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24 Hours Overnight In A Tent / That YouTub3 Family

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back to… – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – And today we are going to
spend 24 hours in a tent, but this is a little bit crazy because we didn’t plan
this too much in advance, so we just kinda grabbed things together. – Grab and go! – Did you guys grab
anything for your 24 hours? – Yeah, I got some magnesium
and steel to make a fire. – Oh boy.
– And let’s hope this works because we did not bring
any matches or lighters. – Great, so we may be
starving for 24 hours. This should be good. What’d you boys pack. – I brought a magnifying glass but then there’s no sun at all. – Oh no.
– Oh wow, okay. And any entertainment? – My phone, which is still in the car. – By the way, there’s no WiFi. – Yeah, so, that’s fine.
– We’re up in the mountains. But I did bring TP.
– Oh that’s good. – And I’m not talking
the teepee you live in. I’m talking the TP you use.
– Toilet paper! Just what we need. Okay, Jordan? – I brought sleeping gear, like
pillows and my sleeping bag, and Wet Ones because, ya know,
germs, wilderness, survival. – Okay, so we are going
to give ourselves a rule that we can come out of
the tent to prepare food because we have to eat. – We did bring food.
– We don’t want to starve. We brought food, we threw
together some tin foil dinners and some breakfast food, which is donuts. – Yeah! – And then also to use the
restroom, or the nature. Yeah! – And we brought Logan. – Yay!
– Oh boy! – Logan’s here! Come here! – Okay, did anybody bring bug spray? Because I’m starting to feel mosquitoes. – We’re gonna get eaten alive. – I brought the fly swatter. – [Katie] Well, we’ll be in
the tent, 24 hours in the tent. So we won’t need to
worry about it actually. As long as we have a fly swatter we can swat the few that get in. We are going to hurry and make dinner. Dad is trying to start it
with the steel and flint and it looks like he’s
got the steel shaving. – [David] I’ve been putting
some of the magnesium shavings. – [Katie] Magnesium shavings. – So what you do is you take this, and you shave off some of the magnesium. – [Jordan] Only have a parent do this, guys, you have to be very careful. (Metal scraping against metal) – [David] See the
magnesium falling in there? – [Jordan] Playing with fire’s dangerous. – Then what we’ll do is we’ll put some kindling in, some of this, to help. Okay, so I asked the boys
to get a whole bunch of it and they brought me this little handful so hopefully it works
– I hope so! – Because when this
lights, it’s gonna light up fast and quick and if there’s
nothing there to light it, to go with it, then it’ll just go out. So, we’ll see. – [Katie] Okay, you’re getting sparks. – Okay, so what you do is you sit this right down here by it and you just… (metal scraping) – [Katie] But like Jordan said, don’t ever do this
without parents’ approval because this is dangerous. – [Jordan] To have a parent do it. – [Katie] You should never play with fire, that’s why dad’s doing it. – [Jordan] And that’s why
we’re standing back here. – [Katie] Okay, it looks like we are going to eat dinner tonight so we’ll come back as
soon as we get that fixed and then we’re all jumping in the tent. We’re gonna have to come
up with games, guys– – It’s going to be boring. – [Katie] Because this
might be a long 24 hours. It’s hotter than I thought it would be. – I know. I’m wearing a long sleeve and I’m, like, so sweaty. – [Katie] It’s really hot out. – [Jordan] Why! – Okay, this is what happens when you don’t have enough kindling. – Uh oh.
– No! – Gotta throw this away so we
gotta start all over again. – [Katie] Oh no, wish us luck. – [Jordan] Alright,
here’s the eventful part. Do we have a flame? What it’s name, George, George the flame? Oh my gosh! Go George go, yeah! – [Jake] Go George! – [Jordan] Careful, watch your phalanges. – [Jake] Go George go! – [David] We did it!
– Oh my goodness. I think we have a fire! – [Katie And Jordan] Yay! – [Jordan] There’s George the flame. It’s a good time. – We’re gonna have cooked dinner tonight. Yay! – [Ty] Oh, Jake, the cardboard’s lighting. – No raw meat! – [Jordan] Yay! All right, we’ve got our food a-cooking because the flame, George,
has settled down a bit. So, there’s coals on that side and George is still alive on that side. And George is singing, “Ha ha ha ha, Staying alive, staying alive.” (Jordan laughing) – [Ty] I gotta watch this, George!” – [Jordan] And Logan’s just chilling. He’s so cute. Logan! – Logan’s camping, too. – [Jordan] We have our food a-cooking and it’s a tin foil dinner so all of our food’s wrapped in tin foil sitting on very hot coals, which is cooking it, and it’s going to be so delicious. Huh, Dad? – [Katie] Yummy. – That’s the idea. – I think we all kind of
made different dinners. The boys, Jake and Ty, have steak. Audrey, I mean, Jordan and I have chicken and then Dad, David, brought
ground beef for his meal and then we have veggies to go with it and some rolls and we’re
going to make s’mores. (Jordan squeals) So, this is good. We haven’t even gotten the
tent yet, but we need to. We need to get this dinner done and get in the tent and spend our 24 hours. Because we can have donuts in the tent. – We’re going to do a tent tour. – Oh, yeah. – [Katie and Jordan] Tent tour! – I don’t think we’ve mentioned this yet, but Audrey’s not here with us because she was like, “Ain’t no way I’m going camping!” and so she ditched us and
went with her friends. So, I guess we’re just
having a party without her. Let’s do a tent tour! Oh! So, here is the deluxe tent. Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Look at the action shots. – It’s amazing! Okay, go on in. – [Jordan] Let’s go in! Voila. – Okay, so right here in the purple bag, guess who we have: Jordan. – Yeah, and I’ve got my PJ’s in there. – Okay, and then over here we have Jake. Because we have to separate Jake and Ty. And then, originally, we were going to put Jake and Ty down here, but then Ty claimed the middle bed up here and refused to move. And so, we decided to
let Ty have that bed. And Dad is going to have
to sleep on that side and me on the other side. I… I tried to sleep
by Jordan or by Jake, but Ty’s forcing us to
sleep on both sides. – [Jordan] And the reason
we have to separate the boys is because Ty likes to be
very loud and noisy at night– – Yes. They mess around too much. – [Jordan] And then they’ll
just bounce off each other. – And that’s… I am not a night person and Ty is a night owl, so I didn’t really want to be next to Ty who would be bugging me. But I will be. – So, look at the features
of this grand tent. We’ve got big bay windows. – [Jordan] Oh, look at that. – As you can see, it’s all around so it’s panoramic. It’s got a hanger over there to put all of your valuables in. – [Jordan] We have a locker caddy? Like, what? And the only thing that’s really valuable right now is Wet Ones
because, literally, yes. That’s what we need. – It’s got it’s own skylight
so you can view the stars. – [Jordan] Yeah, woo! – And, it’s got electricity. So, if you push the
button up there, Jordan, the lights will turn on. – [Jordan] What? – [David] Yes. – [Jordan] Mom, show us. No way. – [David] That’s low. (Jordan squealing) – [Katie] Oh, there are lights. – [Jordan] Oh, wow!
– Whoa! – [Jordan] Oh! So, at
nighttime, we could just, like, have a party. – [David] It’s our stars. – We could attract all the
flies and the mosquitoes. – [Jordan] Oh, this is
really good lighting. – I actually really like this because– – [Jordan] That’s good lighting! – That’s brilliant. – [Jordan] It’s like studio lights. – Seriously, we can– We can film at night. – [Jordan] In our tent. – You guys are really going
to see us for 24 hours. – [Jordan] It looks really open and breezy because we have all the windows open– – It’s awesome. – [Jordan] but we’ll close them. Actually, I don’t know. Are we going to close them? – No, we’re going to keep this all open because it is so hot up here. – Seriously! It’s cool. – I brought a book to read and now that we have the lights, I could stay up all night reading. – So, back to the features of the tent… – Oh, yes.
– [Jordan] Oh, yeah. Tent tour! – Because Jordan got us so side-tracked. So there’s hanging pockets around, but there’s also a divider. We could actually divide
this right in half, but I didn’t put it in here because I figured we didn’t
want to divide ourselves. – Boys versus girls! Girls get the front of the tent. Boys get the back. – [Jordan] Oh, let’s do that. – Put the divider in. You guys could breathe your air, we could breathe our air. – [Jordan] Yeah, because
it goes right in between. Oh, let’s do that, Mom. – Girls versus boys. – [Jordan] In the middle of the night, we’ll just put up our divider, okay? – Wait, but I’m up there,
and you’re down here. – [Jordan] You’ll just move your stuff. – I have to move Jake? – [Jordan] Yeah! – But then he’s with Ty
and then they will… – [Jordan] Put Dad in between. – This isn’t going to work.
– [Jordan] Yeah! – We can’t put the boys together. They’ll be up all night. – [Jordan] Oh, no. – And I need sleep. – [Jordan] Yeah, Mom needs her sleep. Her beauty rest. But, there’s our tent! Ta-da! That’s our tent. That’s what we get to live
in for the next 24 hours. But, if I peek through the window, looks like maybe our dinner
might be almost done. Maybe, I don’t know. – I’m starving! – [Jordan] I know, I’m really hungry, too. – What time is it? It is 8:30. My gosh, I’m so hungry. – [Jordan] Okay, guys, we… Made it so that George is back, so, hello, George. Welcome back. And we’re putting in some
little flavoring into our water because that just makes it delicious. – Tang. – [Jordan] Yes. – It’s Tang. – [Jordan] And we have our food. So, let me just show you. That’s the flavoring. We’ve got, we’ve got some raspberries, rolls, butter… – [Katie] The broccoli’s put away. We’ve got to get the broccoli out. – [Jordan] Lots of yummy food. Look at that. – We cooked it all on a fire. – [Jordan] Yep. – [Katie] All right-y,
we are getting settled in for the night. We had our dinner. It was yummy. We made s’mores. – Yup. – [Katie] 24 hours in a tent is official. – Woo! We’ve got our studio lights on, so it’s, like, pitch black except for our tent.
– [Katie] It is so bright. – Our tent is, like, yes. And Logan’s so cute. – And we’re here, like, like if anybody was out there, they could totally see us. – [All] Yeah… – We’ve got all the bay windows open. We’ve got the skylight open. – [Jake] And there’s a
lot of bugs up there. – And the bugs are wanting to come in. – Yeah, the bugs see the light and they’re like, “Ah!” – [Katie] So, we’ll probably just, like, get ready for bed and
tell stories for a minute before we fall asleep. – So, you guys want to hear a story about the hitchhiker? – [Jake] Yeah. – [Katie] Oh my gosh. – You do? – [Katie] Have you told this one before? – I don’t think I have. – [Jake] Well, just say it. – I’d better not tell a scary story. – [Katie] Ty’s trying to sleep. – [David] Ty won’t go to sleep. That’s my bed, short-stuff. – This one’s deflated, so I call this one. – [Jake] Logan wants
to hear a scary story. – You want to hear a scary story? – [Ty] Scary story! Scary story! – Okay, comment down below. Do you like scary stories
when you’re camping or do you like not-scary
stories when you’re camping? – [Katie] Funny stories. – Like a funny story, or comedy, or drama. – I like a good mixture. A funny, scary, drama story. – [Jake] Do everything! – So, could it be a clown in the woods? Because clowns are funny. – [All] No… – No, that’s scary. – [Katie] A clown in the woods, though? – A clown in the woods would be scary? – We may have grabbed
popped air mattresses, so I’m currently sitting on the floor even though, like… – Jordan’s goes down. – [Katie] Same with Ty’s. – See? Look at Logan. He sinks. – [Jordan] Oh, he’s so cute. – [David] Logan thinks he’s getting a bed. He’s going to sleep
right here on the rocks. – [Katie] He’s like,
“Nope, this is my bed.” – You’re so cute. – [Katie] He’s like, “I’ve got my bed. Where’s Dad sleeping? On the rocks.” Everybody’s got their bed. – He’s so cute. – [Katie] He’s totally
claimed that as his own. – It’s his now. He’s, like, making himself comfortable. This is my bed. – Oh my goodness. – [Katie] Okay. I guess
Dad doesn’t have a bed now. – Huh, guess I’ll go sleep in the van. – [All] Aw… – Down by the river. – Hey, the van may actually be comfortable than a popped air mattress. – It might be. – [Katie] True. I am so tired, guys. Should we continue in the morning for our 24 hours? – Yeah, so let’s do this: let’s get all ready for bed, we’ll get up in the morning. We’ll do some activities; we’ll play some games. – [Katie] Yeah. – How’s that sound? – [Katie] Because I’m tired. – Yeah, it’s late and… (stick snapping) Did you guys hear that sound? So up here where we are staying, this is the truth, there is no joking about this, there are wild turkeys, so there could be turkeys
all around us in the morning. Hopefully, so we can show you. There are deer. I’ve seen elk up here, which is a big deer. I’ve seen moose, which is a big elk. – And it could be scary. – [Katie] There’s
possibilities of there being mountain lions and bears. – There could be mountain lions and possibly a remote bear. – [Katie] And rattlesnakes. – And that’s why I have mine up here. – And rattlesnakes are up here. – [Katie] And ticks. – And ticks.
– [Katie] Lots of good stuff. – So, basically, the
outside is trying to get us. That’s why we’re in this nice fortress. – And I say we– – [Katie] And our food is
all put away, right guys? Do you have any food in here? – Yeah, it’s in the van. – [Katie] Don’t camp with food. – [Jake] Too late. – I have to go move the cooler in the van because it’s sitting
right over by the tent. – Yeah, you don’t want it
by your tent because then– – [Katie] I think that’s just water. – Oh, is there? Okay. – You don’t want any food– – [Katie] Actually, there’s milk in there. – By your tent because then animals will come to your tent in the middle of the night and get you. So, put them away. – Let’s hope that this
fortress keeps us safe. We will see you guys,
hopefully, in the morning. And we’re going to call it a night. – Good night! – [Katie] Say good night! – [All] Good night! – [David] Logan, get out of my bed. – [Katie] He’s just like, “Nope.” – [David] Logan! – [Jordan and David] Aw… – Good morning, guys. So, it is the next day. It was pretty, actually, a pretty nice night because
things cooled down a lot and we were able to sleep really good. Ty is actually still asleep
on his deflated air mattress. – I tried to jump on this, hoping that it would
inflate up and hit him. – [Katie] And it didn’t. – It’s just a rock. – [Katie] Yeah, it’s pretty
much deflated all the way, so that’s not going to work. And I think Jordan grabbed
some donuts for us. – The chocolate one’s mine.
– Donuts! – [Katie] So, we’re going
to chill in the tent today, have our donuts for breakfast. – Yum. – Donuts for breakfast?
– [Katie] Hey. – I’ve got chocolate
milk and regular milk. – Wash your hands. – [Katie] Yeah, everybody
should wash their hands before getting their donuts. Yum! Look at these donuts. Delish! All right, so we’re going to eat breakfast and we’ll be back. And, I guess we’ll just chill in the tent until it gets too hot
to chill in the tent. – And then we won’t be chilling
because it’ll be too hot. – [Katie] Yeah, we’ll be sweltering. – [David] All right,
Jordan, how are you doing? – It’s so hot!
– [David] Yeah. The sun’s up way up there in the sky. It’s getting warm in here. We’ve opened up our bay windows so that we can get more
air coming through. – There’s not much to do. I’m so bored. – [David] Yeah, we didn’t really think this one through very well. – [Jordan] Come here, baby Logan. – [David] We didn’t bring a
whole lot of stuff for us. – You didn’t bring anything. I finished my book. I read the entire thing. Very good. Now what? – [David] Well, Tyler’s been banished to the outside of the
tent because he wanted to eat a breakfast donut–
– [Jordan] For lunch. – [David] in the afternoon
and they’re kind of crusty and so all the chocolate’s falling off. So, he’s got to stand on the edge. There’s a tarp there on the edge and he’s got to stand on the edge there as his punishment to eat breakfast. Jake, what are you up to? – [Jordan] Being bored. – [David] You’re just being super bored? – Yes.
– [David] Yeah? – His phone’s in the car
and he wants his phone, but he can’t go get it and it doesn’t even have internet anyways, so phones are pointless here. – I don’t need internet. I have offline games. – [David] Yeah, so Jake’s bored because he doesn’t have
his electronics with him. – I’m hot because it’s the
middle of the day and it’s hot. – [Katie] It’s pretty hot. – [David] Jordan’s all hot. – [Katie] Getting hotter by the minute. – [David] Logan’s bored. Hi, Logan. Mom’s got her book done, so she’s bored. All right, well, I don’t know how much longer we can stay in here because we’re cooking like an oven. – What time is it? Is it time to go yet? – [David] It’s probably getting close. – [Ty] It feels good out here. – [David] It feels good out there? (David laughing) – [Katie] Oh, Ty. You’re so happy. – [David] You’re silly. – [Jordan] Good-bye. – [David] All right,
should we have a contest to see who can clean the tent the fastest? – Baby, Logan just found
out how to get out. – [Jordan] Logan! – [David] Logan went out
through that little hole? Wait, are you kidding me? He got out through that little teeny area? – [Katie] Jordan, check the time and see if it’s time to go yet. – Oh, he’s right here. He’s right by Ty now. – See what time it is. See if it’s time to go yet. – [David] Are you getting
ready for your afternoon nap? – I, well, there’s nothing else to do. I’ll just sleep all day. – [Jordan] I don’t have my phone, Mom. – We’ve played I Spy. We’ve told stories. We’ve played Wink. What else are we going to do? – [Jake] Hey, I call quit-sies! Ha, just kidding. – Hey, Jake, what is going
on with that sleeping bag? – Cleaning it up. – [David] Jake’s trying to make his bed. – [Katie] That bag has to
be rolled up really tight. – [David] You got to get it to where it looks like
that blue one right there. It’s all nice and put away. That’s Logan’s bed, by the way. Logan’s bed is all put away. – Yeah, we had it laid down right here with his little blanket. – [David] Yeah, it was
underneath his blanket here. – [Jake] Logan slept on a bed last night. – Logan’s right here. Oh my gosh. Logan, what are you doing? – [David] So, Logan’s banished now? – Yeah, well he decided, “Oh, yeah, it is nicer outside.” – [David] Okay, we’re
going to have a contest to see who can do it. It is… – Is it time? – [David] It is 4:32. – What? Oh my gosh. We got here at, like, 5:00, I think. – [David] Yep, we’ve
only got this little bit. – So, we can go. I’m getting ready to go. – [David] Mom’s got her blanket. Jake’s trying to wrap it up. – [Jordan] I’m trying to just zip mine up. – [David] Should we tell Jordan and Jake that’s there’s bags that
they have to stuff them in? – [Jordan and Jake] Yeah. – [David] Right there’s your bag, Jordan. – All right, Dad, you’re
going to clean up mine. – [David] There’s bags right there. Mom’s getting further ahead of you guys. Mom’s is the only one that has to wrap up. Mom, you didn’t even sleep
in your sleeping bag? – Nope, because I brought a spare blanket. – [David] Nice. – It’s hot enough here
that we don’t need it. – [David] Ty, you can’t go down there. You need to stay on the sleep, on the thing. – I thought I was done. – Hey, you monkey. – [David] No, we’re not done yet. We got to clean up and get ready. – [Jake] Yeah, um, I automatically clicked the “Challenge Dad,” so
you have fun doing it. – Jake’s sleeping bag rolling. – I just can’t do this job. – [David] That’s not going to work. – [Ty] Let me in! – [David] There’s a bag
you gotta put it in. You got to stuff it in the bag. – [Katie] It’s in the corner. – [Ty] Let me in! – [David] Okay, Jacob is still
working on his sleeping bag. Tyler, you gotta come in and
get your sleeping bag put in. Come on.
– No. – [David] And Jordan.
– I’m done. – [David] What? Like a boss.
– Like a pro. – [David] Jordan totally owns you, Jacob. – Because I have such a teeny… – [David] The bag is half the size of the sleeping bag, so
it does make it tougher. – Done! – Good try.
– [David] Done? No, you gotta take this bag right here. – Oh, that’s a big bag. – [David] Put it in. – Yeah, you think.
– [Jordan] Good luck. – [David] Okay, comment
down below if you think Tyler is going to be able to get that big sleeping bag in the little cover. What do you think, Ty? – Nope, I can’t do it. – [David] What? – I can’t do it. – [David] You can’t do it? – I think Mom’s going to do it for him. – [David] No… – [Jake] I can’t get past that. – [David] Okay, time to let the air out of the air mattresses. – Guess what, guys? 24 hours is… – Up! – [Jake] Finished! – Woo! We are done. – Yeah! – We are out of there. – It was fun. Lots of good memories. – [Katie] It was fun, but it got a little boring and hot towards the end. – Next time,
– [Katie] I’ll admit. – We’ll bring more things to do. – [Katie] Yeah, we should pack
some board games and stuff. But, that was fun. Comment down below if you
want us to do another 24 hours and what we should do for
that 20 hours, 24 hours. There goes our tent! Ah! Should we do another tent one? Should we do an outdoors one? There goes the tent. Look how easy this tent collapses. How awesome. Wow. All right-y, guys. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share and… – Hit the bell. Shh… Don’t tell Tyler I said it. – And make today an adventure! We’ll see you all next time. – [Jordan and Jake] Bye! (guitar music)

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