3 DAY CAMPING ALONE IN OMAN / ثلاثة ايام من التخييم الفردي في عمان
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3 DAY CAMPING ALONE IN OMAN / ثلاثة ايام من التخييم الفردي في عمان

Halla walla(hello in Arabic), guys! I think by now you should recognise me by this introduction already It’s a crazy day today and I feel like a zombie, actually And this is because I didn’t sleep much I had a night shift, more than 13 hours at work So I came back around 6 am. I went to sleep for 2 hours And then I got up because I started to pack So that I can leave at the reasonable hour And arrive to the place at the reasonable hour The place that I’m going to is 5 hours away From the place that I live, by car And I really decided to go last moment Because whenever I have at least 2 days off The last hours that I am at work I get really excited 😄 And I start planning where to go So that was happening this time also I had a few options however I chose Jebel Akhdar
Because first of all it’s high in the mountains So the weather is a little bit cooler Second of all, as the name says
‘Jebel Akhdar’ means ‘Green Mountain’ The climate is amazing there, you’re gonna see.
I just saw it in the pictures Because I’ve never been there before.
I’ve been to Jebel Shams Which is quite similar but still, let’s see I had 3 days off so that was a perfect occasion to go
because it’s quite far And I was checking the weather today,
it was showing, I think, 31° during the day And 24° during the night Which is a huge difference because right now,
I’m gonna tell you How many degrees it is where I’m driving 44°, so that’s like more than 10° difference I am looking forward to it.
Unfortunately I had delay at home Because I was looking for the pouch with my simcards Inside there was Omani simcard also but I couldn’t find it eventually So I’m just gonna stop on the way and register a new simcard somewhere I’m afraid I’m gonna arrive after sunset
But that’s fine because I still have two more days to enjoy I already crossed the border in Oman And I think I will talk to you back when I get the simcard I managed to get a simcard and even three recharges And I got this beautiful money from Oman What am I gonna do with it, hm? 🤔 If you are looking to have Internet while you are traveling in Oman It’s quite cheap. There are packages There is package for tourists for around 50 dirhams which is 5 rials And you have 2 GB for one week But I always get a local starter which costs 2 rials And then I pay 1 rial for every day and I have 1 GB for the whole day Which for me is better because I use quite a lot of Internet And another thing, if you are planning to go to Jebel Shams or Jebel Akhdar The Omantel would work there much much better than Oreedo Because last time I was in Jebel Shams I had Oreedo and it was really bad I almost didn’t have signal anywhere Good morning, guys!
I just woke up, 10 mins ago I had a nice night sleep, actually I would sleep some more But it’s getting a little bit warmer now At night it was amazing. It was 21°
So I slept in a sleeping bag, can you imagine?
I was kinda cold, crazy! So now I’m gonna make breakfast because I’m getting hungry That’s gonna be probably porridge and fruit And then I will make a plan for the rest of the day But to be honest I’m just chilling.
I’m not in a hurry anywhere Yesterday as you noticed I didn’t film much Because when I arrived to the spot there were so many people here You cannot imagine, mostly locals, I guess they come here for camping But then when I woke up in the morning around 5 am for sunrise There was no one here, I was the only one So I guess they come here only to eat in the evening and then they go back home I wanted to show you quickly my camping spot So that’s the view you wake up to and the Sun rises from this side Fireplace and some stuff related to food And my bed.
I really love this tent because it has entrance from both sides I don’t really feel that hot when I’m inside because the wind is blowing back and forth So I will start from making the coffee
I’m gonna do it in the arabic coffee pot I have the coffee here, some rose water And some spices for coffee which are: cardamon, cinnamon, ginger And some others that I don’t remember
but they are all mixed here so it’s easy solution And of course the coffee cup For the fire I have these firelighter cubes And I use these ones because they are made out from wood and vegetable oil And the lighter of course.
So one is there already For breakfast I will boil this almond milk
and I have a mixture of oats here that I made a home Which is mostly millet grain, oats, some cinnamon and spices And then some fruit: watermelon, guava, peach, pear and kiwi I wanna show you how I make popcorn I take pot like this and cover it with aluminium foil And the key is not much fire left. All the wood is burnt out so the coal is left only And you have to move pot all the time
because otherwise it will stick to the bottom fo the pot And if the fire is too strong then also it will stick to the bottom Then I just add a little bit of Himalayan salt I guess I’m gonna talk to you later on On the way going down from Jebel Akhdar I saw this beautiful spot, like… WOW, look! Okay, let me give you a quick update Because my plans changed drastically I am on the way to Muscat
I didn’t plan to drive so far Anyways, I got a message that my friend is taking his friend to the mountains To the place called ‘Wakan’ for hiking and he asked me if I wanna join When I looked at the map it was about 3 hours driving From Jebel Akhdar – the place that I was in there But when I saw the pictures I decided I have to join them So right now it’s 3:30pm and when we reach it’s gonna be perfect time to start hiking We will hike around one hour up
and then come down and find a place for camping Hala walla(hello in Arabic), guys! Today is my third day of camping and also the last day of camping, sadly But what to do, I cannot stay here forever Although I wish I could Today I was camping at the top of Jebel Shams And now during the day it’s 29° but the sun is so strong that I already got the sun burn Although I put the sun screen so yes! Yesterday at Jebel Akhdar it seemed it was a little bit colder Maybe because the sun was sometimes behind the clouds And also when I left from there it started to rain There were waterfalls in the mountains and really heavy rivers
But yeah, what to do! So yesterday from Jebel Akhdar I drove 3 hours to this place called ‘Gariyat Wakan’ This beautiful, beautiful place, seriously I cannot even find the words The place is so green, and the green color is so intense Especially contrasting the grey mountains in the background And I spent there two hours I think So to reach to the top you have to take around 400 steps And while you are hiking to the top you are passing through the beautiful Farms of grapes, pomergranates, figs And other vegetable and fruit They are all working thanks to ‘falaj'(Arabic: spilt into parts) system The irrigation system that is leading water from the top of the mountain Down to the bottom of the village And it was built some time ago so it’s quite old It’s definitely a must place to visit I didn’t even know it exists but it came out very spontaneously That I went there and visited it I cannot even emphasize how much I recommend this place So right now I’m gonna start packing because I have to go back soon And then there is 6 hours journey on the car ahead of me So wish me luck so that I don’t fall asleep or get too bored And if you like this video remember to press the like button and to subscribe And I hope to see you in the next video in the future, bye, bye!


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