2020 Camp Rover Teardrop Trailer Tour
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2020 Camp Rover Teardrop Trailer Tour

Relevant – Relatable and Reliable
information from full-time RVers This unit is 21 feet long 7 feet wide 8
feet 7 inches high with an interior height of 6 foot 7 inches it weighs 2,900
pounds meaning most small trucks and SUVs can tow it the Camp Rovers chassis
is constructed of powder-coated tubular steel which adds strength and resistance
to rust and corrosion. The frame side walls are constructed of aluminum and
foam block insulation which is lighter and stronger than wood and unlike wood
isn’t susceptible to rot and mildew. The roof of the Camp Rover is constructed of
a seamless 1 piece fiberglass piece and insulated with foam block insulation the
Camp Rover sidewalls are constructed of Azdel paneling. Azdel is 50% lighter
than wood, provides three times the insulation value of wood, its sound
absorbing and more resistant to mold rot and water damage. This unit even comes
with a rear receiver to attach various accessories like storage and bike racks.
You’ll also find modern euro style insulated dual-paned acrylic windows on
the Camp Rover. A front and back keder rail which provides for use of
aftermarket screen rooms visors and awnings. This unit comes with 15 inch
premium tires magnetic latch storage doors… inside the
Camp Rover, you’ll find an 8 inch deep stainless steel kitchen, a two-burner
glass top stove. The Camp Rover is equipped with a 3-way, 4 cubic foot
refrigerator this unit also comes standard with its own microwave for
cooking or making a quick cup of hot coffee. Enjoy a hot shower anywhere with
your very own wet bath shower and 6 gallon propane or electric heated quick
recovery water heater. Cool down with a three-speed fantastic fan..and if that’s
not enough, you have an 8000 BTU air conditioner and the 16,000 BTU furnace
will take the nip out of any cold night. The Camp Rover has a residential
queen-size bed and there’s an option available which allows the dinette to
convert into 227 inch by 81 inch bunk beds the Camp Rover comes with a radio,
CD and bluetooth entertainment center. And just in case you wanted to watch
that game, the Camp Rover is pre-wired for TV. The Camp
Rover is a 30-amp RV and comes with a 20 gallon freshwater tank 9 gallon black
tank and 14 gallon grey tank. Now I’m standing inside what may look like our
Little Guy Max but it is actually the new Camp
Rover. A lot of people want the look of this adorable little camper but not the
price tag well Little Guy has come up with an
alternative for you – and you can fit extra people with this really cool bunk bed
come on inside…. So you’ll notice a few big differences
between the Little Guy Max and the Camp Rover. The big stargazing window is
gone and the front window is gone as well, but in its place…. you have these
cool new bunk beds you also have all the great finishing in here that is typical
of what you find in a Little Guy Max. The only other big thing that’s different is
your a/c unit is now located on the floor instead of on the rooftop. One
other important note… this is actually lighter than the Little Guy Max… this is
coming in at only 2,900 pounds dry weight. The Camp Rover is outfitted with
a Dometic 3-way fridge as well as a hi-point microwave. The Camp Rover also
is outfitted with a full wet bath with plenty of room and you have your
fan. MSRP on this unit is $24,995


  • The Art of RVing

    * The rig should be called the "The Little Big Guy"………….this trailer is the bomb……………….roll on*🎨


    Great job on this video. Did you create the graphics….nice work. We have a company here in Dothan AL that builds small off-road trailers. Vintage Trailer Works builds XTR Off-road…and I have spoken to the owner and will soon do a profile video. They rebuild older RV's…working on a Cosmic Cruiser retro camper at the moment…and this ting is awesome!

  • Outdoorstaycations

    Well done video. Although I have not interest in personally owning a small trailer, I am curious if the mfg is saying it sleeps 4 or 5. (ie 2 on the queen, 2 on lower bunk, 1 on the upper bunk)?

  • New Horizons

    That's so cute. But I think that I will stay with our Class A. Lol. But it's great that there are options out there for someone wanting a little camper. Like if you want to stop tent camping.

  • Jurgen's Journeys

    Excellent review! You guys do a great job. Very thorough and informative with great inserted illustrations (Dimensions and all). Those little campers are not for me, but I do appreciate the fine quality of this product. The absence of the front and back windows would be a deal killer though, if I were looking to purchase one of these. That's like trying to sell a cake after scraping off the icing lol. Thanks for the great tour!

  • Our National Adventure

    This is so cute. I've seen so many people traveling with these smaller trailers recently. Its interesting to hear about the build and how well it functions and howmuch space it seems to have with the bunks. Did you guys pick it up or just explore?

  • Justin & Christina's RV VanLife

    Cool looking Tear Drop Trailer… Seems well designed with a good layout… Thanks for the share…😀👍

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