Today is Friday. June, 12th. Valentine’s Day in Brazil. São Paulo will be crowded, for sure. Everywhere will be full. We have a suggestion for your celebration, for your weekend… Have a romantic dinner at home today. “Hello Marilene, tonight there will be… mullet fish, wine, and a lot of sex.” And have a picnic during the weekend! We will show you great places to have a picnic. 3 places. Botanic Garden, Villa-Lobos park And the Casa Brasileira Museum. Delicious, it’s fresh. Drinking water from a river spring in São Paulo! Can you believe it? Hey! We’re at the Botanic Garden in São Paulo. You had already been here, right? I did when I was a kid. I didn’t remember much. But it is the first time she comes. Yes, the first time, and I don’t know why! I will have to come back here many times. This place is gorgeous! It is unbelievable. Especially thinking that is next to São Paulo. It is in the middle of São Paulo. Yes, right, in the middle. Next to Saúde neighborhood. It is an oasis in São Paulo, because there are lots of trees and woods. It is very peaceful. And it is also very tidy. It is different that going to the Ibirapuera park because here there is Atlantic native forest, there is the spring of the river… Ipiranga. There is a nice structure for picnics, there is one right behind us, I don’t know if you can see it here… It is a good thing that for being a payed entrance… The entrance is R$5,00 and… R$2,50 for seniors and students. So it keeps it a bit from getting messy. There are not many people here and it’s extremely well maintained. The lawn is mown, the tables are clean. There are many picnic tables. There are tables scattered around the park. The river, the plants…it is all very well maintained. So it is a great place to go. Yes, so it is better if we don’t even spread it… let’s not post this video! Because the best thing about this place is that it’s not crowded. So guys, don’t tell anyone! Today is Sunday and even though it’s is totally peaceful. So, a good place to have a picnic… Botanic Garden. Don’t be afraid of the “Bugios”. ahhh yeah! Guys, there are monkeys here! I actually thought there were motorcycles around here… they make a bizarre noise. Can you hear? I can hear the “Bugio”, I think it has a stomachache. I thought it was a motorcycle. It sounds like loud motorcycles passing by, but it’s actually the monkey making that noise. We could see them on top of the trees. They are huge and redhead. Well, you hear them on the video. It’s very funny. It really is a great place to visit. We’re in the middle of nature. Get away a bit from the chaos of São Paulo. So you can bring your love here. To have a picnic. Enjoy the weekend after Valentine’s day. And come here. To get here is possible by car, it costs R$8,00 to park. There isn’t a subway station very near. The closest one is… Actually it’s close, but it’s a bit hard to get here from there. So you have to go to Saúde station or Conceição Station. And get a bus to come here. Or you can get a taxi if you are carrying too many picnic things. A taxi from those stations won’t be expensive. So that is it. Come! Happy Valentine’s Day! Return the tripod! Check out our tripod. That is it! Let the woman work! Another very nice place to have a picnic in São Paulo is the Villa-Lobos park. It’s easy to get here, because there is a train station very near. there is also a bus stop. It is close to both main avenues. So it’s easy to access it. There are many tables like this one around the park and there are some very nice places to have a picnic. Here where we’re, for example, is called “Ouvillas”, it’s a small area where Villa-Lobos music is played during the whole day. So it is very cool! There are also big lawns. We are now going to look for other places to have our picnic. I’m carrying lots of bags today. We’re now at the Casa Brasileira museum It’s one of the nicest places to have a picnic in São Paulo. It’s located at Faria Lima Avenue. Every Sunday, at 11am, there is live free music. Just get here. There is this big garden. The band stays in the terrace, Check out the schedule on their website, it is different every week. And you can hang out here, it’s closed, you can bring kids, there are elderly people sitting over there. It’s fun for all ages! So come here! It’s a great place. If you don’t manage this weekend, come another day, another weekend, another Sunday. Because this is a must visit in São Paulo! And besides that, it is very nice that afterwards you can visit the museum exhibition. It’s good to have a picnic here, because it really is a big lawn. It’s a big area. Even being on Faria Lima avenue, you can’t hear the cars. You had just said! And the car beeped!! No, but you really can’t hear the cars… It’s crazy, you are in Faria Lima avenue, and suddenly you’re in a garden with trees and all that. It is very cool. There is also a restaurant here. It seems to be very nice and expensive… so bring your picnic basket. Almost all of our picnic is from Lá Da Venda, a restaurant/coffee place/store at Vila Madalena. The basket, the checkered tablecloth, cheese bread, that has been considered many times the best one (pão de queijo) in São Paulo. It is really good. There is bread, cake, it was all very good, organic juice… The main store is at Rua Harmonia, Vila Madalena. There is also one at JK mall. Really? I didn’t know. Yes, there is a kiosk, where you can have a coffee and a cheese bread. Very nice. There are many cute things. Very cute! Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day! If you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, that is not a problem! Have a picnic here anyway! Who knows you find one! Here the public is under 6 years old. Or older that 60. So the chances are low. But bring your friends! And enjoy the weekend, guys! If you enjoyed the video press like! Share it! Have a picnic and tell us about it! And that’s all. Until the next one! Bye friends!

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