3 Best Meals to Cook on a Hike and when Camping | Step by step recipes
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3 Best Meals to Cook on a Hike and when Camping | Step by step recipes

Hello, our friends! In this video we are willing to share with
you 3 of our favourite easy to cook meals on a daily basis when we are on a long hike
and out camping. We realized that these are the dishes that
we most often go for and like the best. All of them are going to be vegetarian friendly,
have simple ingredients, based on grains and using as much of the fresh vegetables as possible. So if you are a lover of home made and healthy
food this is a video for you! Let’s get started! For cooking all the meals we would need: camping
gas, cooking stove, some pot, a wooden spoon for mixing, some water, and a little bit of
salt, pepper and spices to taste. And the first meal that we are going to share
will be mashed potatoes with dehydrated mushrooms- the quickest and easiest dish when you’re
stretch on time. First adding some salt directly to the pot,
for me it’s easier because I can see how much salt I added right away. But for everybody it’s gonna be different. If you’re an experienced cooker you may know
it already and if you’re the beginner it will come with practice. Pouring one litre of water for two hundred
fifty grams of mashed potatoes, for two people it’s more than enough. But again it’s gonna be different for every
person. Putting it on the fire and adding the dehydrated mushrooms first, mixing it well and then wait until the water boils. Slowing down the fire before adding potatoes
otherwise there can be a danger to burn yourselves by the boiling liquid. Slowly adding mashed potatoes and mixing it
well until smooth consistency. Just be careful with it. Now adding some olive oil and spices to taste. Our personal favourite spices are turmeric,
curry and oregano. We are the big fans of spices as it always
adds the special taste to the meal and brings it to life. We encourage you to find your own favourites. Again mixing everything well and our dish
is almost ready. Now all is left is to cut some fresh veggies, in our case it will be cherry tomatoes and iceberg lettuce. But you always can add any other of your favourite
vegetables and greens. We like to add the salad right into our pot
and mix it all together, this is just more convenient because you don’t need any additional
dishes. But you can cook the salad in the separate
bowl if you like. Also we are big lovers of all kinds of cheese
and always when we have a piece of cheese on hand we use it in the meal. It makes the meal even more nutritious. But it is a matter of taste and you can do
without any cheese. Now it’s time to mix it all well one last
time and our mashed potatoes with mushrooms, salad
and cheese is ready. Quick, delicious and nutritious! Indispensable meal when you have no time to
waste and you’re very hungry. Next meal is going to be the bulgur with zucchini. Again adding the salt first. Cutting a zucchini in small diced pieces. Then adding a bit of olive oil and zucchini
in the pot. You can replace it by aubergine or any other
vegetable that you like better. Putting it on the high heat. And start stewing the zucchini, stirring it,
so that it will become softer and half ready. This way zucchini get the richer taste when
you stir them before adding grains. Stir it for 4 minutes on a medium heat. You know that the zucchini is ready when it
start to reduce in size and getting the golden color. Then adding the bulgur, around 250gr for two
people. You can replace bulgur with buckwheat, quinoa
or any other grains that you like and it will still taste great. Adding the spices to taste and mixing it well
leaving it on a medium heat for around a minute. When everything is all well mixed and stirred,
and the grains soaked up all the spices and veggies then it’s time to add water. Again you’ll need around 1 litre. Mixing it, close the lid and leave it on the
high heat till the water boils. When the water is boiling put it on the low
heat and wait untill all the water evaporates and the dish is ready. The cooking time depends on many factors like
what kind of cooking stove you use, weather conditions etc. So it may be a bit different for everybody. Then cutting the tomatoes and adding them in almost ready to eat bulgur and leaving it to stir on a low heat for a
minute, mixing all the time. This way the grains will soak up some juice
from the tomatoes. And finally if you love the cheese as much
as we do you can add the small dices of it as well to the meal. But it is optional. Mixing it well and the meal is ready! Healthy nutririous meal that will give you
energy for the whole day! And the last meal we are going to share with
you will be whole grain basmati, brown and wild rice with tomatoes. Quick and easy meal to make but very delicious. First adding the salt and then rice to the pot. It’s important to choose the right type of
rice, try not to use regular white round rice – it is the longest to cook and can take you
up to 40min. We recommend using the mix of long brown and
wild rice – it is much more healthier and half time quicker to cook. This time we are putting the rice on fire and adding the water right away but you can repeat the steps from the previous recipe
with bulgur and stir it with the spices first if you like it better. We need around 800ml of water as this type
of rice doesn’t require much. Close the lid and wait until the water boils
on a high heat. And because this time we were cooking outside
the tent we had to use the mat to protect it from wind. We find it quite effective and convenient. As soon as the water boils, slow down the
fire on low heat and wait until all the water evaporates and then the rice will be ready. It will be around 20min for this type of rice. Cutting the cherry tomatoes for the salad. This time we’ve got the mix of different colours. When the rice is ready adding the spices and
olive oil still leaving it on the fire. And in the end adding tomatoes, mixing it
well and leaving for one more minute to soak up
all the spices. Finally add cheese to your taste. And it is all ready to eat! Beautiful and balanced meal that looks great
and tastes delicious. And here you have it! Let us know which meal out of three you prefer
more leaving us a comment below. And feel free to share your own favourite
meals to cook when camping, we would love to learn new tricks and techniques. Make sure to subscribe for more hiking and
backpacking inspiration and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay in touch. We’ll see you in our next video!


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    Let us know which meal out of three you prefer more leaving us a comment below. And feel free to share your own favourite meals to cook when camping, we would love to learn new tricks and techniques.

  • kai kito

    Mashed potatoes, oxo cube, peppers or onions ,chopped green beans and……corned beef ! Simple. Filling. Makes me think of WW1.

  • Chris Humphries

    If you want to save lots of stove fuel, money and the weight of carrying extra fuel between re-supplies while walking and camping. From your videos, I think that you like the idea of saving money and avoiding wasting fuel! This technique also means that you don’t need to resupply with fuel very often in areas where stove fuel is hard to find. And if you have a bit of extra time to wait for your meal to cook while setting up your camp, take a look at residual heat or hay box cooking at: http://greencooking.wikidot.com/hayboxes This is a very old and effective method of cooking that is very effective, but the original method is not practical while walking and camping. Hear is an ultra-lightweight modern twist on the hay box that insulates your cooking pot while backpacking and does the same thing – it’s called a pot cosy: https://www.keithfoskett.com/ten-reasons-to-keep-your-pot-cosy-how-to-make-one/ There are also lots of videos on Youtube of how to make them. This one shows how to make them and shows how effective they are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkQA0_duIHE The cooking methods that you have used could be modified to use with a pot cosy.

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