3 Days on a Mountain with Thomas Heaton – Day 2 – Landscape Photography , The Climb , Wild Camping
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3 Days on a Mountain with Thomas Heaton – Day 2 – Landscape Photography , The Climb , Wild Camping

sadly go over half my visa it’s not only
to buy over the other elite starting to appear in this guy so went ahead of me
there you being catch the sunrise before Rebecca went back to sleep
that’s what he’s gonna be a good son right Gucci Oliver something really we check up to the same point of all
right last night for sunset tracking sunrise just over pasties ball of
fingers crossed we get something funny feeling this is gonna be good so we
headed back up to the same location we’ve been at the night before and we
had the small walkin some lease for Grund interest and the torah dunya
newtons were looking around silhouetted in the bag loomed we spend
the next we well setting up the cameras get the tripods and really just just
being for the late to appear in the sky it was lawfully so this looking fantastic we’ve got it’s
just gonna paint over we’re taking something out in the sky sewer
Michele Cammisa McGrath would do some anchors there’s after taking some pictures we
moved away from the tripods and just really to : watch the colors change and
waited for the Sun to rise over the Northwest islands it was a glorious
morning and it wasn’t even for 30th that was the time of sunset that eyes amor
just really enjoying it there was going to be a great day this is just fabulous air I think the
best in elites actually Gordon though we can see behind me I thought it would in
Hills they’re close above them that’s been an absolute vivid pink absolutely
fantastic it’s starting to feed this one’s just going to come up over the
years and we’re gonna film the sunrise and Starwood’s a smoker booze it’s all
the student here isn’t fog it’s small Casey used to have moved the fire river
noses it’s more outerwear snow it’s just smells like your standard makes that
bonfire it’s obviously burning away somewhere
but there hopefully doesn’t come too far here we’re gonna be heading up lame bad
stop here we have just witnessed a grand sunrise
you see the moon in behind me we will be going up later on just seem way I went
up a few weeks ago it’s no up that wasn’t too bad was it Thomas the sunrise
was fairly spectacular there’s a spectacular sunrise but we still had
plenty to do and we soon headed off heading back to our Beach for some
breakfast absolutely beautiful but the major wrote well we were just
heading back to your street camp but the good point and bad point good point is
the walk is going to storm the reflection is glorious the bad is
there’s no end and the middle just phoned I saw and a little while I think
we’re gonna be eaten alive so we’re gonna stay up here and try and get this
this beautiful walking with the moon thing behind though the deflation and
the sea when it comes awake if we don’t get devoured first after getting the picture of the
mountain reflected in the walkin we’re headed back to the beach and every
student came to brew up some caffeine and get some portaged in us we were good
any lots of energy for the claim that lay ahead no coffee and porridge had to be soon
Sabu get in the tents Doon seemed ashamed to believe in such a lovely
location but we were or hated high in the mountain and and still had that day
that big claim ahead of us so that’s us a waif the Lakhan struck
calm and you see a living here way down there that’s where we were camped and
we’re now heading up into the court evilly unless forth there’s a small
conversion all those wildfires I was talking about it’s just sitting there in
the gland oh yeah sure so that’s lovely it’s been absolutely fantastic but it’s
never 713 we’re going to Thomas to stay ignored and as you saw from a video a
few weeks ago I shall be heading up that steep but I see leox I’ll probably not
do anything more here till we get in the talk because you’ve seen it all before
the difference today though is it’s about 10 degrees warmer and be the black
parts of it ten times area I think I’ll be puffing and piling up here and what
we think of everything videos so but what I please absolutely wonderful
and that’s in fact you can just see the small cousin of a Kimiko one of the fire
smokes come up to the to the rate of that peak sewer anyway take the crack so as expected they claim up the
headwall the quarry was was steep and it was warm or was it warm but we just took
up a pistol shelf and once we go on to the summit plateau it was just glorious
the views out the sky and we we then spent the next two hours scouting out
possible wild camping sports got a vote we must be about one o’clock
Phil fella 24th we’ve been up here for a while we thought through the headwall we
decided to head up that little early to avoid going up at an afternoon Sun that
seems tough work to achieve him it’s slow and steady progress and we’ve
actually gone along and it’s a pussy with the words to summit we’ve got an
investigated the rest of being van right down over and we found the phone
somewhere to camp for tonight but at the moment we’re just at this lovely walkin
and had something to eat filling up the water before heading to
the campsite and I’ve got the silly hat one which means it’s officially summer
and it is absolutely losting I can’t believe I wore Mo’s its shorts and
t-shirts taps off where the inside so anyway we’re gonna pack up here and then
head to the campsite and get up there and maybe have a BF on institution
absolutely fantastic so we enjoyed our lunch at the Walken and there was also
the last spot to get some water or fresh water anyway before we headed over to
our campsite which was that was a good stall a good couple of kilometers walk
to get it but it was lovely so after waking up from the water we had
our lunch we set about getting the tents up um and we thought or if we thought
the first camp spot was idyllic this one was just superb as well the mountain
views ah it was absolutely gorgeous we were looking forward to spending some
fame up here and an afternoon snooze this is my view at the moment
blue skies actually butt-ugly isolated I sleep in my exceed it was a fart war and
see the tent and what an altitude over 750 meters later a little bit I don’t
think I’ve ever seen it so dry I’ve been walking a bit my sock this
hate you usually get up of a breeze that’s a bit cooler absolutely safely
it’s not a bad spot to Train heavily snooze we didn’t sleep much last night
the care Sun rises we have passed more and more upper half has to be so I only
got three or four ever sleep so hints for this afternoon now anyway I’ll just
pan room so you can see my Vista so it’s been 500 peckish because on food
and what’s because I think was it still sleeping yeah yeah okay some food see if
you can say it so Thomas soon join me and we set about getting something to
eat for dinner although it felt like breakfast after our offerings news the
smoke was say it was fooling the the core in front of us and there were
getting a bit worried but we had that something to eat and then we got the got
a tripod zoo and the cameras are all set for our second stint of landscape
photography survival err this I can’t but the moment
you can’t see it’s behind us I’ll cut W bit of a footage sure so you can see
where they we’ve pasted it in so it’s absolutely glorious it’s been an
absolutely stay fooling beer it’s not often you see that in Scotland there’s
there’s wildfires stretching across the moor and the heat was melting us today
tried to sleep this afternoon in the in the tent but ended up following Thomas’s
lead them taking my sleep in my shade and slept in a thorn and oats aid
because just couldn’t it couldn’t be any way so it’s a modern morning once we’ve
fed the plan of action is once we’ve very caught which will hopefully be a
super sunrise we’re gonna head off the moon and down the shore there bohemian
it’s it’s not one of the roots which is any of the gate boots and listen this
part of the holes probably not that visited very often I’ll tell you what
I’m so glad with Cameroon to you because the views are absolutely amazing
there’s no tops there’s the Corbett’s probably a bit two kilometers that way
but this is possibly the best part of the whole and a lot of people wouldn’t
come here and those reviews in all directions taller than over there and
you know the route down will go back along the east face of the moon so again
they’ve used it a fantastic clutch so yeah really look forward to tonight
we’re and we’re all set with the cameras and what have Ian fingers crossed that
the smoke stays Oh to see it buzzing come on I see what we go so the sun’s just said wasn’t
spectacular but there was some nice nice colors on the sky out to the west but
essentially us often be the case that will bond occlude prevented anything
this guy’s going good any love color but if you look around actually it’s quite
clear so it wasn’t escape behind the moon anyway so nice clean wipes with the
Sun setting dune over the edge of the world and there’s something special I
always think about these mountains and the west coast of Scotland the fire that
you can camp up high and you get the views odysseus just makes a bit
different a little bit special and watching the sunset view is just one of
those things after a day like we’ve had two beers just loves long in the memory
as they say so as you can probably tell the temperature has dropped I have my
little beanie wooly hat on I did not think I would have my woolly hat melting
in the sauna alone but yeah I suppose under these clear skies temperatures
will drop so I think the doors will be shot tonight and yeah we’ll be up
probably about half-past three quarters Florentine for the Sun rise which is
about 4:30 so it’ll be an early start a fury of sleep back to it a few bits of
photography back to the car and the warmed rifle but no I’m just going to
finish off at whisky remove it all from last night so I’m really looking forward
to that that warm milk before bed you


  • Pete Watson Photography

    Once again Murray another cracking video. It’s always great to see 2 photographers different perspectives on the same location at the same time and what a location that is too.
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.

  • Marcilio Prado

    Spectacular views, Murray. Greetings from the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Keep up the sensational work. Bye for now! πŸ˜›

  • Herm Schreurs

    What a nice video Murray! And very cool to see Thomas with you there as well, i already thought to myself that it would be great for the two of you to meet up and go out together!
    Very nice to watch as always mate!

  • life's for living

    Murray and Tom…you guy's are both brilliant love watching both your videos never thought id be watching you both togethet… roll on day 3…

  • Ian Tupman

    Good work yet again Murray. It's easy to watch your videos but not realize how much work goes into them both on the hill and in editing. Well done mate.

  • scotchmizzed

    Another stunning video, really love these videos. So much work goes into this and it shows….

    When I see I have one to watch in my inbox I must say its a highlight of the evening.. Just charges me up for my wee trips.. Thanks for all you do Murray in showing off our beautiful country.. Never tire of it. πŸ‘

  • Brendan Lynch

    The Scottish Highlands really are a hillwalkers paradise πŸ™‚ A fantastic place and wonderfully captured πŸ‘

  • ChristophersMum

    Fabulous…….can't say better than that.
    It looked as though the pair of you enjoyed your day……colour me green.

  • Travel Hopefully Photography

    Good to know midges repellent worked. Which one do you recommend? Nice series; looking forward to the third

  • Gary Gough

    Top drawer Murray. This has to be your best video to date. Engaging and kept me wanting for more, although I did find myself scratching half way through 😁 Excellent film making and brilliant drone work too. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Madcat100

    Fantastic video. Loved it. Do you mind me asking the name of the Lochan or do you want to keep it secret? Wouldn't blame you if you did!!

  • Pittsburgh Angler

    Your shots keep getting better and better. Can truly tell you love what you do. Midges = fastest i ever ran down a mountain haha

  • pol c

    Great job again Murray, looking forward to next week. Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Tom, not a photographer, but your right, his videos are great. 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Mali Davies Photography

    Superb series of videos!! A very special place! Love your vlogs and topped of you got to do it with Thomas. Brilliant images and video put together as always from yourself πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • Teddy Wanderer

    Thanks Murray this was yet another great vlog from yourself. I really love your steaming boots films they are always so amazing partly due to the locations you go to and partly down to your personality and great images you always capture πŸ˜€ Thanks again for sharing looking forward to part 3 already . ATB πŸ˜€ Teddy
    PS looked like a great place to drink a wee dram


    Superb Murray. I liked Thomas' video of this trip, but i think you trumped him with this offering.
    I bet he's happy with the images you got of him too, i wish someone had taken a picture of me like that. *** mate

  • Alex Morgan

    Excellent film but very disappointed there was no interaction or that there was no footage of you and Thomas together sharing ideas, talking, etc. You could have been hiking with anyone who wasn't talking to you. Made it a bit odd to watch.

  • Stephanie Moore

    Murray, you absoulty out did yourself this time! Beautiful! 😍 Just perfect! Y'all done fantastic! Thanks! As always another great share! Glad your share your experience with us! Never disappointing! Such a beautiful place at just the right times! WOW!

  • Robert Leathers

    Scotland's tourist bureau should hire you because this video makes me want to come visit. Most drone shots I find to be "filler" but the one you put in as you climbed the hill really brought a sense of scale and I could feel the burn in the legs as I trekked up that steep climb with you in my mind.

  • Stuart Fergus

    Really enjoyed this one as I usually do, I'm also a big fan of Thomas, I've been following him for a while now. Looks like you had a great time and got some fantastic content. Cheers!

  • easabhal

    Superb. I know these hills well, from Wester Ross. The drone footage and landscape shots are great to watch – I've recently had Sky Q upgrade, the bigger TV screen view makes these videos even better. Many Thanks.

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