lights off here you can see we’ve got our lighting for our floor and
our upper cabinets very nice this is our switch for our step turning it off and on and of course here you can see we’ve got our light for our outside it’s a
three-way switch so two on the outside one on the inside another hanging closet we also have our warranty bag here with all of your warranty information on the Motorhome plus the extra set of keys and you can see more storage here for shoes
or whatever you want to put in there so very nice up above here look at this I mean a lot of people put their pillows up here but lot a great storage area up in the front we’re now in the cockpit area on the 2019 Wonder MB of course powered by the Ford Transit chassis 185 horsepower 350 foot-pounds of torque six-speed automatic transmission on all of our Ford Transit chassis we order the Sync 3 navigation system which is absolutely fabulous it’s voice-activated you can talk to it will find you whatever you want you want to find a campground gas station with
diesel you just talk to it’ll find you whatever you want all voice-activated it’s also got the Apple CarPlay which is fantastic with the Apple CarPlay I have Siri at my command just simply press a button here and Siri comes up and ask me what I it also does the Android Auto for those of you that have Android phones so it is beautiful and it syncs up with everything and you have all the
controls right here a couple other cool features our backup camera is built into our mirror it has its own remote which is very cool you can leave it on right here when you put it in reverse it will automatically go on we can see I’ve got
some trees behind me and my picnic tables behind me as well so six-speed automatic transmission it has all the controls are right here at your fingertips with the smart wheel of course power mirrors power windows power brakes it handles like a dream if you’ve never driven one it honestly handles like a small little SUV it just handles fabulously of course we’ve got air conditioning we have lots of 12-volt plugs right here USB plugs here and here some great map lights and lots of little storage areas up above and all of our Leisure Travel Vans come with a 2 year roadside assistance which gives you technical support roadside assistance towing tire assist delivery of fuel emergency fluids locksmith jump-starts RV mobile mechanic all free for the first two years toll-free number 1-800 number get you any service that you need I also have my LTV for all of our owners they can sign up online we have great photo contests and we have lots of product resources on our website walkthrough videos service centers and you can also join one of our Travelers Clubs ultraleather in the seats 3 different colors we have the mountain the earth and the coal this seat turns and swivels which is nice to give you an additional
seating area into the motorhome and easy access from the front to the motorhome thank you very much for watching the 2019 Wonder MB video we really appreciate everybody that watches all of our videos and buys our products every year we do appreciate that here in Winkler Manitoba you’re gonna love the 2019 Wonder MB we’ve redesigned many many things the brand new Natural Rift wood color we redesigned the entire galley it has so many great features big exterior storage lots of interior storage a smart TV a sound bar everything you could possibly want in a small motorhome big bathroom big stand-up shower lots of interior space hard to believe that we’re in a 24 foot
9-inch motorhome how much room that we have it’s really got everything you could possibly want you’ve got to go and see your local Leisure Travel Van dealer take one out for a test drive come and smell it and feel it in person because it is an incredible motor home you’re gonna absolutely love it go out and enjoy your life anywhere in North America Dean from Leisure Travel Vans see you next time you can configure your Leisure Travel Van today we have build and price you can compare floor plans you can pick colors of exterior, leather colors plus you can pick all of the options and you can price it out and know exactly what you’re getting in your Leisure Travel Van


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