3 Days Alone | Blowdown, Beat Down, No Struggle No Success
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3 Days Alone | Blowdown, Beat Down, No Struggle No Success

So this video is going to be a two-night
trip up the river. First week of spring, lots of animals moving around. I’m gonna be
up early and during the evening looking for them and try to get them on
video for you guys. Hope you enjoy. So it started raining on me and I just
quickly threw up my camp. I found a pretty decent place to stay the night. All right, morning of day 2. Just waking
up the sun’s just breaking. It’s about 6:15 right now, planning to cruise up the
river for a few hours look for game. Elk and bears what I’m looking for so we’ll
see if I get lucky. I came out of the forest onto the river bottom following some elk trails right now.
Seeing some tracks and some elk poop but it looks kind of old. Alright guys, this morning’s kind of been
a bust so far, as far as the animals go that’s alright I have seen a lot of
signs of animals moving through tracks and droppings just made some breakfast,
got some oatmeal here. I’m gonna eat hike back to camp
break down and move to a different location. Alright I made it back to camp, and Im gonna
pack everything up and hike a few miles to the next spot and set up the stove,
and make a good dinner. All right I just made it to my campsite
for night. Super happy about it. Starting to feel a little bit beat up
and stuff but give me a second wind. All right y’all can probably hear the
rain coming down on me. I’m about to get the stove fired up and cook some dinner
so I’m real hungry. I’m excited about food. Got my food prepped, got zucchini,
squash, onions. I’m gonna get my fire lit and get cooking. Its really starting to come down outside. Smoked salmon, alfredo, noodle, vegetable
dish. Alright, I’m gonna go on a evening hike
to this alder bottom up the stream a little ways, and see if there’s any elk hanging
around. Ready to roll out close to eight miles
or so to my pickup spot, different location then I came in at different
drainage. I’ve never been this way before I’m pretty excited to check out
the countryside up there it’s gonna be pretty pretty wild I think. Maybe
we’ll see some elk, maybe a bear who knows, or we might get skunked like we
did the rest of this trip. This is the spot I came last night, I was hoping that
they’re gonna be walking along that bottom down there for their trail, but
they never came. I’m starting to climb up to this pass, the forest has changed quite
a bit in the past mile. Coming along this trail it’s starting to get pretty nasty
with blowdowns. I could be one of the first people who have hiked this way since
the fall, we’ll see, gotta get through. Right on the trail,
stinky cougar scat. Just came across this on the trail. Somebody must have laid them out like
this. Weird, don’t want to run into any satanic people back here. Made it to the river
crossing I’m going to have to ford. Im gonna eat lunch before I do that.
It’s been an amazing hike, one of the top hikes I’ve been on even. Yeah it’s starting to thunder. It’s not
good in the mountains, this is my least favorite thing up here is thunder and
lightning, so I’m just hoping I don’t get electrocuted. Alright I hope this is the last
blowdown of the trail before I get back to the road, it’s been pretty slow going
with bow downs but it’s been a good hike, so far didn’t see any animals, but that’s
alright, there’s always next time, and the time after that persistence pays
off. Alright, I hope you enjoyed the video.


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