24 Hour BOX FORT AIRPLANE First Class Billionaire
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24 Hour BOX FORT AIRPLANE First Class Billionaire

here we go Wow chink you’ve actually
outdone yourself I don’t even know I don’t want to know what this is Jake I’m
booking my airplane ticket for my vacation I told you like two weeks ago
vacation without me okay you can’t go on a vacation without me what are you doing
buying yourself in your plane ticket Logan that’s a waste of money
what do you mean you’re like the king of spending money open all those companies
or just big scam artists they’re just I mean Logan if you’re gonna go on
vacation without me at least let me help you get there you want me to use your
travel points but Logan I’ve got something better
Papa Jake Airlines I’ve got a pile of cardboard and some duct tape I’m gonna
build you your very own first-class airliner to take you on your vacation no
need to spend any money no need to go to the airport security forget all of that
my airplane is the most luxurious best way to travel you could possibly ask for
and it’s completely free minus the $10,000 fee okay Jake whatever if you
want to make me an airplane and fly me across the world sure go for it perfect
I’ll get working on it you stay right here all right don’t be going to any
airports to see airports come to you and we are back with a brand new video and
today guys we are gonna be building the world’s biggest the world’s best
first-class airliner as you guys know Logan is traveling to London and he
wants to fly with one of those big-name airplane companies but those are all
scammers guys yeah they got their big planes made out of metal and jet fuel
but you don’t need any of that if you want to go intercontinental all you need
is your brain and some cardboard I’m gonna be making Logan his very own
personal private jet to fly him to and take him all the way there and it’s
not even gonna cost him a penny other than $10,000 that’s my minimum fee for
flying Logan to London but other than that it is completely free food
complimentary baggage complimentary seats complimentary now as you guys can
see I’ve actually started on the exterior of the plane and this thing is
massive it is like a Boeing seven 97,000 over here the Papa plane
peep-peep for short that that wouldn’t work that’s I’m gonna work on that one
but regardless guys we are gonna be tricking this plane out with everything
you want in first-class he’s gonna have his own sleeping quarters he’s gonna
have his own lounging quarters eating quarters it’s even got a cockpit where I
myself will be flying the plane I’ll also be doing all the other stuff like
bringing him food and all the fun stuff you get in at first-class luxury box for
airplane now before show you guys inside I haven’t completed in it yet we still
have a lot of stuff to do I do want to remind you if you have not yet already
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into the squad and you’ll never miss a brand-new pop a Jake video but why don’t
we check around back here and I’ll show you guys just what the plane looks like
right now right now this is just open this isn’t actually gonna be the
entrance to the airplane but as you guys can see the airplane is split off into
two different sections it’s not even done being fully lit yet or anything
like that but just to give you guys an idea as to how the design is gonna work
this is where the flight attendants aka yours truly will be walking back and
forth you know getting your drinks anything like that over here is the
pilots quarters if not complete yet we don’t even have a
window to look outside so this plane really can’t go anywhere but over here
is where Logan is gonna get all of his space this is where he’s gonna be
chillin for the entire flight because of like London’s like six hours that’s a
lot of time to be chillin in an airplane now we come out of this super cramped
section into Logan’s area guys check out how massive this is so this is gonna be
split off into different sections but basically we’re gonna be using all of
our world’s smallest box for its skills to use the space even though it’s big
but make it as luxurious and as grand as possible with the space we have maybe
even a bathroom so you know he could take a shower while he’s on the flight I
mean I still got a lot to do I still got to work on the main part of the plane I
still got to work on this part but more importantly I still need to work on the
pilots cabin because I can pull all of our instruments in there so I can
actually take this plane off and fly it to London so I’m gonna get back to
building and I’ll update you guys in a little bit I’ve been working on the
plane doing a lot of crazy stuff in here and as of right now I’ve got Logan’s
rooms pretty much all set up so as you can see we got the door here which
enters into his first-class area we’ve got the first of three rooms so this
room I think I’m gonna turn into like the chill room you know where he can
relax enjoy some music just kind of chill out maybe look out at the wind but
maybe look out at the window and see you know the clouds passing by over here
you’ve got the next room I still don’t know which one I’m gonna make the
sleeping room yet and then the last room here is going to be his bathroom this is
where I’m gonna be put in a shower as well as all the amenities you want on an
airplane you know put on a nice moisturizing face mask and maybe come in
there grab a nice warm towel all the stuff you expect in first-class luxury
okay guys it is officially time the grand reveal
is here to show Logan his first-class airplane to take him to London she’s
strong she’s ready to go this is the pp couldn’t come up with anything better
than the pp so working on the name Logan but that doesn’t matter all right what
matters is that we get you to London safely and in the most luxurious way
possible course Logan I will be your pilot as well as your onboard stewardess
as well as your chef I’m also job your luggage so I’ll be getting this
ready quick security check a little bit fallen out alright you’re good to go
security check is clear I’m gonna get this over into the plane here the planes
right over there no no no no I want to make this is the jet Logan alright I’m
taking your you get everything nice done for you there we go
alright wait alright got another one loading her up
alright luggage is key to keep my bag to the plane so I mean we don’t have enough
space dude we made the plane super luxurious we had to use all of the
inside of the place luggage now why don’t you come on in I’ll show
you the plane alright welcome aboard the PPE Express oh hi looks like we got a
new flyer with us today can I see your ticket sir I don’t have a ticket
you just had come downstairs I’ll fly you to London right okay well you know
what sir it’s your lucky day because we’re gonna be upgrading you to
first-class why don’t you come on down here now the plane is large was actually
just built by a really good masterbox floor builder this thing is future
technology we got in here actually smells quite nice in here looks
like your first-class cabin is here now your first-class cabin is equipped with
a sleeping area lounging area and of course your own personal bathroom that
includes a shower Wow is this the loser bits in here got
yourself your own very pod here you have a phone in case you need to call the
captain or myself who will be your students I’m also the captain so you
know I’m just our usual yellow Jade either way works this is crazy yeah you
can sleep down here recline we’ve got yourself a little drink apartment here
with fresh beverages Gus over there in case you get hungry during
the flight why is that is the oxygen mask which we will not be needing
because this plane is super super futuristic tech there don’t worry about
that clothes that you got yourself some privacy from the rest of the airplane
now of course this is where you can spend most of your time but if you know
you get a little bit Restless you want to get some legroom that’s where you
head into the other part of the plane it’s just pretty comfy but you also have
patroller here you can make the lights whatever color you want completely
customizable and it even has a dark moat for when you want to go bet I can’t I
can’t I can’t get head on over here into the next room this is your lounging and
eating quarters in this room we’ve got everything you could possibly want
we’ve got your in-flight entertainment system including an Xbox one with all
the games you could possibly need a couch with a little bit more space in
case you want that Headroom and a pulldown table for your main course meal
which I will be providing we have a menu for you as well this is actually really
nice Jake there’s only one problem silo this is a cardboard box Jake how
are you flying me to London you’re under estimating the P P airlines okay this
bad boy might be made out of cardboard and not made out of titanium it also
might not use jet fuel but trust me Logan this thing is gonna
fly and I’m gonna take you to London faster than a normal airplane now the
last room here is your own personal luxury shower
you think you’ve actually outdone yourself is that it
oh yeah Logan that’s a toilet and not just any toilet this is the first-class
airplane toilet the suction on this baby is top-notch we’re talking 9000 g-force
of suction here in fact most of the budget went to this toilet itself now
over here because we blew the budget on the toilet we have your shower system
now flying at 18,000 feet you aren’t going to be able to get a full shower
but you can use this bad boy it just stuff you know wash hands alright Jake
Jake I’ve see enough you know what honestly dude sweet job on the airplane
I’m gonna leave you in here I gotta get to the the pilot section because we got
to take you up and get you over to London so I’m uh I’m ahead out there you
get yourself situated in here you know start relax and do whatever you need to
do maybe take a shower and I’ll be back to check on you in a little bit we’ll
see where this takes us this is your captain speaking captain Jake Wilde and
we are here and inside the airplane captain Jake wild get ready to take off
here I just want to make sure I’m all fastened up here my seatbelt is already
all right we’re good to go I want to welcome Logan on board for our trip here
on peepee airlines heading towards London Heathrow just letting you know
that we’re expecting the night smooth ride and you were in good hands with
captain Jake while here we are taking off in the captains
quarters here that there we go alarm alright guys so it looks like the
autopilot has taken over we are now officially at cruising altitude looking
probably didn’t expect this bad boy to take off but I knew she could handle it
a little bit of a rough takeoff there but we’re good to go now as you can see
though I am in the cabin if you guys have never been inside the box for cabin
I’ll show you around a little bit here we got our control center here which
controls stuff this is called the doohickey did we just take off but
anyway now we got a six hour flight all the way to London so I think we’re gonna
go back check on Logan see how is do it give them the proper first-class box for
experience aye sir just wanted to welcome you onboard the PP express our
captain Jake Wilde has this cruising at a nice 18,000 feet thought I’d bring you
a complimentary head pill along with a little goodie bag for your ride thanks
Jake but if you’re in here who’s flying the plane captain Jake well it’s flying
the plane and I’m not Jake I’m your flight info stewardess Jake make
stewartson is my name um the captain is hard at work so I will be taking care of
you I’ll be preparing your meal and giving you a menu funny relaxed open
that up enjoy yourself a little bit and I will be back in a little bit with the
menu I forgot he is actually in here see what we got got kicked out okay
pineapple facemask ultra facial deep moisturizer and what appears to be some
lip off means since we’re here we might as well try out the space mask okay guys
we have the face mask it’s kind of like oily and it smells kind of weird never
really dumb knees before but I’m assuming that’s where you put your face
oh gosh oh I don’t like this I really really don’t like the look of this guys
it’s kind of freaky nice okay yeah number one actually was feeling nice for
a second but now it’s kind of feeling gross again let’s throw this out Zeke
said the toilet was a good flush so get rid of the evidence guys we’ll say we
used it I was probably the biggest suction I’ve
ever seen on a toilet what else can we put in here okay that is some strong
suction I I think we just broke the toilet well after that I kind of want to
wash my face and get whatever was on that mask off and luckily we do have a
shower spray on the face oh okay all right
okay it seemed a lot better when I thought of taking a shower but we just
made a massive mess it’s like we do have a towel to clean my face this is pretty
luxurious I mean take off was a little rough but now that we’re in the air it’s
time to relax yes Oh mr. Logan I just have your menu here for you why don’t
you oh it looks like you took a shower you’re looking fresher anyway here is
your menu of course you have access to complimentary meal all your first class
voyage here why don’t you let me know what you’d like and I’ll get the pair
free you said it was free everything was free whether this has 18 dollars buy the
menus complimentary the food is unity I’ve been looking at the menu and
there’s there’s only one option I really it’s it’s just for show to give you the
menu but I’ll get your meal ready for you this is gonna be your dinner of
course once I prepare your dinner will then be getting ready for bed we still
have another six hours until we reach London I’ll be back in a bit Logan is
currently enjoying his first-class experience so I’m gonna go ahead and
prepare him his in-flight meal part of the PP Express the pop of Jake plane you
get your very own luxury dinner now the only thing is because we are flying at
extremely high altitude and we don’t have a large kitchen but a lot of people
don’t know is the first-class meal actually comes in back
it’s just an MRE so we’re gonna get this all hooked up for him and make it look
really nice and proper so he won’t even know he’s eating out of a bag we have
some unsalted chickpeas that I ran aback this is a tortilla and what that is for
you to and this is his main course so let’s get this all nice and prepared on
the meat here okay put my chef’s hat on and now we are cooking first-class
airline food the tortillas in the bag is the safety thing there this true
first-class airline look here prepared by Chef pop Jake it’s um YUM and there you guys have it that’s
how you make a first class airplane meal in an airplane while flying you know
it’s super simple super easy and I know what I’ll start eating the bag but now
look at that tell me that is not appetizing comment down below if you
would eat that it’s personally I’m a little jealous of Logan ah mr. Logan sir
chef Papa Jake here just coming to bring you your meal Jake what is that uh her
name’s chef papa Jake I’m actually a world-class chef hired to be the primary
chef here on our first-class airliners there you go
this is a alla carts tortilla with it is a a la carte totila with a chicken and
rice mix with a something on top and then some jelly and chickpeas please sir
enjoy I hope you like it I made it with all my heart I I don’t even know I don’t
want to know what this is oh it’s it smells Jake do you not have
like anything else okay I got I gotta get out of here this whole thing smells
guys I don’t know what that jelly was or whatever Jake just made but that was
disgusting okay well just come to check-in
Jake while 40 years applied experience military and commercial yeah it’s what
to come by and let you know that we’re gonna be hitting a little bit of
turbulence out front their sensors are going off like crazy be honest with you
did you just say turbulence just a little bit you should talk honestly to
see it up there I have never never seen what’s on the radar I mean it’s gonna
get bumpy you better buckle up and get ready it’s gonna be a fun ride I just
wanted to come let you know though make sure you’re
okay everything’s gonna be fine up there buckle up it’s gonna be yeah there are
no buck there’s no buckle there’s nowhere to buckle up I don’t know one
who could mean by turbulence is over everyone’s wanna let
you know our smooth sailing here and a couple hours out from Heathrow Airport I
hope you’re enjoying your time that was slightly horrified now that that is over
maybe I’ll take a nap and I’m taken out alright everyone this is your captain
speaking captain Jake wilds want to let you know we are approaching Heathrow
Airport and will be getting ready for landing
cabin crew would you please take your seats and everyone else buckle up I want
to thank everyone for flying here with Papa Jake Airlines peepee airlines for
short if you enjoyed your experience sorry for a little bit of turbulence
there yeah but it looks like we’re getting you here on time mr. Logan does
your flight crew just want to let you know that we’re just about to land in
Heathrow I just wanted to thank you very much for
flying with Papa Jake Airlines we really hope you enjoyed your flight that was a
fun one our however long that was I know we’re not in London you might be a
little jet lag why don’t you grab some sand actually our complimentary – the $5
fee and then make your way out to the exit ear and I’m sure the ground crew
here at Heathrow be happy to system what the London bus right there just
explained really did take me too long


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