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it’s the entire compound out there looks
like there’s a primary paint right there yeah looks like he’s working chain
reactions working previously on south Beach tow Kirk
LeBaron put him down put him down right now
good to see you two again credit from finding my full story concrete bunker
unfortunately for you two you’ll be staying here forever
what what are you doing what are you doing into the trap would you hear that public
gasp what’s this Jen yes sir yes where’s Papa Jake I’ve tied him up in the other
room like you’ve asked what’s on your phone and not nothing sir nothing at all
give me that are you watching Papa Jake no no sir I was I was watching what I
was watching it so we had some information on him Sir
all right bring me to him at once Sasa he’s in the other room just right in
there yeah where am I what’s going on hello Jake welcome to my boss Tory
fortress what do you mean where’s Logan whose car easy there you don’t want to
tire yourself out do ya cooking Logan are doing just fine you affected
everyone we’re about to stop you we know the cure it doesn’t look like you’ll be
able to stop me especially when I put you in your ass and so Oh
what do you mean let me go you can’t take over the world the zombie pirates
won’t be stopped ah well we’ll see about that won’t but the Baron is doing is wrong I can’t
stand by this any longer I need to help Papa Jake I need to put a plan so that
he can escape again and stop the Baron Baron is a bad man
I must assist Papa Jacob in his escape what is this where do you have me going
on I’ll just put you to sleep with my guests you can’t do this your murder
relax or else you’ll be getting the gas see the Baron is up to some new tricks doors shut looks like the Bears got me
trapped in this four-story compound he’s been really tight on security he’s got a
metal ball attached to me and if I try and open anything he’s gonna smoke me
Logan’s gotta be in here too you had Logan as well it’s all coming back to me
Kirk the tunnel I gotta get out of here there’s got to be a way there’s got to
be a way there’s gotta be something I can use in here like extra candlelight I left me a note pad
it looks like toilet paper but no toilet it’s bad how am I gonna do this
I’ve broken out of box sports before but this is this is next-level this is four
stories just gonna keep it together keep it together be something what’s this oh
wait let’s say the Baron gave me something to work out with keep me
occupied wait slam slums on our side slam might
have slowed might have left me something there’s gonna be something in here if
some wants us to succeed if slim wants the Baron to be defeated he would have
helped us just give me something to be a missing hidden button hatch maybe it’s
the entire compound out there if I was lemma we would I leave something oh no
no I gotta get this weight off first okay if I want to move around in here I
gotta get a little more mobility if I miss this is gonna hurt I can’t miss 3 2
1 3 2 1 well that works last time slum helped me out he stashed
it in the outlet the Baron would never think that an outlet would have
something in it it’s a long shot but I might be able to pull it off with this
there we go if I’m wrong about this I’m gonna be electrocuted 3 2 1 to take out
Lee I was right I think slim stashed something behind here something behind
here oh my gosh clothes right slow slash personal supplies you’ve also helped us
escape okay it’s gonna figure out a way to get out of here now with this here we
have candle matches I’m a Keynesian magnesium
nitrate this can burn through metal I have an idea I have an idea okay I gotta
give this off supposed to be with the candles for first things first I gotta
get rid of these restraints use the candle to burn through the rope it
should work there we go there we go there we go yes okay here we go here we
go almost there got it got it oh no oh no oh no get rid of these wait one of
the fuses from the magnesium dude shove it inside my cuffs if I can blow these
cuffs off from the socket here it should free me if I mess up though I could burn
my arm Oh what all right here we go Oh her and I’m fairly free now to break out
of this cell I use the rope alright if I’m gonna bust out of this cell I could
do it but the second this door opens or this
window opens that smokes gonna go off I gotta make an improvised gas mask use
the toilet paper roll here we go it’s perfect it’s exactly
what I need now I need to do is grab a bit of toilet paper
it’s stuffing inside I can use this water to wet it that’s not much but the
wet toilet paper should act as a filter for any gas it’s not much but it’s an
improvised gas mask now to blow this popsicle stand we gotta break out of
here and I’m thinking that window is exactly how we do it I’m gonna burn
through the other side of this rope they’ll have a fairly free piece of rope
there we go got it you attach it to that wait and throw it
out the window this thing’s four stories we’re gonna
use gravity to our advantage to pull the window bars off now I’ve got my rope
time to bust out of here wait a second this isn’t my notebook there might be
some information in here this is Sloane’s notebook this is all of his
notes tips on how to break out of here Justin was really helping us this is a
map of the city this is a map of what’s been overrun looks like the whole city’s
been infected by the Baron what else does he have in here I don’t much time I
got to break out of here the Baron senses their smoker any sort of
disturbances he’ll be back looking for us let me kinda have left a some
information here it’s a slums keycard this is what I’m gonna need your escape
from the primary lock it looks like it’s beat up but it might work if this still
swiped some works we can use this to unlock the main door I need to keep this
on me the second that window blows off smokes gonna activate I’m gonna need to
have my improvised gas mask in hand here goes nothing
okay looks like that’ll do I’m just gonna throw this as far as I can through
here yeah doesn’t make that I don’t wanna give it too much slack so we
wanted to pull these bars off there we go here goes nothing oh that’s a long way down that’s a long
way down use this lantern for some light looks
like I gotta watch my step oh that’s a long way down but it looks like there’s
a primary gate right there how do you get that gate open there’s no way for me
to get out of here not to mention I got save Logan I can’t leave Logan behind
now all I have to do is to get down there I use the ladder Oh it’s not the safest way to get down but
it’s a way to get down so we just broke out of the prison they used the rope to
pull off the bars I faster the ladder against the wall here so I should be
able to go down on it once I get down I’ll be able to reenter the prison using
the magnesium I should be able to burn through any bars down there I had to
ration my supplies because I’m I needed to get Logan out of here all right one
step at a time one step at a time ah this is the outside of the four-story
compound this is where the Bears are keeping us this is where he’s been
keeping Logan if I didn’t use slums key code I can open up that time lock and
open the door or entry this way I need to burn through it with the magnesium so
I can crawl through I’m gonna use a scrap of cardboard and I magnesium
nitrate to burn I gotta fashioned it like a torch because this thing’s gonna
be way too hot to hold just like that we’ve got a metal burning torch I only
got a few of these left here we go ah Jesus listen good week in the metal
I’m gonna try and bash it in week in the metal enough to bash in all things birth
though looks like it that’s our whole back into the barons compound never
thought I’d be breaking back into a baron stronghold Lisa okay I’d be very
careful if I set this off it’ll work him or even worse cause smoke don’t have a
lot of these left but I might be able to make some smoke with my match to be able
to see where the laser line is then we can’t go underneath it yeah right there
I can see the line it’s right there looks like it’s one laser for now but we
gotta go underneath this or else we’re gonna set it off alright just through
here what is this place
looks like it’s some sort of laboratory supposed to be one of ferren’s
laboratories there’s not any where he’s making the compounds this could be where
he’s making the virus what’s over here Logan Lucas I take you escape yeah they
broke into my cell upstairs what happened no I just woke up in the cell
if it dropped here I’m gonna get us out of here don’t worry it’s gonna find a
way oh he’s got more bars on here hold on I’ve got one more than magnesium
nitrate but if I use it here I won’t be able to blast through the door I think
where you’re standing is some sort of laboratory do you think you could find
something to blast there just gonna be something what’s this experienced lab
supplies compound w sodium chloride it’s all here
look I might be able to get us out of here there’s not enough to burn through
these bars but if I use my last bit of magnesium I should be able to get you
out and I should be able to make some sort of concoction to blast through that
door looks like he’s got a pressure lock on it there’s no way we’re getting
through this without blowing that off we’re gonna get Logan out of here I’ve
got a blast with the door using the magnesium then I’ll tend to this lab
gear and try to make something to blow through the pressure lock hopefully we
haven’t alerted the Baron already I see tape all right Logan we don’t like the
magnesium you’re gonna need to stand back we should weaken the bars are you
sure this is safe it’s not it’s the only way we’re gonna get you out of here
stand back all right there we go there we go
stand back here he goes I’m gonna try break it out
looks like we begin the bars like come on I’ll help you out oh yeah oh yeah we
did how you feeling I’m feeling pretty good all right look we’re gonna get out
through that time lock I’m gonna need to blow the lock I do my much supplies here
but I should be able to create a decoction most of us buy chloride
carbonate but some of it’s been used to create his virus what’s this it’s a very
highly potent compound it is virus you could have turned into a zombie if you
open that I should be able to create a chain reaction you create some solid
substance when lit that substance should explode so let me do the magnesium I’ve
been using here we go yeah looks like he’s working chain reactions working create pressure compound it’s the only
way this thing’s gonna work oh look it worked look at that how did that work well he
create the pressure compound it turns into this substance from with the
compound is there are only some small particles that we can use for the
explosive the rest is useless Portia I wasn’t able to distill lock
there’s still a little bit in here if I compiled the compound correctly the lock
should break oh there we go the pressure lock went all right put the fire out
doors open let’s go Oh what is this place looks like it’s some sort of
security hatch what is this it’s locked let me try and
rip this open no there’s some sort of wall behind it I think it’s the security
door I think we need to go through this some sort of circuit breaker must
activate the door we’re slums keycard Oh No he’s been
helping us it must have disappeared in the black wait lipstick the Barons been
trying to create some sort of dinosaur egg he’s supposed to be part of his
master plan he’s trying to repopulate the earth yeah I think it might be
hatching Logan I think the Barons been trying to
remake dinosaurs to add to his arsenal we can’t let this happen
should we take you with us I don’t know something’s inside come on you get out
of there I’m not letting you become part of the Barons crew you’re a cute little
dinosaur not an evil machine of war come on hatch hatch buddy
I leave you got to warm it up and he’s his mother’s warmth oh well it’s trying
to break through oh look looking it’s breaking through
this side I’m not letting the Baron give you you’re too cute get out of there
little buddy get out of there hey little buddy hey how’s it goin
I think I want to name him Samuel I think we need to bring him with us do
you think there’s other dinosaurs looking I don’t know if the Baron was
able to make this it’s probably got a lot more we’re gonna get back to the
task at hand Samuel you’re coming with us seems a bit complicated Bob I might
be able to rewire it all I need to do is get the gate open I’m gonna try and
bypass the fingerprint if no I’m gonna have to rewire this whole thing
darn it all right fingerprint scanner is not gonna work looks like he’s set to
the Barons fingerprint try to work as fast as I can
damn resistors all jumbled up give me a second well what if the bearing comes
try just here here got it got it resistors on it’s working the gates
opening let’s go all right I gotta hold it so the gate opens if I really still
plotting the gates gonna close so Melissa released I’m gonna kick out the
door pull Samuel okay you’re coming with us buddy three two one so here’s Papa Chak has escaped
and I know he escaped you fool what were you thinking who was her what should we
do release the dinosaurs men she got pasta zombies but he won’t get past our
diners it’s time we pay him another visit


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