25 Years of Kidventure Summer Camp

I started Kidventure back in 1995
as a camp counselor but not only in my opinion certain apologist I am also a
mom most importantly and I’m now a mom of a Kidventure camper I was a camper on a bus and twenty-something years later 20 years
later probably my oldest longest friend I’ve had that met on the bus at camp you
know they say you make some of your best friends at camp but it’s really true as
corny as that may sound it was easy to be a kid there was no outside world you
had a week where it was just all positive fun energy all the time well
what kidventure taught me is how to do build relationships with anybody and then they take
it from summer camp and bring it to school and they meet new new friends at
school and they have new ideas and that’s just the gift Kidventure brings us
and the kids were so excited to be there they love Kidventure they knew all
about it and so going in I wanted to find out what was so exciting like with
the kids that they’re so excited to be here every day it got me excited the big
misconception about a camp is that well they’re just gonna run around in circles
and just color all day and that is not what kid venture it’s about Kidventure
is all about the growth of each child inspiring them giving them encouragement
teaching them about respect showing them what it means to be a leader in a
positive way it’s not a school it’s a camp so it’s a fun place to be but just
the the love and the energy and the amount of enthusiasm and just the caring
that comes out of Kidventure goes way beyond the summer and I think it’s those
lifelong lessons that these kids learn and they take away from them better
priceless in Ference we need that we need the help my name is Mike McDonell
I’m the president of Kidventure camps 25 years ago we had this dream and over
the course of 25 years I look back on everyone who’s been accounts had been a
director and been a leader in this company and everything we are as a
company is a part of them I mean they’ve left their mark here at
Kidventure camps kids are who they are because of the lives that impact them it
all comes back to people so when kids went home I know Mike has always said
this they didn’t remember the games they didn’t remember the sports they didn’t
remember the arts and crafts it was the counselor that made the most impact of
their lives no kid is gonna feel like they just want to sit in the corner and
not hang out with a bunch of kids playing a game they’re gonna feel
invited and feel welcomed and feel wanted and I think that’s the wonderful
thing that Kidventure does is it makes every kid feel wanted they just happen
to do that through an amazing camp program and you see it not just in the
days or the weeks that your kids are in camp you see it
25 years later and what they’re able to do for the rest of life there’s a more
important role that I have than just being the vice president kids enjoy of
it and that’s being a dad I’d love to be able to drop them off at camp because
there’s an excitement there when they get out of the car and they go to camp
and I know that but more importantly I know that they’re gonna be safe I know
that they’re gonna learn amazing skills to to have interactions with each other
in camp is such a wonderful place where a child can be in a safe environment a
controlled environment but still exposed to new things that make them have to
stretch themselves stretch their expectations and even beyond that push
through the difficulties that they maybe see within themselves camp did that for
me probably the greatest need of campus is
upon us to where we can focus on relationship and focus on kids
interacting with kids without screens without technology and in having amazing
staff members as role models to help guide and navigate
you know some of those behavior pieces and social interaction Kidventure isn’t
me it isn’t a mission it isn’t the equipment it isn’t the activities Kidventure is comprised of every camper and every counselor and every person who’s
been associated with this program of the first 25 years their impact their time
with this program is indelibly embedded in everything that we do today and will
be moving forward the next 25 years Kidventure is the future. Kidventure is
a family. Kidventure is love. Kidventure your support, friendship. great place for
everyone to grow relationships Kidventure is inspiring life change. Kidventure is positive a team.

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