3 Luxury Wild Camping Items | Bushcraft Kit
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3 Luxury Wild Camping Items | Bushcraft Kit

hi folks I’m Craig Taylor and as always
a huge thanks for joining me here on my youtube channel
The Bushcraft Padawan. I’ve recently been tagged in one of those tag videos by
Andy from rusty and the woodsman I wanted to say Andy from am bushcraft
everybody’s changed his name a few months ago the channel name and a from
rusty and the woodsman the the concept of these tagging videos is you you put
some questions out there you nominate somebody on YouTube are a few people on
YouTube chat answer them and they provide their own insights and their own
responses to that particular question all those questions and the tag that’s
going around at the moment is to share your three luxury bushcrafting slash
wild camping slash outdoorsy type pieces of kit and that’s the purpose of this
video and these tagged me to do that so I’m going to share with you my three
luxury items of kit first up then is my phone to be quite honest this is a one
plus five phone it’s a luxury item let’s be quite honest it’s possibly the most
luxury item that you take out with you when you step out the front door let
alone when you go into the woods many might argue that you shouldn’t take
them bushcrafting many might argue that it’s not an item of bushcraft kit and I
might agree with many of you to be perfectly honest that’s why it’s a
luxury item but let’s just think about this more than just being a piece of
tech what can it bring to the game I take it out with me for loads of
different reasons let’s think about the bush crafty things first it allows me to
take photographs of things that I find outdoors that are unusual it allows me
to take photographs of plants and trees or identification features where I’m
unsure as to what that species is I can take it home I can take the photograph I
can take the photograph home and I can reference it and hopefully deepen my
knowledge I can use it as a as a video camera so
when I’m recording these videos I can also have a second camera among mobile
camera perhaps to help capture these videos to share with you so from a from
a a note-taking recording type of functionality when I’m outdoors it is
far better and far more accurate than my memory as somewhat the identification
feature did or didn’t look like it’s also be quite only so another reason I
take my phone is that nine times out of ten when I’m outdoors apart from the dog
I’m on my own so to have the element of of a safety back up there if I need to
call my wife because I’m scared of the dark or heavens forbid I actually need
to call somebody to come in to really help because I’ve had an accident or
seen somebody else have an accident I’ve got my phone with me so that’s my first
item on my three item list of luxury items my mobile phone second item is
this or should I say these because actually I guess it’s two items in one
but I always take them out together let me reveal let me do the big reveal put
those to one side what is this well it’s my mask right because the guy’s got to
get his beauty sleep am i right guys it gasps buddy its
beauty sleep it’s my eye mask why do I take this out with me well I come out
into the woods for lots of reasons one of which is to be able to to see
wildlife to see my surroundings to to soak in the bask in the glory of Mother
Nature don’t really want to do that 4 o’clock in the morning though in the
summer when Dawn is incredibly early and the Sun is burning my retinas out whilst
I’m still trying to sleep so these help me they get a help me get a good night’s
sleep they whore me they also help me get a good mornings sleep as well for
those summer months when it can get very bright very early because I do like my
sleep I have to admit on that point about liking my sleep let’s come to the
the other part of that that package these
my foam earplugs it sounds a bit weird now the reason I take these out with me
is almost exactly the same reason I take my eye mask out with me whilst I love
the sound of birdsong and whilst I can I can lay and be be resplendent in all its
glory it is a pain in the backside and about quarter past or in the morning
when the dawn chorus starts and I’m still got several hours I want to spend
in my sleeping bag so my earplugs along with my eye mask helped me to get a
better more prolonged last night’s sleep then if I was to be awoken by the
beautiful birdsong and the beautiful sunrise daft o’clock in the morning now
some of you will be laughing and thinking is this an April Fool’s Day
joke he doesn’t really take that with him oh
he does he absolutely does if you look up in the top right hand corner of your
screen now you’ll see a video where I talk about hacking my sleeping kits a
couple years on that video and these bad boys feature in that video so I’m
definitely not winding anybody up there absolutely part of my sleep kit one of
my luxury items let’s look now at my third and final luxury item there it is
in all its glory it’s a very hard tough screw lid secure cap plastic bottle without comparing from you the Salomon I
think she must have thought that wasn’t stopping this because she’s got some
treats in it something like that you definitely don’t want the contents of
this willow the reason you don’t want the contents of this willow this is my
pee bottle when I’m laid in my sleeping bag once once I’ve logged out for the
night want something in my sleeping bag I ain’t getting out of it unless is some
sort of national emergency declared you get the idea that I like my sleep done
yeah this is my pee bowl it lives in my sleeping bag
I need a pee in the night I undo the lid I
leaned over to my side carefully across my fingers not literally that would get
quite awkward but I figuratively crossed my fingers I have a little pain suya I
screw the lid back on hopefully securely and then just chill get my sleeping bag
go back to sleep again again some of you will be thinking he doesn’t do that
there’s no way he does that he’s just these spoofing is in this video again
check out that video that I posted in the top right hand corner a few minutes
ago this I was talking about a couple of years ago this lives in my sleeping bag
not this particular one but a pay bottlers lived in my sleeping bag since
about 1990 1991 when I was on my first exercise in the Army and vowed to myself
I’m not getting up in the middle of the night again for a pee out of my sleeping
bag I’m just gonna do it in it but safely and sanitation wise in them and
cleanly in that so there are my three items by people my
beauty regime kicks to allow me to get a decent night’s sleep and my phone which
is just buzzed to allow me to capture what I’m doing when I’m outdoors but
also as a safety net when I’m outdoors as well so those are my three looks
reactants and yes there is a huge trend about Craig likes to sleep and stay in
his sleeping bag I don’t pretend otherwise he’s tagged videos is to tag
three other unfortunate souls and changed them to do the same thing so the
three folks that I wanted to tag to hopefully come back to me in record a
video about their three luxury items and just just Thomas his YouTube channel is
just called jaws he does a lot of wild camping out here in the UK not so much
over bushcraft stuff but there’s a lot of wild camping in some very very
beautiful elevated places so do check his channel out rats wolf and bushcraft
he’s a guy that’s based over are a bit on the continent incredible knowledge
around foraging and also the uses of those trees and plants it’s such a once
you fold them I also love his whole mint I would say about the place that we’d
Aki pie in the woods the place that we as
human beings occupy in nature he’s got a wonderful outlook on that a wonderful
outlook indeed and the third person that I want to nominate is Madison pull from
bomb bomb proof bushcraft so mouth when he tries set
like bomb proof bushcraft she is based out in the States and she’s got a
wonderful a wonderful way about her at a wonderful way of taking very serious
subject but just adding an element of fun and joy to watch them to watch a
video as well so there we go rats wolf and bushcraft just just Thomas
Yost Thomas and also Madison pool from bomb-proof bushcraft I will be posting
links to all of their YouTube channels in the description below on YouTube or
in could you go and check their channels out see what they’re all about and if
you like what they’re singing like what they’re doing why not hit them up for a
subscribe I’m sure they would appreciate it so there we are folks and II know I
hate these tag videos but I managed to get this one out the door thanks for
talking tagging me my friend I’ll see all of you in another video very soon if
you’ve enjoyed this video why not check the others out on my channel right at
the end of this video are we putting up a playlist to every single one of my
YouTube videos why not click on that playlist sit back with a huge bag of
popcorn and there and feast your eyes on my youtube channel
he’s joy thanks as always for watching folks I’ll see you in the next video
very shortly Cheers


  • Joss

    Thanks for the tag and the mention of the channel👍 Will definitely get on this asap. Glad to see I am not the only one that uses an eye mask! My new tent has a white interior, Im sure its brighter inside than the daylight outside😀

  • ewjorgy

    Hi Craig,

    I have said it before but your pee bottle is absolutely genius! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

    My 3 items would have to be food based treats (for me), my hiking cats (yes, 2 leash trained, geocaching, sailing, hiking cats with 10 pounds of supporting gear), and probably my phone.

    If I am by myself I rarely carry anything other than the bare essentials.

    Good topic! Keep up the great work! Cheers from California!

  • Gary Herts wildcamper

    Trekology chair every time for me. They're the crack cocaine of woodland camping. Once u buy one you wont leave home without it for a one nighter. Always remember, you will spend a lot of time sitting down.

  • Rathwulven Bushcraft

    Thanks Craig for the tag – I will get busy with this soon; for those interested: Please feel free to visit our channel and, if you wish, subscribe. Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Rathwulven Bushcraft

    Oh yeah, and I feel you in regards to the pee bottle – I learned that trick some 4 years ago from a friend when I bought my first hammock. Especially in winter a pee bottle is priceless. 😀

  • Marc Stannard

    Hi Craig great videos, A useful app for your phone is Google lens for identifying plants etc you dont know. Helps narrow the searching down

  • Southern Ape

    I would be to nervous about over filling the bottle in the night and ending up with a wet bed.
    Phone always comes with me but never got on with an eye mask.

  • Colin Callan

    Well done for yet another useful video Craig. I know sometimes it is simple basic stuff but it is good to be reminded. All power to ya mate. Take care eh? Looking forward to the next iteration. 👍😉🌱

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