2020 Unity Twin Bed
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2020 Unity Twin Bed

Hey Dean from Leisure Travel Vans. We’re in beautiful Hecla Island, Manitoba. Today we’re gonna be having a look at the 2020 Unity Twin Bed. This brand-new 2020 Unity
is built on the brand-new, totally redesigned Mercedes-Benz chassis. So if you’re looking
for a small motor home that can sleep two, separate twins, make it into one king bed, you need lots of interior
and tons of exterior storage and you wanna be small
and stealth, no slide-out, it’s absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait to show you the
brand new 2020 Unity TB. Come on, let’s go inside and
have a look at this baby. So welcome inside the 2020 Twin Bed model. Absolutely beautiful. Great features inside the TB. We have four seat belts for driving. And I love this little extension for the people with long legs like myself, those 34 inch inseams, very comfortable. And this part here is even heated as well. Airbags in the seats. And, of course, it’s still
done all in ultra leather, which is synthetic man-made leather. Doesn’t get hot, doesn’t get cold, doesn’t mold, doesn’t mildew. We have three colors for 2020. This is the Earth, we
have Mountain and Fog. So three different leather colors. We have the beautiful maple interior. We have three different colors of wood. We have the Cherry
stain, we have the Maple, and the Espresso. Two different glamor packages. We have the FENIX White
and the FENIX Shadow Gray. We have two beautiful
Corian countertop colors. This is the Stone and we
also have Antarctica white. I really like this little feature. You’ve got a built-in ottomon. Both people have lots of
room to put up their feet and watch TV. We no longer have a pull-out TV. The TV is stationary now. I can also use it as a quasi-bed. Head over on this side
where your weight is and your feet over on this side. I’ve got a super single little bed. An emergency bed in case I happen to show up in your campground, I’ve got a place to sleep. So underneath the passenger side, twin bed, our table. So very simple to install. Put your table base in there and look at the table base
that locks on to the poll. That is a table base. So, swivel it around, you’ve got some leaf
extensions which is nice. You can have dinner for four. And when you lock this table in, if you wanna use it for
a laptop or a computer. I mean, it’s locked. It is super strong. That is one solid table. Brand new, redesigned above the cab area. New safe for 2020 is an option. Lots of storage space. Lots of deep storage space in here. Over on this side we have our monitor for our optional solar panels. So you can go 200 watts
Solar Flex Flat Panel, or 400 watts and the
control center’s right here. And you can see we’ve done
our beautiful maple wood. Look at the rope lighting, looks fabulous. European hidden hinges. Also curved door, look
how beautiful that is and see when it locks in place. Oh, I love the sound of that. Over on this side we’ve
got even more storage. And this is where we
have our control center for all of our electronics. So standard for 2020 is
a smart Blu-ray player which will make your TV smart as well. We have our switcher
control switch right here for watching TV in the bedroom or a movie, you can watch whatever you
want using the switcher box. Now standard on all the Unity models is the Winegard 2.0 Wi-Fi
booster with 4G capability, TV antenna and you turn
that on right here. Booster is right there, underneath the switch on the
bottom is the Wi-Fi booster. Plus on the Wi-Fi booster you
can subscribe with Winegard and have 4G service or you
can get a second sim card and put it in the Wi-Fi
booster up on the roof and then you would use whatever data plan that your phone has. You can see how the
chairs turn and swivel. You’re gonna love this feature, this swivels now at the
front not at the back. I love how the two seats
become part of the motor home and how it easy it is moving
from the cab area back into the house area. So now we’re in the galley area. Great little galley area. Up above here, nice big deep cabinets and double stacking for your
plates and your cups up top, plates down on the bottom. And of course, the European hidden hinges, all lock in place. The rope lighting looks
absolutely fabulous. Counter extension, very smart. Look at this nice drawer area here. Full drawer extension, glide solid wood. I love how this is all designed together. Full water filtration as
well on all of our units. I think you’re gonna absolutely love this. Look at this, beautiful
reverse-curved door. You don’t see that too often
in real high-end kitchens and look at this curved door. Look how much storage space you have. If you look underneath here, you have our optional surge protector. That’s where it’s mounted on the Twin Bed and on the Island Bed. Our AquaGo Comfort Plus hot water heater. Full water filtration, but look how much storage you have. Back in this corner here, we’ve got our beautiful
little garbage can area. I love the new stone
countertops, looks fabulous. You can also fill that full of ice and use that as a little ice chest. That’s a nice little
idea a customer gave me. Two burner spark ignition stove. I love this picture
window, look how big it is. You can see this is an
awning style window. So see how the windows open up. So if it was pouring rain outside, I can still have some
airflow in the motor home. New for 2020, we’ve gone to matching ultra
leather on the window valances. And we have our daytime shades
with the built-in locks. Look at that, see how
they lock in place there or you can have the privacy shades. So, over here you can see we have our beautiful stainless steel sink and our contoured sink
cover slides right in. I like this, you can be working, pouring water out of our
beautiful chrome faucet. Great little design. Stainless steel backsplash. Inverter plug in for 2020. 2000 watt inverter, which will run a little
bigger coffee maker, which is really important. I really like this little switch. Our beautiful undermount
cabinet lights, looks great. And new for 2020, our redesigned
TV area with a sound bar. So no more pull-out TV, so you don’t have to worry about
forgetting to latch the TV. It’s permanently mounted. Nice big storage area
above the TV as well. Still another storage area in the galley. What LTV Motorhome wouldn’t
be complete without a pull-out pantry? Look how fabulous that is. And above the galley area, we have our 12 volt fantastic fan. Nice little optional feature
is with the rain sensor. And what the rain sensor does, you can set it by heat temperature and also if it starts to rain
it will automatically close. And these are great for
cooling down the motor home. Look at this. I mean, that’s how powerful they are. So at night time you wanna get the warm air out of the
motor home turn on your fans, you don’t even have to turn
your air conditioner on. Of course, we ducted air
conditioning throughout the entire roof. Right at the back we
have aluminum channels that run through there, keep
the motorhome nice and cool. We also have a 15 000 BTU air
conditioner with a heat pump, so if you’re claiming for
your camp ground service you can actually heat the
motorhome as well as cool the motorhome off the air conditioner. This roof is almost five inches
thick in the center core. Vacuum bonded, fiber glass
flex roof on the top. Box tubular aluminum framing. It’s super strong, vacuum bonded. It’s absolutely fabulous to
keep you warm or keep you cool, depending on the weather
conditions that you’re RVing in. LED lights throughout
and if you look here, we are six feet, five
inches in interior height, so I have lots of room and one of my favorite features on the Unity is the opening
skylight, I absolutely love this. So we have a few bugs where
we are, so you have a screen. Keep the bugs out, still
have lots of fresh air and it’s pretty hot today, it’s gonna be well over
30 degrees Celsius today, so if the sun is out I
can put my shade across and still have fresh air coming in. So I really love that design. The other side of the galley,
little storage area up here. Nice and smart. Nice little feature, of course, we have our convection microwave and here’s the big change for 2020, we’ve inverted this microwave off of
our 2000 watt inverter and AGM battery so you
can warm up something. You wanna warm up your coffee, you can turn on the
microwave without turning on the generator. Great feature. Now here’s the big one, for 2020 model, here we have the brand new
Dometic Three Way Fridge, which is really important. So it’ll run on propane power, it’s run electrically and 12 volt power. We’re dry camping right now. This is cold. You’re gonna love the
fridge because here it is, Three Way Fridge, but it opens either way, which is fabulous on a
Twin Bed if I wanna grab a drink when I’m working
in the bedroom watching TV, I can just quickly grab a
root beer from this side and go in the back or if I’m in the front, watching TV and I wanna grab
another root beer, I can. I really love the new fridge,
it’s absolutely fantastic. So you have a brand new
Dometic Thermostat for 2020. Now that we’ve gone to auto gen start with
our propane generator, we needed a thermostat
that will work with that so that if the temperature goes too high it will automatically come on, the air conditioner,
and cool down the unit. So same system for
controlling the motorhome, you can set it on cool or
you can set it on heat. You can turn on the
fans just like you would with your normal thermostat at home, so brand new Dometic Thermostat, works just like the other one, just has a couple more features on it. Okay, as we come into the motorhome, we can see that we’ve got
some nice hangers here for jackets, Ultraleather denim with Leisure Travel Vans logo. We have our switches for our
lights, they’re also dimmable. We have all of our outside switches so when it’s on that means that I have my outside
compartment light on and my service center on, I’ve got my beautiful LED
lights that are in my cabinets. I can turn them off and on. This is my step for camping mode and we have our inside light
and outside LED lights. We have our battery disconnect switch if I wanna turn off the power. Turn it off right there. I also light this little feature, nice little privacy blind at
night that you can bring down. Right here, we’ve got our optional
hydraulic leveling system, so if you wanna make sure
your emergency brake is on, get auto level, four
jacks automatically level. We also have another option
called stabilizer jacks where it just stabilizes the coach electrically, so you can go with that option. Here’s our Truma AquaGo comfort plus hot
water heater control center. Over here we’ve got our
controls for our tank sensors. We have our battery,
we’re fully charged up. 13.2 is pretty much fully prime. Fresh water is empty, our
gray is empty, black is empty and now we have about
19% on our propane tank. You can see I have 19% of
propane, so I’m getting kinda low. So new for 2020, when you order the LP
generator only 3.6 KW, you get auto gen start, this is the control center
for the auto gen start, so you can set it for batteries. If the batteries get too low,
the generator will come on, recharge the batteries. You can also set it for
temperature if you can pets in the unit and it gets too hot
it’ll bring on the generator, turns on the air conditioner, keep your little pets nice and
cool like Cassius the boxer. Also brand new feature on
all Unity models for 2020 is a Pure Sine Wave 2000 watt inverter that works great with our
brand new AGM batteries. We’ve also inverted it
on the microwave as well and we have four or five inverted plugs
throughout the motorhome. You would turn that on, that switches your
batteries over to 110 power. I really love the design of the Twin Bed. You have two separate living
areas, one in the front, one in the back and we use
the bathroom shower door to create that. See that, how smart that is? And look at this, you’re
gonna love this bathroom. This is a dry bathroom
and separate shower. Stand up shower, separate dry bathroom, three piece bathroom. Look at this, beautiful
stainless steal sink, nice big counter area here. Build in shelves, they’ve
done a great job designing it. We have our accessory
channel, places for cups, places for your towels and look at this storage underneath here and little medicine cabinet up here. Wow, look how great that is. This is a macerator toilet. China, marine gray, macerator toilet. Churns up all the solids and shoots them into your black tank. We have a GFI control plug here and a water switch for the water pump. If you’re in the middle of the night and you forgot to turn on your water pump if you’re dry camping, you
don’t have to go all the way to the front, turn it on. You can just turn on the water pump here and use the washroom. See, when you order the
optional fan upgrade, you get the rain sensor fan
also in the bathroom area. Nice big 12 inch fan, lots of power for getting the
warm air out of the motorhome. So on the other side of the bathroom we have our
great big standup shower. As you can see, I’ve got my shoes on, I’m six foot one for sure, but I have lots of room
in the shower area, we still have our pull out dental floss. No, that’s a not a dental floss, but a great little clothesline
for drying your clothes. Have a little handle for coming in. We have a separate shower door. We have built in soap accessories. Put my soap and my shampoos for this hair and we have a water
control head right here, I can control the water flow,
nice way to conserve water. Nice, big stand up shower, LED lights. So lots of room. We’re now in the bedroom
area of the Unity TB. How fantastic is this? Two separate twin beds, they pull together and
make into a king sized bed. Windows on both sides,
cross ventilation, TV. So first we’re gonna talk about all the upper cabinets in a Twin Bed. Twin Bed has the most upper
cabinets, look at this. Beautiful, European,
hidden hinge, curved doors. This is all done in the Maple. Nice area here for more shelves up above. Over on the other side, storage. Wow, there is a ton of
storage in this motorhome. Storage, storage, storage and big, deep storage too. So lots of storage, you can store lots of
things in the Twin Bed. I love this area, how much
room we have back here. I can work on my laptop, I
can read, I can watch TV. We have a separate TV in the bedroom and we have a smart Blu-ray player. Standard in all 2020 Unity Models, so it makes my TV smart as well, so what a beautiful area. You can see we’ve done the
valances in Ultraleather. I love the pinch window. Look how beautiful that
view is of the lake and we’ve got privacy blinds, look how they just lock in place here. So I can have the awning
style windows open and I can have fresh air coming in, it’s not gonna flap all over the place or I can go privacy at night. I love the Ultraleather head boards and brand new bedspreads
that were redesigned for us. Nice and soft material. So anything that has a full time bed gets a spread on Unity models. We also have reading
lights underneath here and you can dim them and turn them on and turn them off and both sides and USB plugs here for
charging on both sides and these two plugs are inverted so if you have a sleep apnea
machine you can plug it in, run if off that brand new 2000 watt Pure Sine
Wave Inverter at night. Down below we have even more storage. Underneath the beds, storage. Underneath this bed, storage and some hidden storage right there. And two hanging closets,
one on each side of the bed and I almost forgot we have some beautiful
pull out drawers as well. Still not done yet, underneath the bed, I have some more storage, this
is where we keep our table, but you have lots of
room to get more storage. Easy access to my water
pump, over on this side, even some more storage, so you can put your extra mattresses in this area here when you’re
driving down the road or you can just leave them at home, have even more storage
underneath the motorhome. So we always include the two extra mattresses
which are designed exactly as the same main mattress. This comes across and I just slide in the mattresses up into here and over into here and look at this. I have got a king sized bed. I mean, this is big. With my shoes on, for sure, six, two, six, three. Look at this. I can be all the way over here, look how much room is left this way. You can sleep three or
four people this way, no problem or you can sleep
traditionally this way or you can slide over here and sleep. So what a great use of space. I can have two twin beds if I want, if I’m going golfing with the guys, taking the family out, I
can make it into a king bed, we can all sleep over
here, it’s not a problem. Two twins, one king, have
the emergency bed up front and this is actually really smart too. Cassius, my boxer, he can
sleep underneath there. You can put a little
kennel underneath there. Put your little box underneath
there if you have cats. We haven’t really had a chance to look at the brand new Mercedes-Benz chassis. 10 years of us building the Unity’s and Mercedes-Benz coming
out with a new chassis. We sitting in the new cockpit, it’s absolutely fabulous on
the new Sprinter Chassis. And if you haven’t seen it yet, you got to get down to a
Leisure Travel Van dealer and take one out for a test drive. So same motor, three
liter V6 turbo diesel. 188 horsepower, 325 foot pounds of torque. Seven speed, automatic transmission. Big change there, so we’re gonna get some
better fuel economy. We’re rolling down the
highway with two extra gears. Brand new, multi-functional
steering wheel. All the controls are right
here at your fingertip level. For the 2020 model your
going forward will be the 10.25 inch MBUX
multimedia info system. Like your iPad at home, you
can swipe it to find all the different things that you want. You have Mercedes-Benz
warranty information in there. Manuals build right in, telling you what your
miles per gallon are, what your RPM is at, multimedia systems. You can hook up a Bluetooth, you have serious radio
now for 2020 going forward and navigation with smart intelligence. So you can actually talk to the chassis and it will reply back to you. Hey, Mercedes. How can I help you? How spectacular is that? So you have Bluetooth for your phone, we have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Another feature that we
order from Mercedes-Benz is the charging package that you can charge your
supported phones wirelessly. We also have USB-C connections
that you can charge and plug in whatever you want, which will run off your multimedia system. Couple little great features
of the steering wheel. Your left button here controls
your instrument screen, your right button controls
your multimedia system so you never have to take
your eyes off the road. They’ve also added some other
great little safety features. We talked about the airbags in the seats, they’ve added airbags
in the window pillars. Another great feature is
Distronic active cruise control. We also have traffic sign assist, if it’ll actually see a traffic sign and tell you what speed
you need to be driving in a certain area. Up here we’ve added front
collision impact assist and lane assist when you’re
driving down the road. No more key, you just simply
have the fob in your pocket or close to you, press the button and it starts up the chassis. Okay, you’re still gonna
love how easy it is to move from front to back. Look how much room I have. I’m well over six foot one, look at this, I’m not gonna bump my head, it’s easy to transition back into the house area of the motorhome. Inside was absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to show you the outside. Redesigned front mask and fairings that contour into the chassis. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500
series cutaway chassis. Three liter V6 turbo diesel engine, brand new seven speed
automatic transmission. They’ve redesigned the entire front. New light, new grill. They’ve even increased the step size here so you can put both your
feet up here for cleaning the windshield. Let’s work our way around
to the passenger side. We have our optional Alcoa rims. So we go with six aluminum rims. We have the Dura-Bright finish
on the outside rims as well. The great feature on aluminum rims is you can check your inner
and outer tire pressure as we have valve stem
extensions build into the aluminum rim. We’re about seven feet, 11 inches wide. So you still knock in the
mirrors in case you’re in a tight situation and you need to make the motorhome smaller. Right here, we’ve got our awning controls for our box awning and we
have our LED light switch here and it’s a wind sensor awning
so you can turn on the awning. You hit the button once and
it automatically comes out and it’s gonna come out about seven feet and it’s just over 12 feet in length. So make sure you leave the awning on. If you happen to turn the awning
off now you would actually be turning off your wind sensors. I’m just gonna simulate what
would happen if there was a gust of wind. It would automatically close, so great safety feature on that. So as we work our way down, we’ve got our beautiful
curved body design. You can see how we integrate
the chassis into the body. See how the lines all tie together. Looks absolutely fabulous. As we work our way down, we’ve got our 16 000 BTU
furnace vent and storage. We talked about storage being important in a small motor home. We’re only 25 feet, one
inch in total length. Look at this nice big storage area here. This is all done in
galvanized sheet metal. It’ll never rust, it’s super strong. We spray spray foam all the compartments so that you have less road
noise when you’re going down the road and it’s all lined. The door is fiberglass. Curved, see how they curve
underneath to create the curve of the wall and they’re strutted so it’s not gonna fall down and hit you in the back of the head. Great little deign there. We have our entrance door
with our automatic step, you can put it on camping mode. When it’s on camping mode, you can see the step stays strong. Don’t panic, when you turn on the ignition there is an override, it would automatically go back up. Fridge vents right here. Underneath this compartment here. Once again, curved compartment door. Brand new for 2020, 2000 watt inverter with
AGM batteries which are located underneath the step. So nice new features
standard on all Unity models. Fiberglass fender skirts are optional. Alcoa rims which are a nice
little feature to have. You have six Alcoa rims. We have dually’s at the back,
all done in Dura-Bright. On the outside build in valve extensions so you can check your inner
and outer tire pressure. We also spray foam
underneath here as well, so less road damage when
you’re driving down the road, less noise. We have our optional generator. You can have a 3.2 KW or a
3.6 KW propane generator. Great new standard feature when you order the 3.6 KW propane
generator is auto gen start. So it will automatically come on when your batteries get low or you
can set it for temperature. It would then come on,
turn on the air conditoner and cool the motorhome
down if you have pets. So when your order the LP generator only, you get auto gen start. Another great standard feature, we have a quick connect for your RVQ barbecue quick connect so you can run your barbecue off of our main propane tank and, of course, you can see we got another
storage bin at the back. So lots of exterior storage. And you’re gonna love this
storage, look at this. Pass through storage all
the way to the other side, ’cause when I said it was pass
through, it is pass through. Look at this, we’re gonna do something
more fun than fishing. We’re gonna go golfing. I’d like to have a look
at the storage space. I mean, that’s passed through
all the way to the other side. Isn’t that spectacular? 25 foot, one inch motorhome has this much exterior storage space. Great new object for 2020 is
our portable exterior table. Very simple, when you
order the option we put the mounts right into the body. We’re just gonna lock it
onto the anchors right here. And here and then we
just drop down our legs. So once you have your legs set you can just snap it in place
and it’s locked right in. Nice little outside table
for dry campers that do a lot of dry camping
that don’t have a table. Now you’ve got a portable
table to take with you. So great little option. As we work our way around the motorhome, we’ve got our beautiful,
full fiberglass rear mask. We make this all at our own factory. We do open and reverse molding on this. This is a two piece mask. Separate bumper, separate main mask. Fully insulated, LED lights, built in integrated back up camera. We have our hitch built in as well. We can tow up to 5000 pounds, so the GCWR on a Mercedes-Benz chassis if 15250 pounds minus your wet weight so if you were to fully load it up to 11030 pounds you can
still tow about 4250 pounds. Seven pin connector for towing. We also put backing in the
rear mask in case you want to add a ladder later
on and we fully insulate that rear mask so it keeps you nice and warm in cold weather or nice and cool in hot weather
like we have today. That’s all vacuum bonded walls, ventral lite exterior fiberglass skin, vacuum pressed onto boxed aluminum studs. Two pound density polystyrene. You can see that curve
is absolutely fabulous. We have our beautiful, sexy
frame less glass windows and look at this paint job, this is the brand new
Glacier exterior paint color. We have eight exterior
paint colors for 2020. We have Bordeaux, Silver, Graphite, Euro Sport, Glacier, Champagne, White Suede and Denim. So a total of eight exterior colors. This is all full body paint. Each color is painted three times and then two coats of clear,
so absolutely stunning. This is our outside service center, so this is all your connections and your dumping of your tanks. So we have a nice little
option called a macerator pump that you can put on as an option and this will dump uphill,
this will dump out of a one inch line. It runs off a motor, it grinds up everything and shoots it out. So nice little option to have. When you order this option, we still always include the manual three inch dump line as well. So nothing to worry about there. We have our propane fill right here and we have an on, off switch for the propane tank which is very important to have if you go on boats, tunnels, sometimes when you’re filling
up the propane you have to turn it off. Simple touch of the button
turns off the propane, you can fill it up. Here’s our valves for our
black water and our gray water. You always dump your back
first and then your gray. This is our black water flush right here, if you wanna clean out
your black water tank, you wanna make sure that you’re
hooked up, valves are open, otherwise it will go
up through the toilets. So always be careful when you’re doing your black water flush. Nice little feature here
is our outside water pump. So if you forget to
turn on your water pump, like I did just now and I
wanna use the exterior shower. So now my water pump is on and I can use the exterior shower. We have our fresh water fill, so that comes up through here. Hook up your fresh water fill into there and then you can fill up your
tank or leave it on pressure. We’ve also got our cable connection and our satellite dish
connection if you have a portable satellite dish and we also have our
winterizing bypass valve. Another great little
feature on all Unity models, we have an RV hose for
picking up any freeze or for our dry campers, if they wanna put fresh water
into their fresh water tank, get a gallon of water,
turn on the water pump and suck it up into your fresh water tank. So nice little feature
there for winterizing or getting fresh water into your tank. So, service center,
everything’s very simple. Easy to use and out of the way. Over here we’ve got our
short power connection right here hooking up your 30 amp service and we’re always talk about storage and the Twin Bed has got a crazy
amount of exterior storage. I think it would be a
challenge to fit it all. You’ve got your three inch dump hose, that’s all in a nice little
spot sealed out of the way. You can see how much exterior storage and once again I love the struts built in, the beautiful curved doors. See how they wrap around the body design. Another great standard feature on all Unity models is, of course, is the Truma AquaGo comfort
plus hot water heater, this instant hot water
heater comes out of Germany. The reason that this hot
water heater has been so successful is because it has a hot water tank right
here that stays nice and warm when you have it on comfort plus so that when you turn on
your faucet in the shower or the sink or the kitchen sink
you have instant hot water. Turn it on, boom, hot water. As it uses up this one liter of hot water the heat exchanges are
continuously heating and continuously giving
you instant hot water. So Truma AquaGo comfort plus,
standard on all Unity models. The best RV heater in the industry. As we work our way forward of course you can see another
beautiful awning style window. So if it’s pouring rain out you don’t have to worry about water
going into the motorhome. And I love this part, how
we’ve designed this into the Mercedes-Benz chassis
our fiberglass flairs which are also insulated as well. Contour into the body of
the Mercedes-Benz chassis and we still are able to
fill up our diesel fuel, close the door no fumes going in and when the door is closed it’s locked, nobody can tamper with your diesel. Another little feature is for the 2019 Mercedes-Benz
chassis going forward you can use some B20
biodiesel in the chassis. They don’t want you using it all the time, but if you need to use it you still can and we still have our
beautiful little curtesy light when you open the door. So in case you’re ever in a
tight position you can knock the mirrors in and out
you’re about seven feet, 10 inches in width. 25 feet one long and 10 feet seven inches
exterior height without a satellite dish. With all Leisure Travel Vans we have our roadside assistance program, which gets you technical
support, roadside assistance, towing, tire assistance, urgency
fluids, locksmith service, jump starts, RV mobile mechanic, concierge service that’s all part of it. We give it that free for the
first two years of owning the motorhome. You can join MyLTV, they
have some great service, they have travelers clubs, we have photo contests, product resources. You can check anything
that’s in the motorhome. How to winterize the motorhome. We have great videos on there. If you’re looking for a small motorhome, stealth, no slide outs. Lots of exterior storage,
lots of interior storage. You have a combination
of sleeping areas inside the motorhome. Small, fun, take it anywhere you wanna go. Big city, national parks, federal parks, anywhere you wanna go, you
can take this motorhome. All run on the brand new
Mercedes-Benz chassis. Wow, hey, make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel, because we have all the new
videos that we’re starting to get out and if you’re a
subscriber you’re gonna see the videos first. Wanna thank you very much
for watching the video again. Go to your local Leisure Travel Van dealer and see the brand new 2020 Unity Twin Bed. Hey, Dean, from Leisure Travel Vans, you should be doing this! You can configure your
Leisure Travel Van today. We have build in price, you
can compare floor plans. You can pick colors of exterior. Interior wood colors, leather colors, plus you can pick all the
options and you can price it out and know exactly what you’re getting in your Leisure Travel Van.


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