24 Hour Box Fort UFO ESCAPE! Sleep Pods, Aliens, Nerf & More
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24 Hour Box Fort UFO ESCAPE! Sleep Pods, Aliens, Nerf & More

guys this isn’t good the ships alarm is
going off I need to wake up Jake right now you
guys didn’t see the last video we’re stuck in an alien ship Jake and I went
to bed for eight hours here’s an alarm going off the aliens by nowhere here
let’s go Jake Jake wake up hello guys this is a good we have to
wake up Jake right now shit wait Jake up wake up to go right now okay yes we are on an alien ship let’s
Peter that was just a dream what’s going on Jake do you not hear the alarm oh
yeah is that like breakfast or something no Jake the aliens know we’re here oh yeah okay okay all right I’ll just calm
down if they know we’re here that’s why yeah just close the door you seem to
figure out a way to avoid them it’s okay we don’t know how many aliens are on the
ship but we know we can take them out with these blasters we just gotta figure
way to get out of here before they find us
I can hear them they’re all around us now if I know the schematics correctly
when I looked at it there should be a storage locker
down the hall to our right maybe if we break in there we should be able to find
some gear to help us I count 3 hum and open the door follow me and stay quiet
you ready what could you hear that okay so they’re definitely angry that we’re
in their ship Jake are not happy at all I thought they’d maybe be really nice
the aliens who are you know like hey yeah come inertia Peter food chief yeah
never nice aliens come on you couldn’t lock us in this room let’s go Oh more alien blasters
all right well if we have the entire alien ship after us then maybe it’s a
good idea that we stock up in here grab anything that looks powerful look some
sort of alien bulletproof vest maybe this can protect us I guess their
weapons it looks like every alien in the spaceship carries at least one form of a
blaster we still don’t know how we’re gonna get out of here we need to head to
the control panel and get ourselves back to earth I know I thought maybe we could
fly to the alien planet you know start a new life me and you just like the
Pioneers Jake I am NOT going to a planet just you and I mmm no that was the
worst-case scenario okay we could go there we can still make videos we can
still make box forts I bet they got cardboard and you guys would still
watches right even if we were on an alien planet if anything you’ll be
pretty cool if you think going to an alien planet making videos would be
pretty cool then slap that like button as well as that subscribe button but the
only way we’re gonna be able to make videos Logan as if we survive the
spaceship so we need to get out of here now I don’t know about you but this bad
boy I don’t know what it does for all I know this could be an alien drill but it
looks a lot more powerful than my weapon Logan alien armor headgear oh so you’ve
got a radar system Oh Logan you do not want to see the radar system there are
aliens all over the ship okay we’ll grab what you can’t come on whoa that sounds
powerful point that thing at me okay all right
come on follow me to the control room let’s go I’m gonna think about this I don’t know
how powerful this thing is but it’s probably our best option sorry lunch
time that’s what I do that’s what Papa take that so you have
to stop don’t G what are you doing in the control room you’ve tried this like
a million times thought it’d be a quick way to get this thing to take us back to
earth computer take us to earth access denied
come on how do I get access I think we’re gonna have to travel around the
ship and find some other way home look the ship’s still on red alert if
we’re here in the control room maybe the back here there could be an escape pod I
can’t really read the schematic well but there might be an escape pod at the back
of the ship maybe I’ll have access to that and check this over when it took up
that alien who dropped this thing no idea what it does guys
no idea but it might be important I’m gonna hold on to it guys if you have any
idea what this could be or what it might be for let me know down below in the
comments but I’m holding on to this thing it might come in handy in the
future all right well if we’re gonna get to the escape
pod we’re gonna need to move through here the cargo back I don’t know how
many aliens are left on the ship but it’s anything like we’ve seen this
morning I’d be ready for a fight alright Logan let’s head out and make our way
through the cargo bay those clothes I don’t like this Jake oh this guy on your
blaster come on let’s get outside Jake you said this was the cargo bay this is
the kitchen no but Logan there’s one thing I know if
you’re gonna fight aliens you need a proper breakfast deke
this stuff is not food okay it may not look like food but we are on a
futuristic extremely advanced alien ship that doesn’t look like the yummiest food
ever I don’t know what is I can’t go much longer without food so you know
what I’m just gonna try it this is gonna be good enough for me alien Jake so you
turn me into an alien it’s the kitchen okay down the hatch Logan I am NOT going to lie it might
smell bad but that is the the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my
entire life oh I feel like I’ve just had a full
Thanksgiving dinner okay well I’m gonna not touch the alien slime those aliens
are advanced in so many ways and culinary arts I mean we can take this
bad boy home we could have enough food to last us a lifetime
okay Jake come on we need to get to the cargo bay right right okay yeah we’re
escaping the ship let’s stay here and wait until we get to
the alien no J cargo bay all right fine follow me grab your blaster let’s go
well what is this place the alien cargo bay we should be able to make our way
through here well I got something moving on the right what’s doing why is he
doing this no Jake maybe it’s because you’re wearing like their leaders helmet I’ve got prisoner get on the ground
don’t you go back in the ship hi yes lord blurp blurp blurp blurp not
good yeah maybe I should have picked up alien in school Logan I’m sorry it’s
just through here we got another one soon
you know it’s going crazy someone in here I’m sure you saw someone over there
I don’t see anyone Oh g-girl away take
oh yeah those things are strong I really got J Mon here or something and they’re
probably pumping weights and I didn’t get a good sleep that’s why I can that
otherwise I would have a young buddy okay on to the escape I should just be
this way come on Gus okay now if the schematics are correct the escape pods
should be somewhere in here I’m not sure which door to go through but you hear
that someone’s coming an aliens coming okay yeah come on it’s
getting here in hi okay I think we should be safe in here I can’t see
anything Logan you of like a flashlight flashlight hold on there’s some sort of
bunny Logan I think it’s Irma I think these are all different stars or maybe
even planets we’re playing over going every single one of these Logan is a
massive star we’re somewhere in here traveling through the solar system
that’s crazy cavity where are we where’s earth
located wait what do you mean I saw found in the solar system or even in the
other complete solar system already tell me where in another solar system here
somewhere Logan which one of these stores is Earth so this is that earth
well it doesn’t look like Earth they all don’t look like Earth they all look like
planets and stars so good where I can play the other solar system this isn’t
good Logan we’ve traveled a very far away from home well at least we know
that this is in the escape pod it’s gonna be through the other door come on
I think the aliens gone let’s go check this place out the escape pod
we found it oh now we need to do is figure out a way to activate it looks a
little different public place is crazy but she can see the cargo bay from here
yeah it’s attached to it there’s gotta be a way to turn this thing on
well there’s got to be a way to get the spaceship started these things could be
like the battery to the ship I’m just gonna be something in here ship take us
to earth access tonight on wise access denied
this is stupid not so much help it’s just like a fancy pair of shades okay
guys don’t it’s just a pair of shades I mean everything else has been so
high-tech there’s gotta be something we’re missing some way to start the ship
or get access I don’t know what it could be well Jake I found the pilots helmet
it’s great Logan well unless you know how to fly this thing it’s not gonna be
much help to us maybe I could rewire it somehow
jump-start the engine get past the locking system Jake oh no do someone
here with your weapon hi oh yeah I’m papa
and we are we are from Earth and oh guys if we weren’t captured before we were
definitely captured now


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