2020 Delano® Class C Sprinter Motorhome From Thor Motor Coach
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2020 Delano® Class C Sprinter Motorhome From Thor Motor Coach

It’s amazing how a simple touch of a button
can stir the soul, create excitement and bring a smile to your face. Here’s that button.
Go ahead and press it, you’ve waited long enough. the 2020 Delano from Thor Motor Coach
is ready to add some excitement to your life. Because you have a Mercedes Benz Sprinter-
3 liter V6 with 188hp and 325 torque under the hood you have the power you need to take
you up those steep, winding roads through the snow capped mountains. And when you head back down to take a walk
in your favorite spot,(Show them walking in vineyard) the active braking assist, distance
regulator, attention assist and traffic sign assist enurses a safe ride. With the voice activated infotainment center,
simply talk to the 10.25 inch multimedia system with smart phone integration and let Mercedes
know what you want to do. Choose from Satellite radio, make a call or speak your destination
for the navigation system and just like that, you can wind up here.
The captains chairs swivel for extra seating options. They have memory positioning and
are heated which is great when sitting here or when you swing them around for a drive. Take a look at that steering wheel. The controls
work like a smartphone, just swipe across the pad and press to check way more than your
fuel gauge. This is your heads up display that keeps you informed of all your Delano
vitals. You have a backup camera monitor that’s easy to see and always on which is a great
way to keep an eye on whatever you may have attached to the 5 thousand pound hitch. You have all the basics too like, climate
control, Cup holders and cubbies for all your gear.
The Delano has push button start and keyless entry. It even reminds you to take your keys
with you when you shift into park and set up camp. Each floor plan in the Delano is unique with
features that set it apart – but all have the same goal, to keep you comfortable and
keep you happy. You can opt for a large dream dinette with
footrest. It’s a place perfectly suited for spending time together. If you like, you can choose a floor plan with
theater seating. Simply lean back, kick your feet up, and now you are ready for the home
theater experience on your TV. How about adding a sofa to the mix? This is
a great spot to relax and even catch up online. With the Winegard connect 4g hotspot, setting
up your own safe secure internet connection to stay in touch is as easy. The Winegard®
ConnecT™ 2.0 is a WiFi extender, it’s a 4G hotspot it’s a TV and FM radio antenna
and it runs with the Thor Motor Coach app so you can stay up to date on all your devices. There’s more to all the seating options
the Delano likes to show off. As some of them easily convert into a place to sleep. Flip
a lever on the dinette and now you have a cozy bed. In the case of the queen sized murphy bed,
touch a button and now you are prepped for a great night’s sleep… . On other floor plans you have either a flip
up queen or flip up full size bed with cushioned seating underneath. Every Delano has this large overhead bunk
with Skylight with interior power shade. You’ll make use of the little touches throughout
such as the USB Charging ports up front with the cargo net… and even built into the nightstands. From the beautiful, high gloss euro style
cabinetry to the closets, you’ll find a place to hold everything you need for your
getaway. There is even storage under the bed The Delano offers different kitchen layouts
depending on your floor plan, all have the same useful features you are going to love.
The sink cover for the large stainless steel sink makes a great spot to set your cookbook
– And the flip up countertop extension gives
you the extra room you need. All floorplans offer a dual burner gas cooktop, convection
microwave and double door fridge. Checking out the bathrooms, everything you
could want is here. Your sink, medicine cabinet and shower with skylight and power vent. You
can open the vent using Rapid Camp Plus. Control and monitor all the features of your
Delano with Rapid Camp plus.. Check your power.. Are you running off 30 AMP shore power or
the optional diesel generator. You also have a 100 watt entertainment inverter. check the
tank levels, turn on lights. Do it all from the full color touch screen or from the mobile
app. Underneath the touchscreen you have the app
enabled bluetooth coach radio system. Stream your favorite playlist . Time to take a walk around the outside of
the Delano. You can cruise around with HD-MAX or the optional full body paint, which is
like a mirror for your favorite background. You’ll appreciate spending time under the
two stage armless awning with LED lighting. There’s a lot packed on that one piece TPO
roof… your 100 watt solar charging system and 15,000 btu low profile AC unit with optional
heat pump. The illuminated rotocast storage bays can
easily swallow the gear you need to bring with you.
For example, a grill to hook up to your Exterior propane connection. Or bring along exactly what you need to create
the perfect setting, because this is the excitement you’ve been waiting for. This is the 2020 Delano from Thor Motor Coach. Find the Delano Floorplan made to fit you
at Thor Motor Coach.com


  • Kent Pull

    Add a floorplan with no side, no cab over bunk with 4×4, 4 season, all electric Volta system,, full rear bath, drop down bed, Magnitude style skylight, a1pc fiberglass roof, integrated front cap led light flood lights & surround floods, front grill guard with integrated winch, 360 degree camera, roof rack system & hitch mounted secure storage unit for bikes, skies, etc with integrated brake, turn signal & reverse flood lights. 😎 !

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