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that’s right now I honestly have no idea
what Logan’s gotten us into or what he’s thinking your pals here wait Logan
where’s there a box full of supplies what’s going on pop JQ from tea with me
and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we well we’re somewhere
special check this out oh yeah oh yeah that’s right you guys have been asking
for it and today is the day we are gonna see if we can build a box port that can
survive on the ocean for 24 hours and who knows maybe maybe we even cross it
oh yo you ready for this Logan we’re gonna be doing so ready for this this is
the biggest challenge of our lives like guys we’ve done box for some water
before but never those are scary I mean that’s not even as bad as it could get
if a storm picks up but I think what we need to remember Logan is our objective
is to survive out there for 24 hours I think all of our pool videos all of our
box for Sun Lakes have amounted to this very moment to see if we can do this we
need to be like Pirates of the modern H all right I’m gonna be the captain
captain puppet Jake and Logan will be like Commander of navigation I’m the
commander of navigation let’s let’s go down to the water I kind of want to get
an idea as to what it looks like well then once we’ve done that we need to
actually build ourselves a floatable box for that can survive out here we need to
have room to store all of our gear as well as stuff to survive like food and
water because we’re doing this challenge for real and it’s all gonna take place
out there which means we need to take safety as a number-one priority if
something goes wrong I mean we could get eaten by sharks like this is serious I
don’t think this was made for for box forts but you know guys it’s really
really cold in there oh yeah we definitely don’t want to fall in so
we’re gonna need a sail at least there’s a lot of wind we can use that wind to
kind of you know travel across there and I don’t know what’s on the other side of
this thing but hopefully there’s something cool my main concern is sharks
the waves freak storms mermaids are mermaids Logan are mermaids
mermaids are real guys I don’t want to want to run into a mermaid we gotta pack
up this thing and then head out under the open sea with Captain Papa Jake Jake
I think we might have a little problem was that something that we didn’t really
account for was the amount of wind that’s going on that’s yeah that’s what
I was just mentioning we need a big sail to take how do you sail I am NOT a
sailor but it’s gonna take some serious power to get out there Jake well we are
boxed we’re building professionals we’re just not sailing professionals or know
anything about the ocean or water all right so for this one we’re going for a
little bit of a different design we actually couldn’t find another one of
our rafts that you guys can see down here so we had to use an inflatable
mattress but it’s nice I think this is gonna work and it’s gonna be super
buoyant which honestly is something we’re gonna need when we head out there
so now all we have to do is make our box board around it and I’m going for like
an old-school raft style box work with a sweet sail these I think that’s what’s
gonna do best against these waves all right well everything set up so got our
tape got our cardboard let’s start building this thing how’s it right now I honestly have no
idea what Logan’s gotten us into or or what he’s thinking I personally just
wanted to do a luxury box for it on a lake I wanted to make the world’s
biggest floating box for you know with a shower a stove a home movie theater and
have a relaxing trip on a lake Logan brought me out here there’s a massive
ocean behind us and he wants us to sail across it all right I’m just putting
this out there for the records if I don’t make it home remember guys Logan’s
the reason I came out here I don’t have a lot of faith in this thing have you
seen those waves they are massive I know Jake’s a little bit nervous but the wind
can’t be that big of an issue right well guys here she is the SS Papa right Logan
for calling me I thought I’m over card we told her that we’ll be calling it
we’re calling her though the windy the windbreaker what do you got it’s it’s
ironic because it’s very windy she’s called the windbreaker and she’s the
best boat on the seven seas but guys check it out we don’t know we’re gonna
call it yeah maybe put a comment down below let us know what you think I like
the windbreaker we got the two stories down here for
floatation up top we’ve got our window and then we’ve got the door inside here
we’ve got the cover on one side here but we actually let the other side open so
we could see in on the night stars tonight so in terms of what we’re
packing we’re packing light we’ve got our MREs for food shovel in case we need
to dig these are gonna be our blankets they’re emergency blankets they’ll keep
us warm at night and they’re waterproof fire starter kit
clintons steel to start the fire and a bunch of flashlights this is all we’re
gonna have to survive this 24 hour challenge this is gonna be probably our
hardest challenge yet Oh Jake we’re also gonna need one roll of duct tape in case
we have to make some emergency patches on the ship we have two life jackets and
two paddles because guys when it comes to going on in the middle of the ocean
you definitely need life jackets and safety does come first we’re gonna have
to do a lot of piling if we want to get out past those waves all right load it
up I think it’s time to move her down and set sail you ready for this captain
I’m ready Jake from the Sun setting okay let’s get her down there I’m excited to
get in and see what happens the water is behind us and guys the box
board is ready which means it’s time to put her in the water and set sail the
great unknown I don’t know what’s out there but I think we can do this look
you know what I’ve become confident in our bill but I think this thing is gonna
survive comment down below what you guys think do you think our box looks good
survivor we’re gonna get chewed up by the waves
all right well let’s move her into the water here we go guys oh she’s in the
water Jake okay y’all those waves are heavy okay dude this is gonna be big
boat Paul hey guys remember as fun as this loads do not try this at home but
we have life jackets and this could be extremely dangerous as you can see this
thing is already bouncing around like crazy
oh god try again as far as possible I’m actually happy we made it so tall just
because of how high the waves are going up like they’re almost reaching the top
cardboard level here but luckily because it’s so tall it can’t actually get up
there but we’re gonna try and get out past the weight and that we can get in
it all right I think we’re good to try and get into guys this thing is super
wavy I’m gonna try and jump in whoo I kinda have to wait for a wave to get in
here I’m gonna have to just jump in and hope for the best
in three two one it is extremely wavy and extremely bumpy in here all right
now log is just to get in guys we try to get Logan in here the whole thing just
started to flip that was a big mistake guys do the waves are way too heavy all
right guys this is turning more from a box for it into a box wrap but we’re not
stopping here we got to get back in here and get out past the waves we’re still
surviving this challenge guys the ship is not going down all best is gonna stay
in there for us last year we had a dock to get in our box for look at that but here’s a little ramp to
go in and this year just did not work out got our paddles here wait
Logan where’s there a box full supplies do we have the swimming goggles they
were in the supply back in progress and I’m just gonna put my lifejacket on
while you paddle Jake got my lifejacket on and I buddy yeah let’s try this again
the ship is it’s pulled apart the pieces still together let’s jump back in and
see ya feel far out we can get it was a sunsetting low in sharks like to eat I
don’t know I hope there aren’t any sharks we’re on now let’s head out to
the sea Gabi paddle I’m Stan so this really didn’t go as planned
Oh oh I think the only thing we can do
might just be to head back to shore I think you’re right I think you barely
make it out here well it looks like we’re not doing a 24 hour challenge out
there all right well it looks like with these waves and this wind there’s no way
we’re getting out in the middle of the ocean tonight but this is still 20 per
hour challenge and our shipwreck has come to shore have you guys set up here
for the night get a campfire started and guys we have to find food because all of
our supplies went completely missing okay I agree just because our box fort
failed doesn’t mean this challenge has to fail all right guys well if you want
to see us survive to the next 24 hours in our shipwreck click the video right
here I’ll see you guys there we got to survive the entire night


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