24 HOUR ARTIC BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! 📦❄️ -20 Degrees, Snow Fort & More!
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24 HOUR ARTIC BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! 📦❄️ -20 Degrees, Snow Fort & More!

it is so cold that if you throw water
outside it turns into snow as this is honestly the hardest challenge we have
ever done mentally physically the cold is just eating away at us snow in the
Forge there’s literally snow inside the forks oh wow get in there right now you
need to see this Logan now take the truck looking you need to see this I
need to see what what are you talking about Logan
what does he do what is this guy doing on the screen what do you call what he’s
doing well he’s fishing for fish on ice Jake it’s just ice fishing have you
never seen someone ice fish ice fishing no but it’s it’s beautiful look and I
know I don’t say this very often but I think this might be the single-handedly
most important thing I ever wanted to do in my life
Jake you say that every day no Moken this is different okay now I want to do
the fishing of ice I think this could be our single handedly greatest adventure
up we no no no no I’m not going ice fishing game Logan I need you every good
ice fisherman has a partner okay we could build a box for on ice and fish
Jake we’ve never even done a box we’re in negative degrees how are we gonna
handle ice mm-hmm you’re right about that my box for technology is built to
last up to around zero degrees Celsius anything below that we’re talking about
sub-zero temperatures yeah Jake we’re not prepared for sub-zero temperatures
Logan we’ve built boxes every week for the past three months I know the ins and
out of cardboard I know the dimensions that taped the stick holiness of the
different brands why don’t we do an ice fishing box form why don’t we do a
winter survival box Ford in the middle of a lake Jake that’s a big goal to
achieve and I mean it’s it’s great it’s up but shouldn’t we like prepare we
build a box for it in the backyard and we use only supplies we can bring it out
into the wild if we get survive 24 hours outside then we know we’re ready to go
ice fishing and then I can go and catch me some fish Jake do you even like fish
oh no Logan I don’t want to eat them no no I just want to catch up and meet them
Logan how did you ever seen Finding Nemo come on let’s get going yeah
what’s going on guys as Papa J Q from TV and we are back with a brand new video
and today guys we’re not doing something awesome I don’t know why I’m holding a
nerf gun Logan anyway guys we are back and we’re doing
another survival challenge video but unlike anything you’ve ever seen before
as you guys saw I want to go ice fishing but in order for us to go out and
survive a 24-hour challenge out in the wilderness in the snow we have to be
able to do it here in our backyard and as you guys can see it’s very snowy out
it’s cold all right we’re in the middle of December almost January and we’re
actually at an all-time low for cold check this out what’s the temperature
today – 13 degrees guys and is gonna get even colder at night so our objective
for today is to see if we could survive out in the wild and in order to do that
we’re gonna build a box board in the backyard using snow as well as cardboard
and see if we can survive a 24 hour challenge if we can complete it then we
know that we can officially survive in the wild you’re like a weapon on wheels is deadly maybe you should bring that
for bears you know we’ve survived in the wild
before but never at these freezing temperatures we’re going ice fishing
this is on a link so guys if we get baby thousand likes on this video right we’ll
take this concept and go out into the wild we will go up north and do a real
box for ice fishing video in the wild so smack that like button down below let’s
try and crush 50,000 likes anyways guys do not forget if you happen to be new
around here join the Papa Jake family keep the subscribe button down below as
well as a little bell button so you never miss out on a video you don’t want
to miss out cuz we’re always having fun on the daily except today might not be
fun cuz it’s literally freezing it is so cold that if you throw water outside it
turns into snow so you boil water and once this boils I
gonna go outside on the balcony and throw it off and I’m gonna show you guys
just how cold it is it will instantly turn to snow because I want you guys to
realize what we’re gonna be facing out there this is the hardest challenge we
have ever done so be sure to smack that like button guys because we’re gonna
need all the support we can on this video and here we go check this out this
is just how cold it is outside boiling water instantly in the snow that is cold
I’m gonna see you get back inside the worst possible situation you know we
kick it up to the north and it could be this cold and if we tested it in warmer
temperatures we might not be prepared to survive now that we know how cold it is
and now that we know that we’re doing this it’s time to get ready so Jake you
got all the stuff right I did Lowe’s and check it out all right I knew it was
gonna be frizzy so I thought one of these you just bought one you mention if
it doesn’t make much sense I don’t know I just bought one but it but it’s a
thermal shirt Logan oh look there’s ice here you know what’s gonna be warm Jake
we’ve much more than just one thermal layer to survive like where there’s two
of us what am I gonna wear I did not think about that all right here’s the
thing we gotta improvise what if we were in
the north and I had only brought one thermal layer how would we survive build
this thing and we make it warm enough that we can survive it so I said we go
downstairs grab our cardboard get a staging area ready and we head outside
this is gonna be a box fort slash snow fort we piled up all the snow in the
backyard to make a massive mountain that we can use as the back to our base let’s
go check it out all right guys check it out this is the snow pile we have that
we built the other night and you know it’s decently big we definitely want to
do like a full on out snow fort when it snows a bit more but yeah it’s freezing
out there man okay so we’re gonna use this basement as our staging area this
is a good place to kind of build because our biggest problem guys is tape doesn’t
stick very well now when we go up to the north we’re gonna buy special premium
tape that sticks in freezing cold weather but we don’t have that yet so
for this video we’re gonna build parts of it inside and bring it outside we’re
also going to need to shovel into the snow pile because snow is a very
good insulation so I think it’s time we get our boxes start building in here and
start laying out this plan then we’ll bring all of our gear and try and
survive guys this is gonna be crazy so the tricky part of this is that we
need to build the box for kind of in sectional pieces we’re not going to go
outside yet because that means layering all up but what we will do is we’ll
start in here we should go to fancy all right let’s make a box for it that is
perfectly sized for the both of us Jake this isn’t gonna be fancy exactly this
is just so we can survive very true survival is our number one priority
fancy is second I think we need to start with the flooring as well as the walls
and then if we build it in sections that can easily be put together kind of like
a big Lego piece we should be able to fit it through the door and make it
outside out we might have just revolutionized box for buildings so you
guys know our issue was getting the box for outside because tape doesn’t stick
outside and we only have a small door to go through it’s very very very tiny so
we created the world’s first ever pop-up box fort so you can see here guys
see this see this pile of logs in here is a box that is an entire box fort all
right so it’s all nice and tiny you can fit this in the back your car maybe even
the back your knapsack so we bring this outside and with minimal building
outside of the freezing-cold you simply pull it apart like so first wall comes
out second wall comes out this comes out like this wall comes out like this now you will
have to do a little bit of taping on the walls but once this is done this comes
on like this you have a fully working box for you tape it together with a few
lines to tape here cut a door and you’re good to go
you have a box been outside this thing fits pulling back together you guys get
this point that is pretty awesome let me even Burton we built this for this video
but this is something we can use in the future even though this summer like it’s
very hard to like you want to go camping fold up the box for it throw it in the
car exactly bring it to the woods BAM you’ve got yourself a portable box for
it but now that this is ready guys I think it’s time that we gear up and head
outside freezing cold and start building this thing we can lay down right here
and put up against here and then build into the snow here perfect it’s really slippery here just a little
bit of tape in five minutes we’re able to set this thing up it’s not perfect
because as we got out here the Box started to cool down and it got really
cold and it’s not sticking at all anymore like this tape here is the last
layer we put on it’s barely sticking so now what we need to do is we need to use
our snow fort dig into it a little bit with our shell and then we’ll be able to
set this thing up open up a door and get inside all right love you what are you
doing you got this little wall here you got this tomorrow we’re going sledding
and we’re gonna try to make the world’s first box fort sled anyways if you guys are hyped for box
fort sledding smash that thumbs up button let us know in the comments if
there’s any cool ideas that you guys want us to build the box for to actually
push back into our snow pile here the snows gonna help act as insulation for
it but we had an idea how cool would it be if when it snows more we were to open
up a hole in the back of the box for it imagine this even bigger like 2 times
the size and we make tunnels into the snow that would be a sweet snowboard
that would be really cool so now I think it’s time we go inside we got a grabber
box cutter we’ll grab all of our gear sleeping bags
food everything like that and get inside cuz Suns going down it’s getting colder
alright guys so we have all of our equipment and all of our supplies do you
just throw snow Bonnie I think you want a snowball fight and
I’m freezing I think we need to get inside the fort but I do think we need
to do that again one that warms up and you’re gonna actually properly make
snowballs a massive snowball fight would be sweet back here
the fort’s Jeep this is like a winter wonderland all right guys let’s get
inside the fort and try and be as warm as possible we have our MRE our food for
the night and last but not least we have our sleeping bag inside close the door
man alright so we have snow on the outside acting as insulation by a voice
and the cold I keep it is very cold in your but it is actually kind of warming
up and I will say it is actually warmer than outside as this is honestly the
hardest challenge we have ever done mentally physically the cold is just
eating away at us snow in the Forge there’s literally snow inside the fort’s
although like I said snow is actually a good insulation which is funny because
you wouldn’t think that you’d want snow but it is good that’s why egg lose work
really well but we’ve been building all day we’ve been on the coal for an hour –
now we have the rest of the night to go I don’t know what time it is it’s dark
out I think at this point we try to get comfy try and warm up the for a little
bit maybe maybe dance a bit could really even bring it like trikes in here it’s
so cold we’ve had to go through a bunch of batteries cuz even the GoPro is
starting to get freezing we have our meal for the night so maybe we chill for
a bit and then cook dinner and hopefully dinner warm us up you guys have never
seen this use an MRE before you’re in for a treat order saw the menu today
Logan today we have sauce and meatballs day sorry I thought should be nice and
warm on a cold night okay well let’s try and get coffee to make this a home for
the night so we got comfy we’ve got the sleeping
bag we’ve got our equipment on just we’re doing this challenge to get ready
to go ice fishing we want to take this but not have the safety of our house
next to us be actually out in the middle of a freezing lake and survive for the
night so far we’re learning things one definitely need to use the box for
foldable mechanism to definitely need to buy thermal duct tape which actually
exists I lift it up it does exist you can buy duct tape that you can tape in
sub-zero temperatures I also think our gear is not up to professional standards
a lot of this stuff we bought during the summer half price on Amazon but Amazon
might not cut it when the temperatures hit below negative 15 we also had a mini
stove out here but we realized that the gas tank that came with it was empty so
we had no gas which obviously we’re at home we could go to a store but to
simulate if we had gotten out to the middle of the lake we wouldn’t have been
able to go get gas so that being said guys I’m holding in I think it’s time to
cook dinner and hopefully that’ll warm us up a little bit so this is the MRE if
you guys have never seen this disease before these are meals ready to eat so
you don’t need a stove you don’t need a fire all you need is a little bit of
water to cook them and they come with everything they come with utensils
napkins pepper coffee to make in the morning you also have of course desserts
and you’ve got this cool fancy pouch here which acts as a stove and all you
need is a little bit of water so inside this one for example you’ve got some
Gatorade hot sauce it looks like here we have black beans and seasoned sauce a
cracker very very dry cracker these are built to
last for like 20 years for dessert we have vanilla pudding
powder which I don’t think we’re gonna eat coz no matter how hungry I am I
Capon illah pudding uh and then we got our meatballs so let’s uh let’s put
these on the oven so to speak and get these cooked up and I’ll enjoy a cracker
in the meantime all right now it’s add water and this
thing will start cooking so we got ourselves a nice hot meal all right in
the meantime guys I’m gonna enjoy a nice cracker with peanut butter
Logan you want some of this oh we got two crackers in here very dry and now
very cold and this peanut butter is already starting to harden on me so no
bomb all right guys so we just got our emery back inside and it is now time to
eat as you guys can see how don’t have you see the steam coming off of it but
this thing is nice and hot so I’m gonna open it up oh yeah check that out guys know could definitely use some more
pasta but meatballs and sauce can’t go wrong with that was it yeah it
definitely warms us up on a cold night it is so cold in here guys and it’s just
getting colder by the minute my feet are really numb I don’t know what I’m gonna
do about that lure is extremely cold I’m hoping once we’re like after dinner we
bundle up with a sleeping bag that’s gonna help but it’s cool and get cozy in
our winter box for survival challenge a negative 15 degrees outside we are
freezing we are in a box for covered in snow trying to stay warm
we just finished dinner and we’re gonna try and get cozy honest you guys any at
this point I’m so exhausted I’ve got a really bad headache for some reason
think cuz I haven’t had a lot of water Oh put that in my system see we might
try to fall asleep I doubt I’ll be getting to sleep very early tonight but
if I don’t update you again we went to sleep all right guys hold on we don’t
know what time it is we decided to try and sleep because we thought that would
be the best way to get rid of the cold that did not work we’ve been out here
for maybe two three hours I’m not sure yet didn’t really fall asleep I kind of
fell in and out of sleep Logan did you sleep no honestly guys I can completely
not feel my feet and haven’t been warming up we thought that
maybe wants to get a sleeping bag and after like an hour so it would start to
warm up in here it has not I have no idea what the temperature is but
unfortunately guys I think we’re gonna have to actually call this challenge I
think we’re gonna need to go inside for the safety of ourselves and so that we
can continue to make videos and not get extremely sick or frostbite we uh looks
like we actually failed our first challenge which is crazy because we have
not failed a challenge yet granted all of her challenges of 24
hours have been in the summer the hardest one I thought was the one in the
fall that was pretty cold but it is nothing like this guys so negative 15 I
think it’s going down negative 20 tonight which it probably is right now
beyond cold so we’re gonna gather our things get inside and give you guys an
update before we do go inside though guys I did want to show you because we
mentioned this at the start of the video if you guys thought it would be really
cool we would make a snow fort attached to this where we could crawl through
here into a snow fort now it doesn’t need to snow a little bit more and we do
need to pile up some more snow but in case you want to see what that would
look like and because we’re leaving anyway Logan will the camera go enter in
there into the snow for it as sad as dams and the challenge guys in the fail
I’m excited for the future cuz that is awesome but let’s head inside and do an
update all right guys we just got back inside we got warmed up a little bit
still have not had a warm shower I definitely need that but it was cold now
I can talk my 52 my face was so cold like I could not talk it’s like you try
to move your lips it does not work and my hands were like icicles dude my feet
were bad and I realized my socks were wet which really wasn’t a great idea and
we didn’t even have thermal socks on we had like regular running snow we got a
gear up we do the one good thing I think we learned was how to make that pop like
foldable box that’s very true guys if we’re doing more of these 24 hour
challenges we are going boys fishing plays well if this video gets 50,000
likes so be sure to smack that like button but if we do that we know now how
to build a foldable force we know we need to buy thermal duct tape and we
know we need to buy stuff that isn’t on sale on Amazon because it doesn’t keep
you warm I do feel bad I feel bad this is the first ever challenge we did not
complete you know in the summer it was awesome we did every single Twain for
our challenge even the fall 20 our challenge we completed but this is
different I mean it is hard and I am proud that we made it as far as we did
with this challenge and I hope you guys aren’t too mad at us but like I said
we’re willing to give it a go because when you get knocked down you kind of
get backed up and try it again a little bit so this has been pop of Jake and
Logan here and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video


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