217 Hyundai Santa Fe TM SUV camping camper #ohmycamp
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217 Hyundai Santa Fe TM SUV camping camper #ohmycamp

It’s a reasonable SantafeTM camper. A smart camper weighing 30 kilograms? It includes a table and drawer. five-seater car in a nearby park or in an airy place
You can always rest in car. Trunk space. Here’s an OHMYCAMP camper. used a rigid birch plywood. You can remove the drawer table for use as a kitchen table. The lid of the drawer has a small table. If you’re going to camp in the middle of winter,
you’re going to have to go to Parking Heater.
There must be a separate power source to turn the heater. If there’s electricity,
Camping is possible in various places. With heaters,
Camping is possible even in famous tourist attractions. Under drawer, under 200A LiFePo4 battery 220V inverter
It has a built-in German parking heater. Driving charger, 200A, 220V inverter 1.5kw
Install on the left side of the campus at the bottom Parking heater use the car’s fuel to heat it. But This car fuel is Gasoline
Gasoline-driven heaters are very expensive. Setting up a separate oil canister, l put in some kerosene or Diesel.
It’s more economical to put it in and use. Parking heater combustion gases are released from the vehicle.
It’s safe because it doesn’t enter the room. Before we build the camper,
Parking heater and wiring is pre-installed. So we can use all the space under the campus.
I’ve got a doors You can use a camping car, but in summer and winter Use high-efficiency materials to create space. For a strong, unshakable floor.
Structure is supported on the floor of a car. It takes about five minutes to set up the structure. When you go camping, you can open your bed open. The space under the chair can hold long items. It takes less than 5 minutes to fold and unfold. It’s hard to sit with your back straight because of the size of the car. You can sit on a chair at an angle. It’s 6.2 X 4.3 ft enough for two people to lie down.

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