24 HOUR FNAF BOX FORT!! 📦😱 Scary Real Life Five Nights At Freddy’s CHALLENGE (VR 180)
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24 HOUR FNAF BOX FORT!! 📦😱 Scary Real Life Five Nights At Freddy’s CHALLENGE (VR 180)

hey y’all what’s going on everyone and
welcome back to the wounds first propagate video in 180 degrees and this
video will allow you to see us like never before
if the video is a bit fuzzy click the top right icon just call him to thing if
you’re being a little be like yeah looking for someone to babysit my
animals gonna have to build a cage more of them I mean we normally foxsports but
we don’t really build yeah I mean the quite easy the back of you said not too
hard looking to pay someone 400 tape rolls to do the job is hanging yeah yeah
yeah no no we can definitely be definitely bought these and your animals
hi yeah yeah yeah we’ll get the peaches built for you and then you can send them
over in and we’ll just watch them I gotta be careful your fan 3:00 a.m. they
like to get a little cry a they’re 3:00 a.m. they go a little crazy alright okay well get in here we got a
new client okay we just have our very first client of the day they want us to
build more box for cages and look after his animals for 24 hours that’s all we
have to do said that news some sort of scientistic set up a weird experiment
and all we needed to do was watch these experimental animals he’s kidding 400
paper rolls it’s a lot of paper okay hey you know what’s going on everyone is
Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video weird
we had currently taken on babysitting for mysterious creatures yeah I was
gonna say animals but they don’t look like animals Logan they look like Jenna
helps human animals we’ve decided to set up security cameras around the house and
sit in here for safe place until the owner shows up and takes in tomorrow
morning everything goes to plan you will get to watch us in here for the next 24
hours do absolutely nothing and if nothing goes as planned Logan make it
easy now the way we’re gonna make sure that this place is secure is we’re gonna
be using our surveillance cameras and we need your help guys if you guys see
anything weird make sure to comment down below so we can see what’s going on guys
I’m gonna patch you into the very first camera I want to kill look at the
animals downstairs in their cages all right guys if you look to the little
left look like an animal looks like something out of a horror movie psycho
Boris slash human yeah I look like a horse man
poor Nico horsey man a man horse you gotta like working out on the Left yeah
guys smell this what you think these things should be called they do not look
like the animals they’re supposed to be I was told that they were going to be
fuzzy and I was not told that they were gonna look like this Jake there’s no
pigeon in the case besides of me Moken he’s literally
decided to meet six-foot-tall pigeon guys are watching we’re perfectly okay
all right so kitchens looking pretty good nice and clean does it look like
there’s anything going down in here go ahead and bring it back fresh at the
pool with all the balls in it not bad you guys can look to your left there and
see there’s a little bit of a nice grass patch all in all this looks like a nice
fun happy backyard with nothing weird going on why would there be anything
weird gone the hoping he said three and these things like to get rowdy so if
they do escape from their cages I want to make sure that we have an eye on them
at all times plus you said that you escaped all we got to do is yell at them
through the intercom to get back their cages we’ll be okay if you guys see
anything scary comment down below your version of that is yelling as many times
as possible in the comments because if Logan doesn’t CNN well we need you down
below in the comments ahead yeah you’re back in your cage what’s up let’s check
the laboratory nothing going on in here just your basic tubes and beakers well
let’s uh let’s go a little ass section here this is probably the most important
this is our hallway outside of our guard base now if anything reaches this
hallway Logan it is the final frontier before they break into here and eat you
as I escaped it is probably single-handedly the most important
camera that we want their major nothing gets past our hallway take what happens
if they get past I just Simmons are gonna probably eat
large chance you’re like be jerky okay let’s go back to the cages and see how
they’re all doing here and cages are online then told you this
is good where is the tiger Jake Tigers gone
we lost time how many I don’t know how we lost the tiger Logan
you said you built those cages I did sit I built the kit I did make a job no no
this isn’t good ok hold on let me let me check back there
nothing backyard hallway hoe it no okay nothing’s in the hallway looking where’s
the tiger please – Tiger right now how do you feel it’s a tiger
oh no no no no no where did the tiger go Logan where did the tiger go a long way
as far as I can see do you see tiger guys you see tiger in all the way I
misplaced – tiger just taking us back to the cages oh okay
look Jill up decide where get the dog though how did we lose a dog Logan there
are all the helps in the cages commands in this cage horse man’s in this case
there’d be a nice little animal for where’s the dog how do you always get us
in these weird situations I don’t know okay buddy let me come to get you guys
there must be anything you see in the kitchen Logan yeah you guys see the dog don’t know we come here take this mr.
doggy please go back to your cage now he’s not this thing to be loaded Jake
what do we have to put the dog back in his cage ah security measure wise we
have Oh Oh smoke screen so let’s go fall that’s why I am spot for our disco party
flat spot in Logan I don’t know if that’s good or if that’s
bad that could be a very bad thing or it could be very very good thing okay you
know what just dancing around Jake good talk good job on the laser beats might
at least be stop them from coming up here eating us let’s check back with you
soon oh I’m no mathematician but if you look welcome to write that’s one two
three four cages are looking for cages are MGP how did you right now they all
got out of here who put these changes okay but I wasn’t expecting these things
to be humanoid guys we have you can figure out where these things are we can
put it back in there you just need to use their voices let’s just I’m gonna
put you into the backyard we know you see beautiful pool okay so looks like
that’s sweet no horse pee man is there it’s almost made by the bull guys it’s a
horsie man behind cool maybe this is a trap
maybe he’s staring at the camera so that we’re not putting attention to the other
cameras bottom port no looks good kitchen
okay kitchens looking good left to right nothing here looks like the dog didn’t
come back back the back oh yeah Jenny where did the horse team I don’t know
were the horsey vanuatu the point we gotta call the MaxxForce effect or
seat the camera he’s in the backyard the pigeons on the loose all these animals
are all on the loose this is already bad what’s going on in the lavatory I don’t
know let’s cycle the cameras here check our hallway you see anything all
away maybe you know what they all went back to their cages maybe they’re all
just halfway back in their cages cages I’m not saying they’re not in the cages
not go back to their cages okay you know what let’s uh let’s check the laboratory
open the tree line do you see the dogs in the left lobe
guys looks you’re right guys everyone look to your right the tiger I know why
they’re in the laboratory Logan their scheme and in there it’s come towards
the camera I think I might have just made a map it goes another camera Jake that was that wasn’t the important
camera you see in the kitchen there I was
saying properly the man told me that the way you say it is you gotta enforce
yourself there’s a pigeon in our house a human-sized pigeon in our house we are
perfectly okay but I know you guys can do this all right I believe in all of
you all I need you to do is watch the hallway camera do not let anything get
near as if it does comment down below nice beautiful Holloway we’re on the
other side of this guys what happens with vinyl camera pops
a popular services having happy yeah I didn’t get this morning yeah we had a
little uh all the animals are back okay just have it that matter we had zero
problems I know it was fun yeah don’t be a slut great last night no issues okay
if I pick him up awesome thank you where people started to never again yeah for
on the portrait April’s never again know that was I was way too intense well we
survived the night guys and we were able the babies of those human and manual
because if you did enjoy this video do not forget to smack that like button as
well as the subscribe button for more awesome videos like this guys if you
have any cool ideas for interactive videos like this let us know in the
comments down below but maybe the guys has Haskell Papa Jake
and Logan and we’ll see you guys next after another awesome video you


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