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What’s Up guys so today We are out Here? Poop Hhaha hacked. There’s Literally nothing Here We took a Exit in the Middle of nowhere and we Just Kept driving and driving and Driving for Like 20-30 minutes and Ended Up here Because if There Was People i wouldn’t be screaming We drove up to sedona in Arizona we Just wanted to build a fort and i did that in another video where we built a Fort and it’s right There All This area is Fenced off i don’t know if this iS private property There’s so much Cops Here their Sweat on my leg but yeah it was Really Nice before It started raining and Now it’s really hot And i Just want to go inside my house and relax and Today we’re gonna do the 24 hour challenge in That Box house Poor Thing and if you Guys want to see how we built the fort make sure you Watch my other Vlog I’ve never done this before oh? My God that Scared the shit out of me i thought that was Elijah Scurrying Behind it but It is the Wind that Blew our door open okay so i’m gonna take you on a Tour Over a Little Port Right Here when you walk in put your shoes Right Here we even Got starbucks here i Don’t know man i Just woke up today i was like i want to sit and relax in nature and That’s Exactly What i’m Doing Wait is there service here i have a wet Bar? Hello look we were going for for the sport i wanted to do a Half open Roof Half Closed Roof The Very Modern fort it’s made of Cardboard and Pink Duct tape we Have Blankets and it’ll Be Really Nice at night i brought Flip-Flops i don’t know Why My Shoes Are Really Yeah What do you Twitter Paper are you really Recording What is that Man We Keep Hearing Things Out Here alright it’s time to lay Down she’s gonna be Chillin Here? Just Like a 20 minute shoot in the tree Almost died Yeah she like broke a Branch on us i stepped on a Branch Katelyn Shoes Damn It Get My tent all dirty It’s not a tent it’s a house okay how are you enjoying my house It’s our house it’s cozy It’S cute i wish we Would have brought in both Pillows i left the other pillow in the car so i don’t Excuse me excuse me no germs I’m sorry Clothes are Beautiful i’m gonna What are you doing The Clouds are we gonna remember Where this is i Will or we can Just Be lazy and put It in maps and then we’re Good okay there’s like some Big-Ass Bugs Here like There’s a Big-Ass Roach and a Spider and There’s There’s so much spiders i’m gonna have so many? Mosquito Bites When i get back last time i came to sedona or one the first time i came to sedona i got so Many Mosquito Bites on my butt or your but yeah i like 50 of them if They’re mosquitoes or bug bites or something Just something Bit me a million Times on my butt is When i do my quiet cosplay so why not Place Called Rattlesnake Canyon and There Was like Signs for Rattlesnakes and Stuff Thankfully Haven’t Seen any yet Yeah What do rattlesnake Sound Like Like rattle do they have a rattle Yeah That’s so adorable No, no Hell no cuz i love my hair i should cut my hair please, no, no no boy short Dude like we drove a Twenty Minutes don’t like a Sight Right Here like there is no chapolin i’ll give You a Crispy grass to get. Me some chipotle Crispy grant We have to get out of here i wonder if cops like Patrol This area? And i’ll Like come here before? The sun Goes down Because technically all Of These are Closed before The Sudden Goes down right or no i don’t know but There’s a Lot of Cops Around Here i mean When we drove here there was like ten cops sitting on the side of The Road Like? On the way here are you peeing right There? This is i fell off a Tree Sorry I’m in My Underwear But five Hands were like wet and i was like Why are they well I’m sorry i took My pants off but i could Feel It bleeding Through My pants no I’m gonna apologize for that so we don’t. Have our first-aid Kit and i’m worried about Kayla She’s gonna Get Like i Don’t know a disease or something or it’s gonna Get Infected so we’re gonna leave my Beloved House Right Here please don’t Steal It while we’re gone i’m gonna take Some of The stuff back and we’re gonna Go get Food and come back as We Need Food Anyway and we’re gonna Go get Your Neosporin Get Band-Aids and we’re gonna Come back we’re gonna Sleep Here by by four we’ll see you soon oh? Looks Like There’s a Like a Pathway down here It’s really Cool oh my God There’s a Chipotle It’s Funny because i don’t know like I’m Just so Hungry all i had was an Acai bowl today Pretty Bad Days of Food and Flashlights we came so prepared for this Labor day Weekend Pull youR shirt Company Not National Forest That’s where we are What if i Throw Myself out i’m trash Thank you leah i don’t know You ordered a Lot of Food not Always Butter a Lot of his ideas Chip so far You Have so much Food Why are you up to watch them okay you’re Just Like Really even She’s so cute Watching you like Walk No i’m showing Week At This Road we’re on the Road back to the fork Watch this oh? We’re going back to the fort and it’s really Scary and it’s Dark and I’m scared and It’s Dark and I’m scared and it’s Dark and i Am Leaving My fort Here Look At My Crippled Walk Fuck i can’t even see anything it’S so Dark But even with Fucking did That Your fucking Luck you’re caught oh my god it’s like Dead silent here okay i’m actually Really Creeped out right Now It’s like we’re hiding a Body Here a little Bit and all didn’t. Go that far Eighty hopefully i don’t get Watch the barbed wire Careful Careful Lobos oh No, here take One pick What the fuck is this Is that a fucking doll oh my God No, no, no i actually Saw a fucking light There i actually Saw a fucking light There i saw a light There fucking doll Here What last Year There Was not Glass Here before i swear to god like There was nobody, Here before Do you see this boss is that our thing did it move did somebody move it Wasn’t It behind these trees Why is it white by the tree Do We leave It right by the tree Dude i’m like Creeped out i don’t think we Left It right by the tree this Glass Looks new There’s Nobody Here there’s Literally Nobody Fucking Here We were gone we were gone for like an hour – Just to get fucking chipotle and a Band-Aid Yeah there was no glass Be Careful Because i see satellite Do It i stopped behind the tree did you see that there’s a light somewhere there Okay i Just want to get my stuff and i want. To get out like i don’t want To do this i don’t want to fucking Hello okay I don’t think there’s anything There? Did you Just What was that yeah that Sounds like a Beep Just Be Careful hold on hold on Let me make sure this is even That Nobody Knows anything Around – Is there anything Around Here think we Good spending the night here i Thought we’re spending the night Here okay All right Get some light in here this is Pretty Cozy other stars Up here oh? It’S so Cloudy You can’t even see stars oh That’s much Better? All right You can See us now i saw lights from far away i don’t know What it was but there Was a Light They first They Saw a Red light and then i saw I Just Keep like a Feeling Wait did you take Your shoes off yeah There’s Still the no shoe Rule because i have issues on her ass fine i’m sorry This is under extreme Circumstances yeah all right Guys Go Story Time begone ho There you Go there was like a Stuffed animal Bear i didn’t pick It up for anything i don’t want. To touch it but i Don’t remember seeing It only came Here i don’t get it cause like We walked It Was a Clear Path and the Glass Was not there because you were finished Okay Guys i don’t think we can Do this It is technically illegal to be here Overnight like it’s not a camping site or anything? It’S private property this is Just Really Freaking me out i’m gonna go back to the call right Now like i don’t get it It’s creepiest – so wonder if People like followed us or did this on purpose Just Like scare us like there’s lights Down there it’s Just not Showing up on my camera i don’t Understand Why She took some pics on her iphone and It Showed Up fine i’m hoping it’s Just People can’t be But Like That’s so freaks me out Because I’m easy Router or like Hosts and They didn’t do anything but They let the dog Got hurt some like metal Grinding Before or something i Don’t know What are they We Sounded like This i’m Kind of factory or some shit down there? This Is What’s Left of Our house maybe we’ll do in a Safer area Next time laughs no Like This is Creepy Like Creepier Than i thought it’s like in the Middle of nowhere There’s so many Bugs There maybe iF there wasn’t so many Bugs no i Didn’T See anything i wasn’t looking They’re Scary Like a Wolf or something i don’t know but it’s Just Randy Here wasn’t Paying that Much Attention to like Racing i Just want to go home right Now like i Feel sick to my stomach Like I don’t Feel Good and i don’t feel Good about this place Usually i like Places Like This there’s Nobody Here is the thing so? AnyThing i see i’m gonna freak Out want to do another for video but in my house or something not Not in the Middle of nowhere Like Hours Away from my house you know Bam Make sure you leave like i hope you Guys Enjoyed This video and Captures Wolfpack Planet Again So much Things about you


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