2019 WOW Picnic | Menu
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2019 WOW Picnic | Menu

Our fun and stylish WOW Picnic is the
perfect accompaniment to your WOW experience. Designed with grazing in mind
so you don’t have to leave your seat. As you delve into your bag you’ll be
greeted with aromatic flavors from the Middle East in our jeweled saffron rice
salad and our Persian feta whip. Relatively new on the plant-based food
scene is Jackfruit. Best described as the pulled pork of the vegetarian world, here
at features in our empanada, a Spanish pastry dish. And for the grand finale,
decadence is the word of the day. Velvet chocolate mousse, tangy Morello cherries,
which cut through the richness, finished with the sweet and crunch of
our coconut crumbs.

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