24 HOUR BOX FORT PRISON CHALLENGE! Guards, Prison Food, Escape & More!
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24 HOUR BOX FORT PRISON CHALLENGE! Guards, Prison Food, Escape & More!

I’m hereby sentence papa taking Logan 24
hours in box prison like when I see here legal wood bracing zombie fences no no
no no and running electricity is not up to code at all running water no no no no
this is an illegal building not sanctioned by the government whatsoever
open up government inspector hello this is an illegal port not sanctioned by the
government you are not allowed to have wood paneling fencing running water
electricity I’m gonna have to write you boys up a massive tickets you know that
you’re gonna be getting a huge fine the inspector come on this is our
billionaire fort I don’t care one biscuit okay I’ve heard enough this
Logan we need a snowball up here ASAP it’s gonna be a thousand no you know
what 10,000 snowball oh you know what now I’m getting the police involved you
just threw a snowball at a government inspector Jake who was that some stupid
city inspector saying we can’t have a billionaires snow fort and I was may
call the cops and I snuck through a snowball on gee what’s that Logan that
might have actually been a real city inspector please please cash bonus
escape hatch not so fast you’re under arrest I hereby sentence
papa taking Logan for an illegal fort 24 hours
Brenden gee why would you throw a snowball at that guy looking he was
trying to get into our ultimate snow fort of course we have to defend it
telling us that we can’t have a snow fort out there like who is he
I don’t know obviously someone important Jake yeah have we learned that now Logan
that we’re in prison but that’s okay you know what I’ve been to prison many times
this is just 24 hours in prison Loki think of it as a little mini challenge
it’s easy follow my lead you’re gonna get out of
here in no time oh hey there boys welcome to box for prison I’m gonna need
to collect all your personal belongings yeah yeah hey don’t we get a free phone
call oh yes one phone call between the boat should we call oh yeah I’ll get an
extra large pizza with pepperoni and bacon Jake what are you doing really
hungry yeah it’s gonna be the prison he ordered leads up to a prison
there goes your phone call boys I’m gonna need get some fingerprints over
here now pop Jake you first I’m gonna need your thumb index finger and pinky
right here in the three squares look what you did dude just in 24 hours we
can be out of here in a second thank you they’re happy
perfect Logan you’re out this there we go you have my fingerprint now I’m just
gonna need to take your photos and get you your youth would you look at what we
got here some new faces well welcome to box Ford prison names shrimpie given it
they call me should be giblet because I used to be a pirate sailed the seven
seas stealing shrimp from all sorts of shrimp boats I didn’t care how big the
shrimp was how small the shrimp was I just loved shrimp smell of it it tastes
a bit I’d steal shrimp from anyone even a baby and of course I was caught and
put here for 40 years what brings you two in here we built a
fort that was never registered oh yes yes I like shrimp then you cool the
other guys around here they’re not gonna want to hear your story if building a
forward or whatever yeah for the record I love shrimp – aye
all of them I eat shrimp daily breakfast lunch there I’ll show you around over
here are the cells so where you sleep at night they don’t give us very much than
the ways of bedding or food this is the courtyard of course where most of us
come we’ve got one basketball court and 17 guys to share it if you like playing
basketball it’s gonna be very hard because we started a it’s okay we got
the point okay anyway a warden’s office you don’t want to go in there you don’t
want to go near there man they catch you out in the courtyard past dark that’s
gonna be instant trouble see you boys all right well thanks for showing us
around got beep trip that was kind of weird his box for prison
everyone here’s a little bit weird but he’s not that bad Logan all we got to do
now is just survive here for 24 hours it’s like any survival challenge it’s
like a vacation if we got beds we got food we got workout area this place so
what are we gonna do right now Jake I don’t know okay not too bad here
definitely had worse it looks like this is my prison cell for the next 24 hours
good news is at least we’re not here for more than that cuz well there’s no TV or
bathroom or really anything I guess this is my bed and this is my okay I mean
it’s not exactly a Best Western but at least it’s not as bad as that time I got
my tongue stuck to an icicle I think we can do this I mean we’ve done a lot of
challenges we’ve survived 24 hours in almost any circumstance and if you guys
think that we’re gonna be able to absolutely dominate this prison
challenge snap that like button down below I think we’re gonna crush this
these cells suck they’re not supposed to be luxury hotel okay at least we’re not
in solitary confinement so next to you wow wow wow what can we have here some
new recruits named slim shiny I live in the cell over here I’m in here for 80
years robbery sort of my thing I’m able to get
into small places and steal things faster than anyone’s ever seen oh
goodness guys the shortest guy I’ve ever seen in my life then you might not know
this but this prison is actually mine I’m the top dog here the Alpha I’m the
biggest the baddest you don’t mess with me I’ll take you both down no need to
get harsh on us no we’re we’re just uh we’re just here for 24 hours you know
we’re just trying to keep we don’t wanna I don’t want to upset
anyone now seeing is how you to a new you are both gonna have to do something
that all new recruits have to do everyone that gets in here has to try
and steal the key from the water that doesn’t sound like a good idea I mean
the other guy said that the warden was the meanest dude around here and you’re
gonna do it because I run this prison and if you get in my way you’re gonna
get hurt and I’ll get my friend Tiny Tim they call him that cuz he’s really short
to come and beat you up of how short in comparison to you he’s shorter than are
you making fun of my height cuz I will come over there oh no the wardens coming
hey what are you guys doing my courtyard kind of like the faster we get yourself
okay yeah Jake this guy sounds scary you in my courtyard dirty no time when it’s
gonna tom yourself it’s gonna go myself courtyard one two
three what are you laughing this guy’s really scary this just went from being
chilled to not chill at all this guy’s insane he’s really nice
I mean the good news is at least is dinner time hungry I don’t get my pizza
shake if you didn’t throw a snowball at that guy we wouldn’t be here you play
the well we got your game okay we’re here now all right arguably it’s both of
our faults through the one the handed me the snowball Jake you told slim shorty
we’re gonna steal the key from that guy’s pocket I mean specifically I
didn’t say I was gonna steal the key it could be me or you I’m not going near
that guy okay okay get the key at nighttime just play it safe for now okay
howdy here it’s just 24 hours we got this take your deer okay sir sir sir sir
it ain’t like fielder time dude’s ass but this dick tastes awful
this food is even rip Oh what are you doing talking about my food like that
nothing sir this food is amazing sir no more food for you that if you don’t
like it get on the way trap okay you do one guess I really don’t like
this prisoner at all tense that’s a bench press at 55 pounds
give me time boots actually not that bad this on the
other hand is just gross five sir restaurant-quality sir that’s what I
thought yes sir I’m tip it over sir like the Titanic
you two get back to yourselves all right okay this guy’s making this challenge a
lot harder than I thought it would be I thought we’d just be chilling around
playing basketball shooting some hoops eating some prison food dude he’s
embarrassing me out there it’s more embarrassing than the time I lost the
World Golf Championships really really not much skill needed here I mean you
can get anyone to put that in you can miss that shot Jake we gotta go get that
key now have you seen the warden I realized that you got to sit on the
bench and eat but he is a mean mean man I would rather take on slim shorty or
whatever his name is then T we need to go get that key for some shorty like he
said yes friends like Tiny Tim and Tiny Tim probably has a friend named Minnie
Jim Jake I’d like to get the key okay all right I’ve been thinking of a little
bit of a plan okay look they got the spotlight out there right now but if we
could make our way over to the warden’s office without getting caught by the
spotlight I can have it you were distracted warden by getting him outside
then once he’s outside I’ll steal the key from him without anyone knowing and
then we make it back to her sense first things first you need to look for a week
Logan they let the cells open what they’re unlocked the cells are unlocked
looks like we got a spotlight a sniper in the tower
right Jake how are we doing this it’s called the tactical please I was just practicing some acrobatics Inquisition operation still the key is
it go so scary no food 24 hours no water yes sorry yes
sir and you’ve extended your sentence yes sir what are you looking at guys
well looks like I’ve got myself with solitary confinement I’ll share with
Logan’s off to but it also appears like we’ve added another 48 hours to this
challenge honestly I don’t know about you but I think I’ve had about enough of
this prison I think it’s time we break out of here papa jake-style guys
remember this fact that like button as well as that subscribe button it and if
you want us to break out of here and escape from this prison then let’s crush
20,000 likes they move too much be some kind of in solitary confinement or else
I would be waving my hand but down below is also the Bell button dad kiss the ward he comes guys has to
pop Jake you guys next time for another awesome


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