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– I’m flying! (screams) We’re gonna do the Lego land Challenge. It’s gon’ be ZZ KIDS TV
versus GOOGOO COLORS. – And we’re gonna win,
’cause we always win. – Okay, so let’s get started. What’s the first ride we’re going to? – Okay, so first ride we’re going to is right here, Project X. This is a fast roller coaster and we’re gonna have so much fun. No lines… – No lines, it’s gonna be
super awesome so I can’t wait. Let’s go, baby! (funky music) – [ZZ Kid] Uh oh. (roller coaster moving) – [ZZ Dad] Oh, boy. Oh boy… (high pitched laughing) (screaming) Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, oh! – I want my mommy! (ZZ Kid laughs) I want my mommy, no! No! – [ZZ Kid] I wanna try this again. – [ZZ Dad] Whoa, whoa. – That was so crazy. – Dude, that was so crazy I was saying “I want my mommy, I want my mommy!” Oh, man, I was screaming. And guess what, we’re going on it again. No, I don’t wanna go on it again. Let’s take a picture, cheese! (camera shutter) Me and ZZ Kid just finish
riding the Project X ride and guess what, he got his glasses on. I don’t have my glasses. I lost my glasses on the
ride, and guess what, they had to shut down the entire ride in order to find my glasses. So I’m sorry guys. All these people gotta wait, so sorry. But the ride was super crazy, right? It was crazy! They finally found my
glasses, man that was crazy. Now onto some next rides. Yeah, okay, let’s go! (funky music) – Dude, this looks so
freaking crazy, dude. (dragon roar) It’s a gigantic dragon. Are you gonna scream, no? – If I do, I’m gonna smack my face. – [ZZ Dad] Alright, here we
go, let’s get on the dragon. – Take off my glasses. – I think I’m about to exit dude, because this ride is gonna be super crazy. I’m gonna scream, dude. I don’t want to embarrass myself, man. This ride is gonna be super epic. This is a real, super-duty, heavy-duty, scary roller coaster, dude. – [ZZ Kid] Oh my God. – I’m about to scream. Okay, alright, this is not too scary. This is nice, very calm. Aw man, this is super dark in here. Oh boy. I got a funny feeling about this, dude. Are you ready for this rollercoaster? – Yeah! – Are you ready? I don’t think you are dude. Cause I’m not ready! – I am! – I’m not ready, no! No! (high pitched screaming) Oh no! I don’t wanna die, no! [ZZ Dad] Freaking scary looking! Oh no! Oh, we’re going up! (screaming) Oh! Whoa! Whoa!! Yeah, baby. Yeah! It’s not too bad! Whoa! Oh whoa! Look I’m flying! Whoa! Whoa, man. Dude. – Woo! – Oh man, oh yeah! (screams) (screams) Dude, that was freaking crazy, dude. Were you screaming? No? Yes you were. You were screaming. You lying. I was screaming. – You was screaming more than me! – Okay guys, we’ve started our journey on the coast cruise, are you excited? – Uh oh! – [Goo Goo Mom] What do you see? – [Goo Goo Gaga] It’s a town! They’re legos! – Yeah, that’s London! That’s London, England. – [Goo Goo Gaga] How do you know? – [Goo Goo Mom] Cause that’s what he said! Is it made out of legos? Yes, it is. It’s all made out of legos. – [Goo Goo Gaga] A light house! – [Goo Goo Mom] It is a light house! 17,000 legos! Omg. – Ooh! More stuff! – It is Taj Mahal. That is a city, a big city! – What’s that? – [Goo Goo Mom] That’s the Eiffel Tower. – [Goo Goo Gaga] Awful tower? – [Goo Goo Mom] Eiffel Tower. – Eiffel Tower? – [Goo Goo Mom] Yes. It’s in Paris, France. – Look!
– Ooh, look! Legos house! – [Goo Goo Mom] It is. – [Goo Goo Gaga] I see the bridge! – [Goo Goo Mom] Mhm. – [Announcer] Constructed these using half a million legos alone. – [Goo Goo Gaga] Wha! – [Goo Goo Mom] They made it with half a million legos. – Mom, York! – [Goo Goo Mom] Yes, it’s New York! We’re gonna go there in a few weeks. (screams) – [Goo Goo Gaga] Oh my gosh! (funky music) – [ZZ Dad] Oh! Get him, get him! Oh! Oh! (sirens wailing) Oh! Shoot, shoot! Ah! Ah, get him ZZ Kid! (beeping) I got one! Oh! Oh! Hey dude, how was that ride? – You beat me that time. – Yeah, you won the first time, dude. But, the second time, I won that one dude. But you know what? You’re a great shooter, okay? – How many do you have? – I got 1,260. – Dang, so he beat me, man! Aw man. Well on the next ride! – [Goo Goo Mom] You excited Goo Goo Gaga? To get on Sky Patrol? Yeah? Okay. You’re gonna ride
on there with Ms. Anna. Ready to go dude? Alright, cool! Ooh, and they’re off! In their police patrol helicopter! They’re coming back down (screams) How was Sky Patrol, Goo Goo Gaga? – Good. – [Goo Goo Mom] Good?
You did an awesome job! – [ZZ Dad] Alright, ZZ Kid? Are you nervous dude? Alright, here he goes! He’s about to go up! Oh! He’s screaming! He’s screamin’! (screams)
Ah, he’s screaming again! Oh! Going up! Going up! Oh! Oh, there you go. He screamed again! He’s havin’ fun. Look at him! He’s the only person screaming. (ZZ Kid screams) I thought you said you
wasn’t gonna scream dude! I thought you said you
wasn’t gonna scream. He screamed. He said, one more time. He just finished screaming.
He wanna go again! One more time! This boy is crazy! Don’t scream, okay? Whoa! You’re going up! Oh, this kid says no hands, no hands zone! (screams)
Oh! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! ZZ Kid, how was that ride dude? – Good! – [ZZ Dad] You was
screaming so loud, dude, I was like what’s going on? He’s crazy! – I was doing the worm dance on it. – [ZZ Dad] I saw. I saw you did the worm
dance, but guess what? Guess what? – Let’ go on a big roller coaster. – [ZZ Dad] Let’s go on a big
roller coaster. Let’s go. (funky music) – Where is he? Where’s Goo Goo Gaga? Where? There he goes! There he goes! Oh boy, I think Goo Goo Gaga’s
getitng a little nervous cause the bionicle cups have sped up. Oh no. They’re going faster.
I think he’s nervous! (laughs) What do you think? You’re to small to get on that ride. I’m sorry, dude. You get bigger then you’ll
have a chance, okay? When you get bigger then
you can get on it, okay? – Okay. – Okay. Say okay, mommy! – Otay. – Otay. – Otay. – Otay. – [Goo Goo Mom] You gonna go again? So, Goo Goo Gaga has
decided he’s going again, because he loved the ride so much!
– Yay! – Yay! – Yay!
– Yay! (Gaga Baby laughs) (funky music) – This is a baby ride. You sure you want to ride this baby ride? – This is not no baby ride. – This is a baby ride, dude! I thought we were gonna
get on a scary ride. He got on the baby ride. I guess we’ll get on. Let’s go! Okay, ZZ Kid. This your last chance, dude. Are you sure you wanna
ride this baby ride? Yes? – This is not no baby ride. All the big kids are riding this! – Man, them small little airplanes! It’s not gonna make you scream! It’s not gonna make you go ‘Wahh!’ Whoa! ZZ Kid, this is boring! (electronic music) – [Goo Goo Mom] Woo! Hi guys! They’re not paying me no attention. (laughs) Gaga Baby being very
adventurous around here. He’s about to swing around the corner. There he goes! Spin around the corner, woo! (laughs) They’re having so much fun. Woo! – So guess who I found in the park. I found Goo Goo Mom! – Hi! – So, Goo Goo Mom, Goo Goo Gaga, and Gaga
Baby is going to join us on a very epic and scary ride. So, are you ready to go on the ride dude? – Yeah! – Alright, let’s go! What’s up, ZZ squad? Aye, we just finished
the Legoland challenge. So let us know in the comments, who do you think got on the best rides. Was it ZZ Kids? Or was it Goo Goo Colors? Let us know who got on the best rides in the comments below. Peace, baby, bye! – Bye!
– Bye! – Bye!
– Bye! – [Goo Goo Gaga] Hi kids! Thank you for watching ZZ Kids TV! Like, comment, share and subscribe for more videos. What are you waiting for? Subscribe! Thank you! Bye bye!

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