• Adeline Roblin

    Today I tried bageterie boulevard and I loved it! I went to the Troja castle to eat my sandwich! Thanks for the other spots 😉

  • Chris Janssens

    Never noticed Bageterie Boulevard before but will check them out next time I'm in CZ! Thanks for that. I prefer to go to 'local' shops or chains rather than international ones.

  • viviones

    I always watch your episodes even though I visited Prague before finding your channel. It's a nice and happy place no matter if my mood is happy or dark

  • BioticBot

    I was in prague a couple of months ago, i can recommend Cafe Panini, pretty cheap for prague standards but really delicious and its only a couple of minutes away from Vitkov Memorial and Park

  • curblaw

    Me and a friend have a stopover in Prague soon on our flight to Russia. Our stopover is 6 hours. Do you think this is enough time to leave the airport and get into the city for lunch and maybe a beer or two?

    p.s. have always loved the videos!

  • Veronika

    Guys, real good place for chill is park Sady na Skalce. It's a hidden gem with surprisingly beautiful scenery (google it!). And one of the best location – only 8 minutes from Anděl.

  • Jason Quiñones

    @ HonestGuide  Janek, may I request for a video regarding what we can and cannot do/enjoy in Prague during fall/winter (around November) vs. in the summer/spring? Any places that are closed during the fall/winter? Any places open or events happening only during fall/winter?

  • Eren Yılmaz

    I was in Prag last week and Czech people were so mean and rude. I couldn’t believe it. Their faces were like i hate you get the fuck out of my country.

  • Can

    nonsense video. this has nothing to do with ‘local’ picnic. I thought your purpose was to show people local stuff to do in Prague. 269 CZK for sandwiches for two? maybe you are not that honest anymore. or maybe you just need some extra money, I don’t know.

  • TheTraveler

    Shit I am staying at the Grandiose hotel right now, is that where you shot this video at the beginning? At Florenc?

  • La Corva

    We will be in Prague from July 10th to 12th and I saw that the weather will be bad 🙁 I hope to enjoy my stay anyway! Any suggestions? 😀

  • prateek singh

    https://youtu.be/c971jQzl_MA – My vlog on Budapest! Hope you guys like it! I will come up with more interesting videos! 🙂

  • TheButton

    Love the show guys! Can you do an episode about things to do on a Sunday in Prague since I know most things will be closed I imagine?

  • Domenico Dentice

    Hey, guys, we will be in Czech on Wednesday and are going to the Smetana Hall – Prague for a concert that takes place in late afternoon and evening. Can you recommend how to get there or close by car and park it in a not so expensive place that it is open at that time?? many thanks!!

  • Sabriiel Sabriielka

    ty vado, no já si to město ani neužiju 😀 do práce, z práce… a na víkendy za rodinou 😀 achjo.

  • Dancis

    I am a habituée of Bageterie Boulevard when I come to Prague.
    I already have been 4 times in your wonderful city since 2017. I am totally in love with it.
    One of the most beautiful, charming, elegant city in the world.

  • Folbz

    Another great video Janek and Honza…. i really miss Prague, cant wait to return one day. Australia is just to far away 🤬.

  • Alexandrj Marenkov

    did you work for german tv ( kabel 1 ) in new york city for the show achtung abzocke ?
    because there was a guy that looked yust like you

  • vasilena trendafilova

    Aand for a week stay in Prague I managed to visit all of the places <3 Watched the magnificent sunset at Riegrovy sady, chill and beer at Letna and had a lemonade vith a view from Coco's van. Thank you honest guide!

  • Bohumil Peřina

    a je to tady…KAŽDÝ youtuber dřív nebo později začne být komerční, mít merche, propagovat cizí…a kanál jde časem do háje protože se původní obsah nahradí "novým"…ale vydrželi jste dlouho…škoda 🙁 …(ale chápu, free rady a návody nájem ani jídlo nezaplatí :D)

  • Annaconda

    i love how my fave fast food place is sponsoring you (congrats….for some reason I thought they were french, I hadn't looked into it (-: I usually go for the Patatas there, when I'm on the go. I've been on youtube for over 10 years and found it hard to find people with great content (in english and with similar interests) open to collaborate. I think you're incredibly brave for what you're doing with the exchange places but especially the cabbies (THAT'S THE REAL BADASS MAFIA)….I so badly wanna film something with you (((-: I basically binge watched all your videos (pretty please?)
    I have a czech republic playlist and have made a few short scam videos (although not live).
    Btw. my name is anna, I'm 33 from Georgia and I've lived in Prague for many, many years. I'm in Hamburg right now but back very often… (my background is in film and art)

  • Keenan Mosdell

    Heard they were banning bikes from historic city squares in Prague..

  • Abdullah Alevsaçan

    Hi friend i watched your money change videos they are amazing and we are going to prag two days later with plane. Mu question is where to change our money ? Can you advice money exchange please?

  • Matias Soto

    I'm going to Prague on monday! I think I've watched all of your prague videos by now. I will most likely czech out the last place and will get one of those boxes and beers. Looks tasty!

  • Travel and Food Stuff

    We went to the beergarden in letna park, we brought bagels it was really nice. I must say we got into a Bageterie Boulevard to check what they had, but it didn't seem very interesting so we just left.

  • István Mága

    I will go back to Czech Republic next year. Not Prague, but Pilsen, I'm going to watch Billy Elliot the Musical there.

  • JDHarlequin

    Well after picking up from BB you can jump on tram 11 (as of summer 2018 jump on tram 11 and on Namesti miru just go on bus X11) and get out at Italska which will get you almost right next to riegrovy sady. By the way Janek when will you guys make reccomendations about your favourite hookah places. If you'd be interested we could show you some great places 🙂

  • Jan Pavlovský

    Loni nas tedy ze zahradek na Letne vyhazovali kdyz jsme meli vlastni jidlo, tak jestli to uz letos neplati, tak jedine dobre.

  • TechNews by Seven

    You can found bageteria boulevard also in Dresden (Galerie Centrum), in Berlin (Mall of Berlin) and in Dubai (American University).

  • Yonatan Ratson

    Can you make a video where to stay? Cheapest, most central, is airbnb a rip off on prices bec tourists look for that first, etc. Thanks!!!

  • Aleksandr Lisitsin

    Thank you guys for the most interesting and positive guide channel on youtube! Though you've covered a lot of places and things to do in Prague I still have a question. I am an actor from Moscow and I'm heading to Prague at the end of August. Maybe you can suggest what theaters should I visit? I really love small chamber ones but ofcourse I will try to get into National Theater aswell. Thanks and cheers! <3

  • sola_lupa

    Your videos are really good for the Czechs too mainly for us from Moravia. 😀 Thank you for your job, it hepls people from all over the world to feel good in our coutry, have a nice time here and bring home only good memories from here. 🙂

  • Skip

    Nojo, doted to bylo az na "scam" videa dobry. To ze kazis praci ostatnim lidem a sam se tady zaprodas za Bageterii :DDdd to uz beru jen jako joke….

  • Josef Debnar

    Nedávno jsem viděl video o trabantu. Až půjdu kolem, musím mít u sebe fixu. Pár symbolů, ukazíjích msíta kam slunce nesvítí, si ten majitel na auto zaslouží.

  • ElioN

    Hey, I will be moving to Tabor in Czech Republic in 3 months time to study in Czech. Was wondering, do you recommend it and what advice can you give to getting the best experience out of my adventure? Was even thinking of staying there even after my studies.

  • anghi

    tus vídeos son fabulosos, nosotros visitaremos Praga el 16 de octubre y no dudare en hacer caso a todas tus recomendaciones. Muchas gracias y si te veo por Praga estaré encantada de saludarte.

  • ersterhernd

    While in Prague in September we did the picnic on Střelecký ostrov with the Bageterie Boulevard take-away box. Was fantastic on a gorgeous sunny afternoon! So glad we saw this video. Thank you Janek!

  • sparkle1272001

    While in Prague many years ago, I visited this beautiful park Obora Hvezda, and at the end of it, there was this beautiful house in the shape of a hexagram called Letohradek Hvezda. Another great picnic spot too? Can you do a video on that? 😛

  • Lukáš Červinka

    Jen malé mínus má ta Letenská pivní zahrádka. Nemůžete si přinést vlastní jídlo a konzumovat ho v letní sezóně, vždy nám řekli ať odejdeme.

  • Roxette K

    Žila sem v Praze cely život ( sleduju vás už par let ze zahraničí ) ale s vámi si uvědomuji jak ji vlastně poradně neznám, díky za super tipy 👍

  • Dani Gonzalez

    Hahaha I.P.Pavlová!! We had friends living there when we lived also there and its funny because everytime they said it like if it was a football anthem and it keeps going in my mind like "i p pavlovaaaaaa" xDDD Stupid silly mind games a part is just were we stayed last week so I'm impressed I haven't seen that before. Yet i knew it from before but is always good to learn stuff

  • Dani Gonzalez

    Isn't Riegrovy Sady one of those places when the World Cup had a beer garden where to watch it back in '16? I think we went there and also back in '11 but in '11 it tooked us way longer to find out how to get there

  • Shaun Hinchliffe

    Hi guys, I love your show!! I am from Toronto, Canada and will be there next week for a month for work. It'd be great to have a beer!! A couple questions, is smoking frowned upon (cigarettes) , are there lots of vegetarian restaurants, is it safe to rent a scooter and are there some great day trips outside of town that you would recommend?

    Thanks guys!

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